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THE REBELLIONi , i ON HIGH PRICES FOR CLOTHING, HAS COMMENCED AT THE OLO & RELIABLE CLOTHI ñlG EMPOEIUM 1 No.3 PHCENIX BLOCK, MAIN St. rAÏI now openín? a large and raried assortment of Sfnng and SumiiK'rGoods, and ín view of the rebelliou on highjriees generally, will offer tb em to my f rienda and cu.stoim ia at the very lowest figures fur Cn-th.-Those in want of a superior artlclfr of Cloths, Cassimeres. or Beady-Made Olothing, vrl cali onWIV8. WAGIMER, who haa just returned from the East, with a large asaortment of SPRING & SU MM ER GOODS whicb li ave buen purcliased atthe lato LOTV ÏHICES! and canofler them at a lower figure than ever bcforf; AiuoDg my Asaurlment inay be found BROADCLOTHS, (JASSIMERES, DOESKTNS, VESTINGS of alldescríptions, tngetlicr with a superior aasortment oí lïtufïy-Mntle Clotlilng, l'IIMNSsTtTRUNKij CARPET BAOS, MtJJ ÜMBRELLA3, and SSÏÏIïenilemcii's FurnishiBg aooDs, witli numeiona othcr articles usually found Ia similar eatublishnicntfl. As an EMPORIUM OF FASHION, Uie subscrlber flattershimself, that hia long experienco and general. sacceds.will tuiable hira to (?ive the greuteat sati&factioüluali whumay trust Lim in tbe wajf oí EP Manufacturing Garments to order. WM. WAGNTER. Ann Albor, Api il 9tL 1S62. 84iif CITY COOPER SHOP. 'Vholesale aml Retail, O C. SPAFFORD Wuulil respectfully annonnca to the citizen?! oí Ann Aibor and vicin ty, that he is uow nranufacturiug aud keeps coii.stu.ntly 011 h;nd a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! such as Pork and Clder Ifarrels, Keg, Firkins, Ohurns, Well Bnckets, &c, Whicli wil] bü sold uheap for cash. CUSTOM -WORK Made to order on short notico, Itepairing doue with ncatueís and uispatch, 1 would cali particular attention to Mercbants in want of Butter Firkins I am manufo -. turing the !Vtw Yoik Stale Flrltln, which sa ui-'tter Firkin than liasevtr beforu been offered in thlt markct. I would invite all who want Firkin-i to Cali and cxnnine for themselves befcre purchasinf elsewhre, and I will convince you ' that you have ca leJ at the right place. 1 wouli al-;o cali the attention of Brewers in want of BEER KEGS, I ara now prepared to manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Bbls. Ju 1 irge or small lots, and of a Better Quality thau can Ue liad in Detroit or elgowherc. (f gr A 11 work warranted to give entire satis iiction. Thankful for p st favors andbyastrict attention to business, I lioe to meril a oontinueá liberal supply of the nublic patronnge, 1Í2X. Do uot fufget to cal! at the City Coopcr Shop, O, C. SPAFFORD. Detroit St. 4nn Arbor, Mich. nriIE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES JL WILL be for the Ilealii.g of the Nutions. Bible. Prof. T. Xj-STOKrSi, TUF: GREAT AXD CELERRATEI) PHYSICiAN of the THUUAT,LUN'GS, HEART, UVhB AND THE BLOOD, Kliuwn all over tlie country as the CKLEHRATKD IITI3IA.ISr HBH DOOTOB I Of 2S2 Superior -Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Will viiiit thü fullowing places, viz AÍPQI.VTMENTÍJ FOK 1862, 1863 and 1S64. Prof II. J. Lvoni can be coaaulted at tbe filowing