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PRINT ING Oí' ALL KINDS Neatly Executed AT TIÏE AEGÜS OFFICE. WE ARE PREPAREÜ TO FILL ALL ORDERS Mí T2E LlüfE OF P1UNTING AT TÍIIÍ 3SIOST REASONABLE RATES. We have recently purchaaed a HTTG-G-IjES . ROTARY CARD PRESS, and have artrled the InUst styles of Card Type, which enables us to print INVITATION CAEDS, WEDDING CAEDS, V1S1TING CAEDS, BUSINESS CAEDS, &c. in the neatest styles, and as cheap as any other house in the State. We aro also prepared to print POSTEES, HANDBILLS, BLANKS, U LL I1EADS, CIECÜLAKS, PAMPHLETS &c, BOOK BINDERY is in charge of a FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOURNALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTERN And Manufactured in best style at New York Priees, Feriodicals of all kinds BOUKD IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Re-Bound, All Work warranted to give entire satisfaction. E. B. POND, Prop'v. OfGce anJ Bindery, cor. Main St Hurón Sts. J. W. IKISriGKHCT, Agent for the Phoenix Insurance Companj OF HARTFORD' CT., AND THE CONWAY INS., COMPANY OF BOSTON MASS. Lossen Honorably a dj usted and proniptly piíd at tli Agt-ncy, Office Corner Main and Hurón Street, over th Store of Uacii & Pikeso.v, Anu Arbor. Ann Arbor, Sept. li, 1862. FOR SATiE t TVVO of the mostilesirable building lot in the City o Ann Arbor, containing each one acre and a quarte of ground, Tboyare situated on State Street, near tb South west of the Uaiverfiity Squftre. Ko termf, kc, inquire at the AKüüS OFFICE. Nov. 14 1862. A.yer's Cherry Pectoral RENÜW Ul'KNIXG, Dliií.rT FRÖM PUBLISfíERá í ANI Manufacturéis, a Now and Complete stock of LAW & MEDICAL ÜOOKS, School Books, Miscellaneous Books, Blank Books, tfara statioetbrt: Vallaud Wintiow Paper, Dcswing nuil MatliematicalTnsíniments, luaie, Juvenile l.ibrarieti, Kuvelopes, Inks and Cards. GOLD And all otJier kinds of Pens and Pencils Wimlow Cornicc, Shades and Fixture, POCKET CUTLERY! .ndeverything pertaining to tbc trade, and more to wbiclitliey would iiwite the atteution of the country. ïn couducting onr business, we sh;ill dn all that can e donc,so that no rcasonable man, womac or child sball ud iiny fault, We possess facilities which will enable us to supply ur stomers at the Lowest Possiblo Figures. We propose tosellfor READY PAY, ata suiulladvance. Veexpecta profitonour gooda, but Cash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. The "EmpiiirBook Store, "ia mannetï by agoml 'crew,' d they will ahriiys le found on the "qiuu-ter deck," j euuy and wüling to vtlead to -all witllpleasure, wko will Pavor them with a cal!. iïemember the "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTER & Co. Aun Árbol-, 5tay, 1960. 76 Great ïteduction in the Price of SINGER & COS Standard Machines . IVell known to be the Best for Manufacturing Purposes. No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machine, formerly sold at $90, reduced to 70. No. 2, of same kind of Machine, for merly sold at $100, reducud to $75. SINGER'S LETTEE A MACHINE. Is the best Machine in tbü world for Family Pewing and íágUt Manufacturing l'urposes : (with Iie?n?nert) and beafltifully ornamenttd $50. The Nos. 1 and 2 Machines are of great capacity and ;ipi[ic;ition foï manufucturing purpofiep. OurNü. 