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Women are not more hardy than mon. They walk on tho same damp, cold earth. Their shoes must be as ehick and warm. Calf or kip skin is bost for tbe eold seasons. The sole sbould be half an inch thick; in addition there should be a quarter of an inch rubber Tho rubber sole I have used for years ; I wo'd not part with it . for a thousaud dollars. It keeps out the damp, prevenís slipping, and wears five times as long as leather of the same cost, For women's boots it is invaluable. But rubber shoes should be disearded. They petain the perspiration, make the feet tender, and givo susceptibility to cold. Stand on one foot, and mark around tho outspread toes. Have your soles exactly the same width. Your corns will leave you. The narrow sole is the cause of most of your corns. A caroful study of the anatomy of the foot and the influence of a narrow solo will satisfy every inquirer. The heel ahould be broad and lonsr. Wear thick woolen stockings. Change them every day. Before retiring, dip the feet in cold ■water. Rub them hard. Hold the bottoms at the fire till they burn. - Dr. Lewis. SS" W liear a good anecdote concfirning a sailor laddie on one of our gunb'oacs. The vessel was just going into action, and our sailor wasupon his knees, when an officer sneeringly asked him if he was afraid ? I was praying," was tho response. " Well, what were you praying for ? " continued the officer. " Prayiug that the enemy's bullets may be distributed the same way as the prize money is, principalli amowj the ojjtcers ! " was the quick anáready retort. JTg" A man cut off from his baker for non-payment of his bill, is " atruck. off the rolls." 3g" A Hungarian desiring to remark pon the domestio habita of a yming lady, said, - " O, Miss, how homely you are !" ( Washington once called upon an elderly lady, tvhose littlo grand daughter at the close of his cali, waitod on him to the door, and opened it to lot him out. The genera), with hi customary urbanity, thanked her, and, laying his hand gontly upon her head, said. '"'My doar, I vvish you a better office." " Yes sir, to let you in" was the prompt and beautif'ul reply.


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