placfs every inontb, vizi Detroit, Kustl House, each montli, löthand 19th. Ann Arbor, Monitor House, each mouth, 20ih. Jacl-fiun, iLbbard House, i-acb month, 21, Adrián, HrncKet House, each rnunth 2dand23d. Tnledo, Ohio, Collin-s ilouse,eacb inonth 2-ith, üjüi, and 26th. Hillsdale, Mich. , Hillsdale Hous1, each montii, 27th Coldwater, Alich.. tíoutnern llicLigan iiouse, each monlh, 28th. Klkhart, lilkhart House, each month, 29th. South Bend, Ind., St. Jo. Hitel, each month, 30. Laportft, Ind-, ïeü Garden, each month 31st. Wooster, ühtOj Crandtíil Kxchange, each month, 7th andgth. Biansfifeld] Ohio, Wiler House, each month, Cth and lOth. Mt. Vernou, Kenyon House, each month, llth and Nawaik, ühio, Holton liousp, enoh rncntU, 1S1U and llili., Palnesville, Ohio, Cowlo;; House, each month 4th CLLVI-.LANi), OHIO. RE8ÍHEN0IÜ ANO OFFICE, 282 SUJPEUJÜR 8$ REJST. Fjist of the pnblio square, Quposite the Postofflce. Office days each monlh, 1-st; 3d, 4th, 5tb, 6th, löth Oilice hourn from 9 A. W. to V M. aud from 2 I'. M 'to 4 I'. M. OnSuqda; f:-om 9 to 10 A. Jl., and 1 to S l'. M. SMaxims strictly adhered to I ijive sucli balm as have no strife, Wiih nature or the la-s uf !ife, With blood ray handd I nevcr stain. Kor poïsun men toeaso their paio. lic is a physicütn indeed, wko Cures. The In lian tíetv Doctor, lt. J. LYONS, cures the fol leving compiatpts in the most obstinate stages of their existí pee, viz: Hiíeücsuf theThroat, Lungs, Ileart, I.iver, Stomach, l)ri,py in the Uhest, Kheumatism, Neuralgia, Kits, orKalling.Sipkiiñss.andallüthernervousderangemeBta. Also alldisease-iof the bloqd, auch asScrolula, Erysip. fias, Cancera, Fover rioros, Leprosy, aud all othcr comlilicated cl.rouic complaints. All forma of Icmale dilHculties attended to with the happiet results. It is lioped that no ono will despair rifa cure until they have givon the Iudian Herb Uoctor's Medicines a fairand faitliliil tiial. ftSDuring the travelfl in Burope, Weet Jndics, South America, and the United States, he lias been ihe instrument in üod'K hand, to restore 1o health and vigor thousands who wort givenup anl nron-mnced incurable by .he most eminentold school physieïans; nay, uiorc, tbouKanda whowereontbe verge of tlie grave, are now living monimnts to the Indien Herb's üóctor's skil! and ' successful Lrt':itnu'[it,aijdare daily exclaimitig: " B'phsed be theday whtp (irsl e faw and partook of the Indian ilerb Doptor'a niedicine." i-ahsfactory referenecsof cures will b.e gMIy and checrfully given n henever required. The Itoctor piedles hi:ï word and honor, that he will in do wise.directly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to tnlic medicine without Ihestrongcst rn-ubability of i cure. SS Mode of examination, which is entirely diffirent from the faculty. Dr. Lynn professes to d'iscern difieases by the eye. He thereforo asks noguestions, nor doeshe requlre ptiebtto explain ympioms. Oall nne and all, ind have thesyrnptniuw and location of your dicease expluiped free rif charge llSfhi' poorPhall be liberully considercd. JK9P.Oit9iIlco ddrcR, box it (i:i. R. J. LYONS, M P. Clovelatd, Ohio, Nor. 25. 