'ó Machines are especially adaptcd to n 11 kinds of tight and heavy Leather Work, in Carriage Trinimïng, Boot and íhoe ilaking, HarnesH Wakiug,etC., etc. Thoy are of extra size, and with an arm Jung enough to cake under t and stitch the largest'size dashes. There is scarcoly any part of a Trimmers' Stitclung that cannot bc botter done with them than by hand ; so, too, the saving of time and labor is very great. Thetableof these machines is 2i incites long, and the shuttle will liold six timesthe usual quantityïof thread. Thelarge machine tvorlí.s as fastas small ones. We would atík Por our Letter A Machinea, the specialattention of Vest Jlakers and Press Makers, :ui'l ;U1 those -vho want Machines for HgHirianufaeluring purposes. They embody the pridciile.s of the ptahdard machines, makinii likethem. theinterlocked sitch, and are destined to be as celebrated Ppr Family SkweíQ acd lig kt manufacturing purposes as jour sta ml a rd machines are for manufacturing purposes in general. We have ftlwaysoïi band, iie.mming twist I.I.VEX AND COTTON THKKAÜ, ON FOÜLÜ, liKST MACHINE OILÍ11 bottles, etc, etc. We manufacture our own Xeedles,and would warn all persons nsïug our machines not to buy any otlitTá. We kuow that there are neef lies sold of thé most inferior qicalily at higher prices than we clïftrg i for the best. The needies sold by us are manufacturad speciítily for our raai hiñes. A badncedlemay reader tht best machine almost useless. Our customers muy rost aisured thatali nur Hranch Offices arefarnished with the l genuine aotijld " In case of smal! purek&Ma, the muue) may be sent in postage stampa, or bank notes. Corf#3pondenta will please write their names distiootly. It is all inportant we should, ineaciicase, know the Post Oilice} County, and tülc. JSfif AU persons requiring information about Sewing Machines, their sizo, prices, working capacities, and the methode of purchasing, canobtain it by sending to us, or any of our Branch Ónices for acopy of I. M. Singer & Co. 's GazettGj Which i.s a beautiful Piclorial Paper eütirely devoted to the subject- It will be sent gratis. jÖST We have made the above REDUCTION IN PRICE3 with the two-foM view of benefiting the public mdourselves. The public have been swindledby spuriuuis machines made in nnitation of ours. The metal in them, 'rom the iron castiug to the smallest peice, is ol poor quolity. Their makers have not the mcans to do their woi'R wei!. They are bid away in secret places, wheie it woul'l be impossible to bave at their coinmandthe proper mecbaniciil appliances. It is only by doing a gveat businesïvmd having'cxtensive manuftreiuring eetablisb.inents. that oorl machines can be made at moderfttirices. The besi uC5gnecl machiucs BADLY MADE, ftre klwuü liiible to nt oat porder, and are mr lo cost considerable trouble and monoy to 1:" them m rt'i-rtire The qualitiea to be tonkert tor in a llaemeare certainty of correct action at all rates of speed jSÏPl'city of eoustruction, grcat durabi'iity, andrapidity of v' ■ation, with the least labor. Machines to combine these essential quaüties, must be made of the best uiotalfnd inished to perfection. We have theway aud means,on i grand scale, to do tbis. The purchasersof machines, whosedaily bread itmay concern, will find that those 'haviogthe abovequalitiea not oaly wovk well at rapld as welt ns slow rates of tpeed,fbut last longcr intbp lincstpossible working order. Our machines, as made by us, will earn more money with less labor thuuany othera whothor in imitatioa oí oursox BOt, Infaet, tht'yarecheaperthim anyother maebincsttd ftgJít. I. M. INGKH & CO., 458 Broadway New York. jS Detroit Office, 58 Woodward Avenue, (Merrill Block.) Slltf