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Special Dispatch to The Detroit Free Press. Memtiiis, Feb. G, ) via Cairo, 8. The ram Queon of tbe West ran past Vicksburir on tliu 2d. A correspondent wilh the floet iuruishesthe follow ng parliculars. dated near Vicksburg, 2d : It was determined yesterday tfa&t the ramt) Monarch and Queon nf tho West should run the bloekade. This tnorning at daybreak, from somo cause, the Monarch uid not raise stcain at the proper time nor join in tho ittempt. The Queen did not get off as soon as expected. At C o'cloek she s'arted under a fu 1 1 head of steain. She was onder the conminad of Ooi. Ellet, wlio aided in capturing Menipbis. Vicksburgora evidently were not taken by sur prise, as they opened firo protuptly. The Quoen was four miles distant from Vieltsburg when she started. When she had proceded h;df of a aiile a signal light was hoisted on tho cupola of the Vicksburg Court House ; in fivo minutes the batteries opened firo. Tho Queen kept stuadily on her way, tho guns bearing on her increasing in number, momentarily, uutil finally every battery scemed playiug. Her progress was ho rapid that the batteries eould not get her range with any degree of accuraey. Ouf of two hundred shots fircd only three took effect., Ouo sevon-inch shcll lodged in a state room, but did not explode. Had it done so, Col. Ellet says the ram would have been destroyod, but no one aboard was injured. The Queen atteiuptcd no reply to the batteries, but ran into thogunboat Vicks burg at tho wharf, striking her forward of tho cook house, damüging her to sonie extent. In less than one hour from starting, the ram was saf,:ly anehored bi'low the city, at the mouth of the new eut off. The Queen carries t'.vo heavy Parrott guns Iillet's intention doubtless is to ent off steamboat communication between Vieksburg and Port Hudson. Parties just from tho South assert positively that Van Dorn nnd Peuiberton havo been rclieved and ordered to Richmond. Jackson sucoeeds the former a-s Chief of Cavalry. Prieo is still at Grenada. The Little Forest Queen, n trading boat, seizud vesterday and charged with smugglÍDg below here, was afterwards released.


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