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Tho Damocjratic St:ite Convention I vvas hold in Detroit on Wednesday. The nttendanuo was 1 rgo, and the nominutions unanimously made. Thu following are the candidatos : For Juilge of the Supreme Court - David Johnson, ot Juckson. Frr Regents of the University- At Jargn - Omver C. Cojistock, oí Calhoun. " " Wm. A. Moobe, of Wiiyne. lst Dist. - Z[.a Pitcher, f Wuyne. 2'! " Natiiaiel, A. Balcii, of Kulamazoo. 3d Chas. II. Riciisiond, of Wiishtenaw. 4th Dist. - Adam L. Roof, of Ionia, Óth " Eluau F. Buiit. of Livingston. 6ih Dist. - Josüph Coultkr, of Onton agon. David Joiissox, tho nominoe lor Jndge, h known to our roaders as an able lawyo-, and better aa an honest and upriglit Judge. If elooted ho ill adorn tho bench. Tho nomíneos for Eagents compriso iome of the ablest men in the Slate - several of whom have for years been prominently iduntified with the cause of education, and who will take pride in the University. Tho local candidato, Mr. Eiciimond is well known to our citizens as a jjentleman excellent business quaüfications, whioh are especially necessary to the loival Regent, lf elected ha will be found a good financial, firm, straight forward and -gentlemanly Thu noinination was unsought by him. We shall have occasion to recur to their nanies again. - The Convention adjourned until evening to hear the report of the committee on resolutions, and as we cïuie home on the eai-ly train we do not know at this wiïting the character of the resolutiona. H53T In locturing the Journal ior vcnturitJg tu suggest the name of one of our eitizens as a fit person for a carididate for llegcnt, the State Netes takos occasion to make a drive at the recent Democratie Convcution of this County for instructing its delegatcs. It says : " Wo all have our preferences, but all that anj Convention can consisteutly do, is siinply to recommend, not to instruct." It is singular how many Democratie, Whig, and Republican State, County, and other Conveutions have been inconsistent, for all h'ive assuraed to instruct their delegatcs - cot the conventiou to whieh they were accredited - whenever they liad any particular man or mcasure to endorse. The News should issue a guide book for conventions. - - r m J3S Judging by the way the Detroit Adcertiser and Trïbum - we huy a copy occasionally- pitches into the Ilon. H. J. Beakes, member fmm tiiis district, for bis recent speech on the resolutious on the state of the Union, it must have made the fur fly on ye radioals somewluit. At all events the hard names so profusely dealt out by our cotemporury reraind us of ihe boy who got worsted in a fight, and proposed satisfaction by " making mouths at his opponent's sister." We apprehend that Mr. Beakks will not be sorely troubled by the Tribunes epithets.


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