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Rules For Management Of Cows

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Never buy a cow of a dairyman, for if he is a gñod manager ho will sell only nis poor animáis. To determine which cows aro good for keeping, try thèif milk separately, and weigh the butter- for sornetiines a cow may give much milk uodlittle butter, aud vice versa. Óows should run dry six weeks before calving - if milkod closely toward catving the calves will be poorer. A cow newly come in, should not drink cold water, bat raoderately warm slop. Calves intended for raisigr should 13 cow wkhín a fa-w cfays-, and they will be less Hable to eack wben old., F'd tliem firet w!fti uew milk for a tme---tnun skim „iilk - then sour milk- taking caro that nll chacgea are gradual, by adding only a portion first, and add gradually a little nieal. Calves well fed and taken care of, with a quart or two of meal daily in winter, will be doublé the size at two years they would have attained by common treatment. Heitera thus treated may come in at two yeara old, and will be better than neglected animáis at threo, and one year of feeding ga vod. Hearty eators are desirablo for cows, nd they may usually be selected wliile ' 'ves. A dainty cal f will be a dainty jr ;(,rs should becomo accustomed W IVet-ly handled befora calving, i jr w. 'lig the teata. They will then lot'Ud ffi vút to milk. Begin graduMf-f i ever atartle thrnn. Y n-.([j1' ig cows divide the time as Marlkaa pi ac.-Joabla betwen mbroing and saróog, especiallyat time of early graw, that th-a uder may not suffer Persona hO -llk ehould keep the nails cut -anioiala are sometimes hart with éü'MV m'M' and unJustly harared wiibresbisasness. Old eowa -ébould befitted at fifteen veara. The Aéryrü&n, therefore, who bas fifteen ow, should raiíe a heifer cal f everv year to supply the vacancy _if tho "herd ie 30 cow?, he should raise two calves, emú so torito Heifera dried vp too early for calving wiil alwayfl nva dry about the same time in aftet yeara- tberefore, bo careful to milk closeiy t-hj first year, until about sis weeks befare calving. Spring eows should coma in while they are yet fed on hay, and before thev are turned to grasa, which will be morelikely to preveat ca'ked bag and milk fever.


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