M. II; GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor. NEW FALL GOODS ! BACH & PÏERSON Have just opened a Clioico Stock of WOOL, COTTON& SILK O-Q E X for Ladies' and Gentlemens Wear, also a stock of Best Family Groceries, which will be acid CHEAP FOR CASH. Gold, received at 16 per cent. prem. Silver, " " 14 " " " Canada, " " 14 " " " Oíd demand Treasury notes, at 10 per cent. prein. BACH de riERSOK. Ann Arbor, Sept, 22, 1863. HORACE WATERS, AGENT 3 3 3 li r o a d r a y , N e w Y o r ft Publldhcr of MhèIc ancl Muslc lïooks AM) JUiALKR IN Pianos, MIodeOns, Aléxiindre Organs Orgnn Accordeons, Martiirs celebratud andothor Guitars, Violins, Tenor Yiols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flütifi'as, Flutes, Fifos, TrianglesClurbnetts, Tuniag Forks.Fipes andHammerft, Yiolin Bows, Lest Italian Sfrïngs, Báés Instruments for Bande; Piano Stuols, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. JS la. o o t ÏÏX xa. S o, frmn aUthe puhhshers in tl; U. S... BectinTs Huntin's, and Modem School, and dl Itinda of Iri.struct'mu Books fór i'k1 atfovD instrumenta; Ohurch Miiaic Books; Musio elegantly boundj Music paper, and all kinds of lusic Merchaudiber Att heLowest P rices. New Pianos, At S1T5, $200, Í226, $250, and up to $S00. Secoud Hand Planos froin $26 up to 5160; New MeloOftoBV, S-lö,1 60 S7f, $100, and up to $200; Becond Hand Melodeona from $30 to SSO; Mexamlro OrganS, With iive stops, $100, ninastops, S185 and $225 thtrteen stops, _$250, S'75 and $300; flfteen stQp8,$áP and $375; A liberal discount i o Clorgvmen, Churches, Sabbatli Scliools. Seminarles and Teaühei-s. ïhe Trade supplied at the usual trade dirfcouuts Testimoniáis of the Hornee "Waters Planos aticl Melodeons. Jnlm ITewett, of Carthajrc, NTew York,, who has had on e of the Horacc Waters Pianos, w.KUvwas folio ws: - "A friend of mine wisbes me to a piano Tor hor. She likrs the one yousold mo in December, 1856. My piano sbecoming popular in this place, aud I think I can introduce one or two more; they will be more popular than any other iriiike." (1We have two of Waters' Pianos in use in rmrSeminary, one of whtch has been severely tested Cor three fears. aud we oaü teatify to tlieir roa cfbality and durabilfty," - Vvrood & Gregory, Mount Carroll, Til. "H, Water.-i, ÏCsq. - Dkab Sir: Having used oneof yonr Piano Fortes for two years past. I have fonml it a very superior Instrument. Aloxzo Gkay, Principal Brooldyn He.igh.ts Seminary. "Tlie Piano I received frnm yon continúes to aire Bfttisfaction. 1 regard it as one of ïhe best instrumenta in the place." Jamks L Clarkk, Charleston, Va. 'The Mclodeon has safely arrived. I fcel obligodto you fbty our liberal discount." Kev. J. II. lIcCoRMick, YarqucsvüleS, C. "The itïano was duly received. Itcamft In excellent COnditioiij and ia very much admïred by my numero'jf. family Acce]t my thanks for yonr promptnesa." - RoitKHT CoÖfbb, Warren ham, Bradjoed Co. Pa. "Your piano pleases u.s veil. It is the best one in our coucty."- TuOMaS A. Latham, CamphclUov, Gi. "We are very much obliged to you for Iiavinp sent sach a ñue instrument for $25O.ri- Bkaxk,Hkld & Co., Bujf aio Denwcrat. "The Horace Water.s Pianosnre koown asamonfrthe very best We juo enublcd to pOHÍí of tliese Lastra - ments with confidence, from personal knowledfjc; of tlieir excellent tono and durable quality."iV. Y. Evangelist. "We can Kpeak of the merits of thi? finrace Waters pianosf rom personal Unowledgt, as being the very finust quality."