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One Or Two

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Two girls before a mirror, - One braiding the other's liair, And twïning ui lustrous üamoD(fe Beflttiug hor beauty rare. The other witli white hands folded Looks in the with rido, Bnt thïuks not once oh iiie paleness Of the youiig face at her side. Óhe is a Bollé amVa beanly, Siii-ing bo hmighty and still, - ïlie Dther, the delicate-lingered, Is ooJf Bbv sinter L.iit". She caunot win hearis like the beauty, Who queon ofth bal] iril! le, But she toils with a swectnobs and' pationce I could almost tveep toseo; The eyes of the beauty sparkle, OonntiDg her triumphs before, - Bnt the soft brown rbs of the sister H:iy something that ];!eascsii)e more. Yiui quiet and palient dading, S Hjóek to anotber's will, I dream I sliall love you and clasp you To my Öeart and Ups, sweet Lille ! t last the grand toilette is over, AI stay fi-oui the fete to-day,- Mere diamond never could dazzle ' watclier over the way. Bttt rhan all the vest lruv departed'. And t'.ie house seeras empty and still, - . I .sliall timidly knock at the jiorta!, And ask for the heart of Lile.


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