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Clear Conscience

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-How brnvelv a man can wulti uiu oartn, Do ir thu tiuuviest burder:!--, perfonn thu severest (iuties, and lopk all men square t) the f'aoe ií' lio only beans in hia a olear eonscience, voiii of oíleuee toward God or man. Tbere á no spring, no spur, no inspiration liko this. To feel that we havo omitted no task, and left no obligation uníulfUlod, tbis filis the heart "ith saíiMÍuütion, und the 6oul with strength. KíS" Very touoliing und beantiful weru the last worda f the oíd Schoolmasker, au ufe passod away ; " II is groRirif; dai-k, the school niay be dismissed." Djwn to the vury gate of Uil' nnseen world, he canieil his love and regard f'or tho chifilron whom he had trained IIK ■! 1 ïlET rfh Kusaian Prince Demidoff n nob vvkh no end of mil íods, has b nght Prinuu Napoleon's P.impeian ÍJonse in Paris, vvhero he ineans to reside in futuro. He is tlie divorced hnsband of the Princesa Mathildtí, and hus lived n Florence for rnany years. U3Ê" A fine coat inay cover -a fool, but ucver coactáis one.


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