- Ckritian IntetHgencer. "The lïnriico Waters pianos are ouilt of the best and most ihoroughly seasoned material. We have no doubt thftt huyere can do as wcll,perhaps better, at thlsthan at anv otherhouse ra the Union. "-Advocate aid Journal Wftters' pianos and raelodeons challenge comnarison with the üuest madü anywhere in the oouatry." - Home "lloi-aoe Waters' Piano Fortes are of full, rich and even tone, and poworful - iV. Y. Musical Review. "Our i'riends will tïnd at Mr. Waters' etore the very best assoiíment of Music and of Pianos to be found ín the United States, and we urge our southern and western friends to gWe him a cali whenever they gotoew York." - Graham's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bell, 100.000 issued in ten Months. The unprecoilented sale of tliis book lias imluced the pnbliaher to atW somo 30 new tunosanJ hymns to is present size without extra charge, except on the cheap edition- Among the many beautiful tunes and hymna added may he founrl: - "I ourht to love iny inother;" "O I'Il be a eood child, indoed I wilt." ïhese and eiglit others from the Bell,wero ran at the Sunday Schonl Anniver. sary of the II. E. Churcli at the Acadc-my of Music, with great applause. The Bell coutains nearly '200 tunes luid lirmnü, and ia one of the best eolleetions ever issued. Frico loe; $10 per hvmdred, postase 4c Elegantly bound, embossed gilt, 25c, $20 per 100 It has been introduced into many of the Public Set ls. The ie: is publishedin small nnmbers entitlea Anmversavy and Sunday School Music liooks, Nos. 1,2, 3, & 1, in Grderto accommodate the million; price $2 & S3 per hundied No. 5 will soon be isatted - conunenceroent of another bouk. Also, Revival Music Books.So, 1 & 1, pricn $1 & i'i per 100, postage le. More tha.i 300,000 copies of the above books have been issued the past eighteen inonths, and the demand srapidly increasing Publiahed bv HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway, N. V. KTe-vsr 3V3Cxj.is1c, Pubïised by Horace Waters No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Wordscan neverdie;" "Tl.e Angels told me so;" "Wilds of the Wost;" "Thoughts of God;" ''Giv3 me back my Mountain Home;" "l)ay Oreams;" "Dandj CockRobin;" "l'm with thee stilI;"Petnames;" "Thcre'sno darilng like mine;' "Saiah Jane Lee;"" Ever of thee;" "l'm leaving thee in Sorrow;" "Bird of Beauty;" "Home of our birth;" "Grave of Rosabel,'' and 'Wake, lady, wake,,' price 25c eacli. ' iNüTKiilEXTAl, - "Palace. Garden, or Singing Bird Polka ' ''Swinging Scliottische;" "Mirabel Schottisch" "fhon-as Baker's Schottische;" "Piccolomini Polka, 35 cents each. The above pieces have beautiful Vignettee. "Weimer Polka;" "Arabian Wal cryMarch," the very last; "Vassovianna DonieHa Sla.urka; "Rea-1.inï Polka;" "Crinoline Wltl," and "Lancera' Qua drille,"25c eaoh. "The Empire of Retch's Quadrille;" a new dance, and "ITie Hibernian Quadrille," 35c each. Many of these pieces are playcd by Baker's oelebvatetl orohest ra with great llailed l'ree. A largelot of Koreign Mu.sic at half price. Pianos, Meloileons and Organs. The Horace Waters Pianos and Melodeons, for depth, pui'ity of tone and durability. sire unsurpassed. Prices very iow Secnnd Hand Pianos and Melodeons from g"25 to $150. Music audMusicel Instructions nf all kinds, atlhe lowest piices. HOliACE WATKI'.S, Agent, No. 383 Broadway, N. Y. TESTlstONUT-S; - "Tlie Horace Waters Pianos are known as among the very best.' -Evangelist. "We can speaiï of their merita from peraonal knowledgo.;'C'u'tiüm Inlelugcncer. ' 'Nothing at the Fair displayed greater excellence -"- Cfturchman. Waters' Piano and Melodeons challengecompatison ivith tho ftnest made aoynrUerein the country."