1862. lyffO Truses ! -nUPTÜRK CAN BE CCRED BY A TRUSB of the I V rigbt kind, f pioperly ötted and duly attended o. This has b en abunrtantly rh-monfitrafed n innúmera ble Instancei by the use of the Alultijicdnl Truss of D. IHg, dunna: the lastfaw yaars. This Truss beinn'cvveisd with Hard Rubber, is perfec:! witiirprbof, uiay Ijo used in báth:n, and is ahva.vs cicanly as well afl in lestructible by ordinary usae. lf cot Eat!tfactory alter a fa!f trisl of sixty dayp, it rn.iy be rturned. It cbaiitiagía coruparican with any truaK Er f: rffloe J BARCLA7 Str. Hir B8ÍIÍ RISDON & HEJN DERSOiN Bavo tlxo :B TJ O ÏS. 3E3 "y 3E3 GRAlfl DRILL, Grass Seed Sower, Manufacturad at Springfie'.d, Ohio. npIIE VEEY LATEST IMPROVEMENT aud bettor tban 1 all others; artapted to miviag Wiieat, Kye, Oats, Barlty anl Grasa Seud . lsL. lt has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Orass Seed. 3d. Never iunclies the Grain ith. Never breaks the Grain. hih. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. 6th. Has high wheela and long Hoes. Ith. Has long and wide steel joints8th. lt has a land measure or 8urveyor. 9tA. ft has doublé and single rank drills. IQth. lt has a self adjusting shul off ilide. lt is neatly and substantially made. There is hardly a Drill offered in the market but eau boast of more or less "FIRST PRFMITJMS? They are aboutaa Indiscriminately bestowed a the title of "Profesor," which is sometimes pplied to the "Jiddler" or Li bootblack," ïhey cease to convey the idea oïmerit. 'í]i liuckeye Drill lias boen on ExbibiHon at quite a number f State and County Faira, Aud without seeking favor at üie liauds of any Cominittee, has receíved it full share of Premiums. TESTIMONIALS : We glvo the fullowing Dames of a few Farmers In th'fl vicinity wio have bought and utsed the Buckeye Drill : Godfrey Miller, Sclo, .'acob ï'olheraui? a Jacob TreDipër, (1 Thnroait White, Northfielt!. John Urokaw, Chiistian Kapp, Edwflrd iioydon, Webater. amej "frcadwell, AtmArbor, Daniel O' liara, " John ü. Cook. Lodi. Ü. A. Marshal!, " ti. kdmon s, Saline. Georgo Cropsey, Green Oakf Llv. Co. Wo arealso Agents for the Ohio Rcaper & Mower, acLnowledged to be the very beat in use. "We are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whkli we will sell Clieap. Also aliirge assortment o Grrass Scytlies. And the largest and beat seïecled stock of BENT STUFF FOR CARRIAGESever before offerod in th3 market. We alao keep a large aud full MAILS, GLASS, PUTTY, PAINT,and LINSEED OIL. A complete assoi-tment of STOVES, TXNWAEE, AND EAVE TROUGHSalways on liand and put up at the fihürtest nuticc. RISDON k UEXDERSON', Ann Arbor, June 20th. 18R2. PSStf ■■yMnimnnmrafnnramnim'miimmTmnKnniPïniTiniintmiSiui O. BIjISS Would take this method of informing hn old friends and patrons and all otheru who may favor him with their patronage, ttat he has gröfttly eu'aTged hls Stock and Assortiucut! and üaving aaouted thö CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING & SELLING is prepared tn spil Good at TlQasona bloPrioeS, His tosk cusIstBin part ot the folluwlng; . j, AMERICAN AND 0TI1EE áp% Watchesï SETH THOMAS CLOCKi! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CIIAINS, TABLE AND POCKET OUTLERT ! Paiors, Shoam, Soiasoraand Brushen, BOGEBS PLATEO WARE, tlie bestia mnrket, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER ana EN'VELOI'D-, Musical Instruments, Strivgx Sf Boekt; for Instruments, SPECT A.OXjEííEa, of Qold, Silver, Steel, and PlaJcd, with PERISCOPIO GLASS, H superior articlo. Persons having difficult wato.lie to fit with ijlasses can bo accomodatod, aa my stuck iü lar' aml comploto. P. S. Particular Attention to the of all kinds of fino Vatehes, such as Making and Setting new Jowels, Pinmtts, ètafs, and Cylinderi. Also CLOCKS, &c TE-WELR-SC. BLISS. Aan rbor,Nv. 15, 1869 . gSÖti jör FAIRBANKS' J j Standard @MÉgjfê? ÁU, Warehouse Trucks, letter Prcsscs, ffc. Pairbanlis, Grcenïenf & Co., 172 Laie Street, Chicago. 6o!d la Detroit by FAIiaSD SKE1EV. PAIN CURÈÖ1 RABWAY'S RE AD Y RELIEF Is Ui o roost fmjiortant. medicinal curative- for tht i v. mediale, relief of tho Fufleror - of all vari et ie of 1'AlNS, ACHES uiid INTIKMlTIEunil tho prompt euro of tho ■tok where l'AIN, eitber interoul or exteruul, ia a concotrJóant of ilie disoiae, that has ever boeü discovord. IX A FEW MIXUTRS After the applination cf tbo RKADY RH.IEB' citer. Dolly.or ItsadmlDlstratinn lut Tually, the iwtlout- soliaJ wiih Ilie niost excpticlUog 1'I-, ACHh. CKAMrs, l;HEUMAÏIS.!,Nl-.nUl.orA.GOi:T, I.UMBAliO, F1CVEH AN'I) AIÍÜE, KPASJH, iORi". 1HB0AT, IN'FLÜEWZA, WrrHERU.COSQTION or IS'l'LA.HMATlüN, will oojoy ea ! and i umf'jrt. EADWAY'S READY HELIEP MR safer t ailmiül-itcr, and wtïl siop ƒ■ quieto-, tlnn all preiuraUiu ut1 0,'ium, HoriUl[i, Vertr.n % Ilyuscla'tíuá, Aíuíca, VaJertHlj, Clilorofarm or LtlitT, under whatover n:in : distüigitiidMü ; Mtxor-Linimentí,PamKilltriorSoothuu)Liti'iru,Yhi;h marcly nupauh the feelinu ut [ïaln by bfiiumoing tha i '-iceptive f iCitltiiM and Icilhng tic TierwJ. Thü .S;;r(ïOfïn i imlnistersCUIorüform, Opium, &c , ti reader ín i n-ihla lUcnervfis of porcepti .n- KADWAY'S KEAKY KEi.IKP tops tho mewt exprüclating aiu.atU -secura tbo p aicuv tho full po38o.i' of his sonsos. ïlil - U il. e nn'y rwsa 'y I i geiioral U48 lliut wlll stop pain, ímiiíc'-í, tll.t 1; früo :', m Opium, liurph ne, or gome o'.uer r.i.nir.'d dnig, huriful t ) tUe goaeml lioaltb. 2sa W233 zsr 2r2:s. Gu:jid ngainst nfckooóA. On tbo ñr.-t indícatlnn of iiai.i üi' uu&uJLiÊfcs, ii" ia tho í-TOMai IÍ or BWiCL, uU.a a tetfcjpnoafal of the HEADY XÍXfKF ia a wino ffiata of v?iter. ]f in tho LTMB3, JOINTS, HKU), ÏISROAT, ClIK-r. BA' K, or jwríí o íA ö'ji, apply.tlvo LIEF lüCTKRïïAtLT- 1 a.Vw minutes aü paènaitd discomort wiÜ cca.c. TbU Binapü) ipp.!icatlja raay break up i fbriaida-blu UH-'aso. It Ij muo!i eailer to prevent tilcae fbaii tJ cura H. WEALTH FOR. THE POOR. MOALlil - Mie workiog man'-! oapital Tlin poor ii];m can 111 rltord tu Ijfiitr ilio burdons of at kUiwsorpaydiiiit'tf'sbiiH. ORTvVKSTÏ KIVK CEXTBOITLKOFKAtiWAVSIlEAIilf IIE1JET ■AilijitBir.k.ciire himiuick.ani :;i ibioliim ture.iumo uia laburs tthmiilomof time - aun, i f nsed wheji pain i int experiem cd, wïilstop il imme n:u] iiw laid Keraody alwavsin tin; b0U86',and it whcn yon i'-vl pajil ; fwi vi 1 i'iut lo;6 o. .e daj la a j-ear by sicUuv. . niTOHTANT TO rAP.MEUS And otber,rkUBg iusparscycttleddi-ti icw,whori it is difficuU c securo tbc po.