- wowi Jrmrnal. ll9tf SCHOFF & MIL L EB A HE STiLL ON HAND at tlieirold Stand , A No. 2, Franklin Block, witli tliemost complete assortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMEEIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, EOLLEBS. COEDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNIOES, CURTAINS, IIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &e. Ever oífered in this Market ! and tLey would suggest totkose n puisuit cf any thingin SANTA OLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by piirehiutng from tliis stock, as eaob. purchaser gets an additional present of Jewelry, Su,. , Eanging invalue Irom 50 cts. to $50. ÜEg ïlioytnist that theirlong experience in selecting goods forthis market, and strict attentiun to thu "wants of Customers,may entitle theui to a liberal share o Patronage. „iP Ann Arbor, Dec. 5. 1860 7"tf Demand Treasury Notes For wliich wc pay . aE'osi ipmMiswsíi. M. GUITEEMAN & Co , Ann Arbor Octobcr 3, 1862, GREAÏ.GSEATER GREATEST BAJíGMInS EVER OFFEEEÜ 1859. Iq1859' In thi3City,areuow beingoffercd at tbe CIIEAP,CLOCK,.WATCH, & J O w O 1 xy StorenpHE Subscribir wouldsny to the cítizensoí Ann Ar1. bor, in particular, ftnd tbe rest ot Wnihtennw Onnty in genernl, that hehasjuat ÏMPORI'ED PlRECTLT from EUROPE.o Treinend ous Stock of Watches! AU of whichhn bind himselfto geil CHKAPF.R than can be bought wHBt of ÏIrw York City. Open Face Cyliader Wntches Irma 86 to $)0 do do Lever do do 8 to 21 Uunting Case do do do 14 to 35 do do Cyllnder do do 9 to 28 Gold Watehes from 20 to 150 I have also the CELEBitATED AMERJCAN WAT CHES, which I will bbÏï Ur $35. fivory Vvatch warrantbd to perform wel!, or the mo-ctíy reíunded. C loeit s, Jewelry, Pinted Ware, Fancy Gmode. Gold Pen, Mubích] Instruments and StriDgg, Cutlery, &c, and in fact a variety of evpi-yhine uuually krptay Jewelers can be boughtforthe aext ninety days at vour OWN TRICES! Persona buyïng anything at this well known eetabHshrao ut can rely upon getting good? oxnctly as reprcsfiited, orthemoney refunded. Oallearly and secure the be3t bargaina ever otïercd in thif City One word in regard to Rcpairing : We are preparnd to make any repairs onfine or coramon Watches, oven to makingo er the entire watch, if necessary. Ropairing of Clocks and Jewelry as usual. Aleo the mtmufacturin: oí KI NGS, BROOCHS, or auylhlng desired, from California Gold onehortnotice. Kngravire in allits branchesexeented withneutueñs anddispatch. J C. WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28th!859. 7L4w Important National Works, Publishetl by I. APi'LETON & CO-, 346 AND 343 BROADWAY NEW YORK The füllowing works are sent to Subscribers in any part of tho country, (upon receipt of retail price,) by mail or expresa-, pnmaid: THENEWAMERIAK CYCLOPiEDIA : A Popular Pictionary of General Knovledge. Edlted by Gbo. Riplbt and Charles a. Dana, aiüeil by a numerous select corps of writers ín all branches of Sciences, Art and LHei-atuic This work is being published in about 15 large octavo volumes. each contnining 75Ütwn-column pages Vols. I., II-, III., IV. V., VI., VII., VIII., & IX. are now ready, eacb containiug near 2.500original arti clcs. An a'lilitinnal volume will be published once in about three months. IMcpjin Cloth,_S3; Sheep, 33.50; Half Rusfiia, S4.50 each . The New American CycldpsEWia is popular without