-víüoh of a phyiilciun. rtAÖWAVM !-.K iDY KEUi.F U iinraloable. Il eau t. . niel wiih po-it!'G aasurauca of duin gunl in uil ca -ei whero pa.nor dixcomfortU oxperleufc'd . or ij seúeclwíí IXFLÜhXZA, I IPl'HKRIi. SOIIH TllklMT, Bl' COUOHS,HOAIUEN"K-S, 111 1.Iíil.'í: CÍIO1.IC, I.VKJ. A '.: MALI IN dl' THli BOWtL-i, STOïlACH, l.UN'GS, I.VRR, KIOXElS. or willi PUllli 1OX, JAKIJKT i'KVKr.. ÏIEASLES.TYPHOIDFKVÉR, UIUODd KEVER, AND AQüR or w'th NKCIUI.OU, IIEAD A' HE, TI'! DOlrOREUX, 'Jüul'HA'.UK. EAB-ACHE. or wilh LUMBAGO, l'AIVIM ÏIIB IUCK or RHKÜ.MATKM, or wilt DIAERHÖCX, CET0r,RRA MOf:!RU-i or ÜYEN'TBBT. MF witii BüSiï, HCAUS or UltUISES, or wilh ST'iAINN, CKMIM or 8PAÍM3 Ttis applicnlion of RADWAVS RKAiiY RE1.II F wül cure you cl' lbo worsl of tueso Cou. pJoiats in a f-w bour.5. ÜLlK UjMA.T1SM. f 'lij aUful i.HOafO Las bnCli'd lbo mnst nlcllful pliv.s i i ih an I pbpuL'ir remedie. Ili-i tile nio t tlifflcull td" ilisoasei to t'-eut- yct KA0WAP3 KEADV RKI.IKK liaa niver ftule.1 In atf nl n{ taran :,:t' rIicfto Utesuuerer ; and ia a 1 c;u-c-j of Acuto, Ilü immatoi y or Nervous Rho.miatism, to i'Q'iitt a pcrm iüoi t cur.i. (In ChronJc ï!h uiuaïi-nï ant Co it, RaDWAÏ'i CLKANálNü SYKOP, oullert BcnntaOn-j IUm vent, sbould bo taken ai au Mijuuci with tho UliAl'Y ÜLUEf.) ACUTE CiiROIilC RHEUMATISM. Th(i íbllowiiig á wi ittcu by th1 well knw;] o rre.-iKndeiit oí tho No -v Vork Itoriud, Loudou Time i.üiaüilj, New Uneüus l'icnyiiiie, Lvln, cnar.Oriiou M(.-icur, m; ; Wil. SIDNEY ilYIT.S, KSQ , HAVANA, CUBA., Cuba, Jan. 2, 1S58. ZfetsïS. Radwii' d: Co t CJk.vjlkmk - I h ivl' been asutrL-rer from Acute Chronio RliL' (irtha !t'-t twentyyeirs of my ; my sutruniigá durlng lbu.t pui lud. ïiL-iilior tung;io nor pencan expresa. I h;ivo tpei a liifle fortuno ou Docord' bil sT wi'h mulé: ivinjíany s;;b-Uiinial benüfit. llccontty Ilind one of mv frccujeiit ]iciiodicil at'ack. I wa voy llt fot' a weck, and )i id unt stopjt !in hoqr at any ono tima. A Si)ani=b friouil, to wliom 1 ro'ated my yi üjrings, told me bo hifi a remeily whicU iould gi u riin veliLf, and he kindly j.resentoa me witU !■. boUle f " KADWAV'd KKAhY KKUKK." AlthougU skoptical of dorivinj? uny i'roni its use, 1 ihat ntg t applied it f eely on going to bed, and, to my groot amagOtPbt, feit rolioved,au'li-lot sound ty. ThOBextnlglit I ;iaui appüei thu Iïkady IIluef, and ;uoki' q the inuniing lroo from pain, baring Oüty O30Ö ubout hn'.f tho bottle. Ileartily do I return yuu iny burab ü acknowletlgmonts for your Invaloable moöiüMie, whlch may woll b called " a blussing t mun." Tbiinking you , from my soul.for your wunderful reinedy, I lutve tuo iiüuür tu subscribo mysoif, Yeura, respeoEfti ly, W. rfIDNEY MYr.U3, lS3"ÏGURAI,aiA. (EXCltJISITK PAliV.) TIC UOLOREUX, TO0TÍH-ACHB, FACKACI1K, SIIARrSUDDKN l'AIXS, Persons suüorias wilh Neuralgia L-xpcnenco ih& aoni-j of i-xcruciatiiig pain. ïlie pnroiysms ar(isharp,snddon, planKii'ï wtabbing, iudüced iataLtly - like au olcct. ü 8uock. tf%.