Deins superficial, icariu'i! wiUmut beiug iK'ilantic, comprehensive hut sulücicntly detfüled, (we ivom personal pique and party prejudice, fresh and yet accurate. It is a complete statement of all that is known upon every important topic iviihiu the scope of human inteUigence. - Every important arthtle in ít has been specially wntten for its pages by men whoare autborities upon the topic on which they speak. Thcjr are vequircd to bnug the subject up to the present moment; to state just how it stamls nnto. All the statLsticalinformation i.s from the latest reports; the geograpincal accounts keep pace with tbe latest explorations; historical matttrs include tlie freshest just views; the biograpbjeal notices sdü ak not only of the dead but also of the living. It is a library of tself AliRlDGBMËNT OF THE DEBATES OF CONGItESS Being a l'olilical History of the United States, from the organization of the ürst Federal Congressin 178n to 1850. Eriitedand compilod by Hou. Tho. Hart BKSTOW,froin tho Official Records of Congress. The work will be corr.pistyd in 15 poyal octavo volumes of 750 pages each, 11 of which "are now ready. An additional volume will be published onco In three months. Cloth,rS0; Lw Shuep, Half Mor., $4; Half Calf, $4.50 each. A WA Y OF PKOC UBING THE CYCLOPiEDIA OR DEBATKS Forra a club of four, and remit thepriceof fourbooks, and live copies will be sent at the remitter's expeusefor carriage; or for ten subscribers, eleven copies will bn sent at our expense for carriage. To Agritts. No other work will so liberaily rfward the exertions Of ygents. AN" AtJKNT WANTED IN THIS CO ONT Y TeriUS madeknowo on application to the Publishers. Aun Arbor, March, 1859. 6902a a t ■=S5ft Bev. Tuos. Whjüut, ageut at Kiune & Smiths Book Store, Ypsilantï. 1862. NEW 1862. WINTER GOODS! MACK & SCHMID aro now receivii:g a Large & Attractivo Stock of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, LADIES'DKESS GOUDS, FUES, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, &c. in great variety of the most dosirable styles und qualities. A good assortment of RIBBONS, TRIMMINGS, GLOVES, IIOSIEEY, &c. Also a choiue stock of goods for Mens' Wear, Ladies' and Children's Shoes. HATS A.3ST3D C-Ï'S, Fresli Groceries. ÜROCKERY, &c, èo., which will all be sold at the Hiowest Casli 3?rices. MACK & SCHMID. Ann Arbor, Nov. 7, 18G2. 878tf Riile Factory! Beutier 8e. Traver, [Successors to A. J. Satherlandr] Manufacturera of and Dealers in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouihet Game Bags, and Eerjother article in that Line. AU Uimls of mïl?-A.xrï.3:lac3r done at tlie ahortcst uotice, umi inthbcst manuer. a f uil auortmeat alway kept on hand and niaiie order. tL, Shop on Vlurou street. Anu Arbor, Oot. 8, 1362. S73tf Oval Picture Frames ALI.SIZES, STYLES and l'RICES just received and forsalo cheniiat CHOFF & MILLER'S. 1860.Dfc.25, 7S0U ÏI.1E OLD CORNER RENEWED! NEW GOODS, &C. FARMERS' IW CASH STOM (At the old stand of Thompson & Millen.) I am now opening a carefully SELECTED STOCK OF STAPLE: DRY GOODS CONS1STING OF DRESS GOODS, PRINTS, :BEOWN" & BLEACHED 3HEETINGS, CASSIMERES, FLANNELS, &c; and ererjthing tbat is frept in a Domcstic House, also a fine assortment of BOOTS le SHOES! AND YAIVKEE JVOT1ONS, A full stook of TxEOCEEIES constantly on band. FARMER'S PRODUCE ! Bouglit and Sold. Thankful to old fn'ends and customers foi past favors, I hope toraerit a share of their patronage, by dealing justly with all. C. B. THOMPSON, (formerly with G. II. Millen & Co. Ann Arbor, Oct. 1, 18G2. 