-. ADW AY'S üEADY raCLIEF w tbc only rcmeity %K2f lilUiWtoRnown,thtlUuflu dlmraediatoreliuf IFr tlJ lOáC w sulf-'r Wítíl tilia lo.turin Comiiv4} plaiut. (in casos of chroitic Nuuralia, thö ,.:..., o !j-nip, called RENOVATIXG REiOl.VENT, wlll oxpoilito liiO care ) lu rucent uttacKs, lbo ltlAüY RKLIEi', applied extornally to tho parts vvher the ; ín ttrikes, and a leaapoonfiil of KELIEK lo a winti yiass of wator, ttbea Uw parosyams ajipear, will cíj'eot a tur. HOW SO CURE A BAD C01B HKTWECX IiKl)-TUii AND SUXKI3K. Tf scimil w.ili SOBE THK'iaT, II , mi Cough, ililUculi Broalhiog, li-xl s)c, y ilischargos frum tilo aü'l ICycs, l'aiu ni tile HacK and Joint-s, te, í)at!ui tho ', Cui'St, Heud and Jjiüt; w:tú tbu KEAÜY iïFI.Il F, and m íko a HOT READY RBIiIEF SLING, fy adiiing tu Laif a tumbiiir tí hot water, swüctened with sngar, a (l.s-Sflít-fiRixi ful of KAÜWAY'S ItEADY U:XÏK',aL!d drink tbis 011 going to bod. I11 a ftvr miü.iteí yatí will peragro ÍY -.y, alcep eounuily, aud wakc iu úio iuorpl4 curod ofyuurouM. (FroM Í'V Clirústim Advoca''1..) lí We bon t present tj tbo realrs of the AJvca'é the f 'llowing lí'ttor aildicssft i Dr.RacHvay. I,ct.tb.o-o atfflcted wi.ii WriK LÜNGH ANUTHKKATiiXIiD WU'H O1VSUMPTI0X, mid Tlïfl wrifr, Hr. JAMKa SAfïK, v wcll kuowu m MiomaAM a. a popular hotoi-keepor." Mimend, Macmb Cn. . Micb., Rcpt. 4, 1862. Dr, ríAOWAY - üéatSir: Ab-mt fuur years tiiuco, I w.ia v: y [put upbotad with DI$E,töEU l.ljNG Hyfriondi Lhougljt ftíiíi íiE dotniunption. 1 wm entircly unflt f-bu Uieaa,raUed blo-d.and hail eveiy synapt'nn vi Iba abovf fatal iliaeasO. üuenight,on goíng tu boJ.I tbougbt I wonld lake u sweat, aud (dtdc ynr [',iii.y Rkui-t (in bol WMtor) as a í-titnulant to svv-at ÏUQ. It díii bo. Tbo perspira in wtó of a slimy PnUstanco, andoítonsiva amen, I followotl ta iug (bo Biuííy Ri'lt-f overy otbv uigbt for four woeUs, ancl ai ttio end Pitó timo w otttirply wfilt. Tbi5 H a true :-t;:temont of f.itt.-t( wbiglj I .v.l Uxtify w u.tdcr iKit.ii. Ybu.H,3t0 , JAil 8aGL, %6-rf Hotel, FEVER AND AGÜE. A table-spoonful of RADWAY'S ItlSUV KKLltF, in a , tumbar of water, tiken èVory ritortilug beloro broa'-ífa-st, will prcvcut attacká of Kuvor ix-vl -'■g'ie, If xpos d to itd inlart}. If-ëetand. viili tljls '■"m.'Uint, tako tbo sumo, and b&tho tliu Htíatl, N'ock, liunrls &.A Ppinc ouo liour bofoL'D the nrc K-cied ; thiá will break up and cuic U10 wor t furim cf Aguo. mK. RAPWAYírivesyou.forC&coutfiratlciMe ") V Hl I'111 Wl" Prov 't -'B(C3f i ti a lew honr?, and rf C]h '■ir( .Vl"1 f W diaea-Hiá t'.iooriuary 0 trouttDrnt oí pLyic;uns, uoiiM lay you up fop d;iy,--,(jek-. and '00 tllit, ovory butilo is coraplfto WÜen yon parcb&so, ami pmohiso uo RKAHY KELIEF uiUom th-. f ac Unüle sienatura of RAOWAV & CO. i-i ou tlic ont.-íilu label, and th ■ O-UJi MÍ líAiJW.vY fc CO. btowti on tiin glitsa ofaieh hiitUs. IT M SOi.n BY DRUGUÍáX-S NTi -Ti iRF-KEÖR3 IS FVKRY VILLA'AIÍD iUW.N' IN Túb l l.LJJcl'ALK AND CANADAi. RAPVAÏ i CO., 87 Ma-deu Uue3N. Y. Snle hy TKBTUNvS & WJLSON Ayer's Cathartic Pilis,


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