872tf LOOMIS & TSIPP; Suecessors to Chapín fc LoomiSjandChapin, Tripp fc Loomis THEabove firm of Loomis & Tripp having purchaspt the entire interest of tin; former comprimes wil! continue the business at the old stands, where they wil! be ready , on the ahortest notice, to fi 11 all orders in thf lino of Castings and Macliinery, in the Tnoat worTnaanlike manner, and on as libera terms as any other shop in tlie tate. Among the vari ous articlesnianufacturod by us, we would enumera+e STEAMÊNGJNES of all kinds; Mül Gearing and Fix tures, wroughtand cast; all the various castfogB fer making and fepairiog Horse Powers & Tiiresbing Macliines such as are at present, or have formprlj been ia use in this part of the State, as wel! as all the various kinds of castinga and machine work called for by farmers and mechnnies inthis section of the country. M3" JSa ST 1L7 ü 9 (if all the vartous natttrns, up in sizesandpricesj will be keptconstantly oftaand, got the most modern and improved stylo. Tliankful for forraor patronage to the old firms, we would solicit a continuance from old i'nends,and a trial by all wishiug for anything ín our lio e of business. LOOMIS &.TRlPr. AnnArbor,May 18tb, 1859. 697tf "Provide for Yo: r Family." KNICKEKBOCKER UFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Western office, Kiugabury Dlock, Iíandolph St., Chicago. Aesets Jan. lst, 1802, $276,223.44. Policiea are issued upon the livea of debtors,antl for all business purpoaes, either for Ufe or for a term of years, on as favorable terms as b.v any other Company. Manicd ladies maj insure the llves of their husbandf. aocording to a law of the State, socuiing tho amouaï of the inyurance to theinselves or tHeir ch il dr en, free from tiie claims of their husbanda' .creditors : also, inarriod ladies can insure their own lives for the bentüt of their ohildren or trustees. Policios on lives are issucd fur any sum not exeeeding 510,000. By the terms of the charter, this Company iy prohibited paylug morllian 7 per cent, annn;ydftn dividonds on its capital to stockholders ; and it reroives tltat sum in interest for the use of its capital, tbc surplus beiug divided among the Mutual Insurere ; henee it wül appear that it combines the advantages of a Mutual with the security of a Stock Company. When the premium amounts to $40 or over a note mfiy be giveo for loar tenths of the aiuount. Ratea an low as any olher goud üomiiany. Now is the tune of sacure a competeney for youi family ahould deuth tiui1. your homestead encumbered and business in volved. EHASÏUSLYMANj President. ÖBo.p.SinrrBH,SsE7. B. F. Johnson, Vjce President, and Manager of Western Bianch office, Chicago. E, B. POND, Agent. yat. LBWTTT) M. P. i M6dteal Bramtrwr. 18621862. NEW FALL SOODS ! Now openinff a BpiendW stock of New Goods for tlie KallTradeat C. H. MILLEN'S Ann Arbor September 15, 1802. SÏOLf Ayer's Sarsaparilla. AUiichmcnt Nolico. NOTlCEís bcrobv gÏTi tfeat on tbc 24(h n v ■ ' November, A D.,eigHeen liundied and sixty twur a wtii f oitachnaeot was Ufted out o; the Circulo ('niut tot Uu' C'iun! v of Wa.siitenaw, in favor of Th omris MorgAn, iiIíütitiihagíiinKt the gcod, chattels, landV, teneinenfrs m"iicv aröd ejfectfl of Peter Pchnfer and Wiliiam Sehwüaer def atlante, fOr tbe sum of two Imndred arul sixtv six dollars and lifiy-two ccnti, which laid writ w& rtfturaable tn Taeéday ilie íecond da ■L December, A. p. eigiiteen bundred and eixtj-twoi wi'ï that it appears by the returns of the proper nffïcer t saklwrit tbnt pmprrty htób#en atttrtbed thcreon, that ueithcr of aaid deíendantn could bc fuund. THOMAS MORGAN, Plaintiff. II .1 BSAKSa, Attorney for PlaintiffDïted, Jnn Arbor, ])ectmber24, 1P62. Mortgago Sale. DE5WULT h&ving been mafie in the condition of a eertain Ipdeüture of nioftgage, executed by Jameí McCarthy ana Margarst McCarthy hin wife, of tbe City nf Ann Arbor, Couiity of Wnslilenaw and ötate of Michigan, koKèlsonCöle of the Banfe place, bearing date the Íi2óút;tot' May, in tin; yi-ur of our tliou',t tundredaitd ftj-sïx, and recorded in fh' Officeo? tbfr RegiRtcr of Dewdeitt and for wiid Cuasty Of Vasli!en;nv, on ftfth flay of May. A. D. 1S56, in I.tber No. 22 of MortffSgpa on pnf;e 6ö'J, whicb nM uiiienture of Morigagè was duly assined by the said Nelson Cola to Kdward Kya , of Fittfa'eld, in said Countv, by Itrs ;tss-iïinnMit unUr bis hand and se:il, beanng date the sixteenth day ot' l'ecember, A. 1. ]8G", aud recordoilip tb office of aaid Ri M.r of jpeeda on tbe twentyMxth ay oí IÍMeraber, A. I). 1862, in Líber No, ÜO of Mortgaes on paEi 15Ü, by whiob default the power of Bale e-mtunel in saifl naörtgage bec;ime operátive and the atoount claimed lo be duo on sa id inden - tare of Mortgagí rtUje date oí Uña noiice, being fivr hundred aijit iii!y ( :rht dollara and thirty-eihí cent 4 and nn aait or proeeeding liaving bfen iDPtitutcd at. Iav, cr 1n chfvnccryTto roaovnr the dobt dow TeraaiiiftlínK dae and secured by emá mortgage orany part t litro o t ; Notice is tborefore hereby giren , that on 'íturday, tlio Inurlh (Uiy of April, A. D. iG3. at ten of the cloek m Ibe forenoon oí thiitday,;iSthe souíh.door of'the Court House, in. the City ot Aun Arbor, in said Cmiaty f W'a-iitenaw aod Btateof Michigan, (said Court Uene beïngthe place for holding öfae Circuit Court for rwA County) I slia.ll solí or to Se suM at public aiurtion in foreciopuie of said mortgacce to tlie hiböt bicllder, the premises de.-icribed thereifls-or aomuch tÜereafi aa sluill be necesary to satisfj Utt amount due on sAiftt indenture of Mortgage, witb interest and all the rcnr gonable coste, dísburaements and expenses of all procoedings relativeto the foreclosure iA Sh same including reasonable charges í'ur attorneys' seriíices. as pro vide I in id indenture of mortgage; thst m t nay.. all [)]ikp --t-rtain tricts or pai-Cfls of land fdteaèttd ia tíie saïd city of Ann Arbor, known, boundeil anl desmibed as follows, vi7.: BöÏMg Iota ninnbored one (1), two fV,. three, (3), iml fijar (1) , n blocknumber two (S), soutïi n range numbfr ten (10) east, in the said city éf Ai Arbor j County of WasbtenaWj aad Btate of ilitlugaabDated, Deeember 3Utj 1SC2. EDWARD RYAN, A. FEí.nr, Assignee of Mortgage. Attoruey for Assignee. 8b5td L ara Bcund íor M. GÜITERMAN CffS I o Dispute tlie fact if yon cau, It takes the TAILOll after all to give appcarance to tbe outer man. I f you wish to appear well You must accüidiugly Dress Well. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's., Thero you will find things exactly SO. SONDHEIM ahvsya ready to take your measure, GÜITEEMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasnre, At figures LO WER than you will find "ia the State, Take heed - call early, else you are too LATE. The íNDüCEMENTS are now greater tban ever, Our Clerks you will fiod obliging and clever. We wiil show you good CL0THINÖ of our own oetting up, Filling our Store from Bottom to ror. STÜDENTS especially will find it to THEIR ADVANTAGE, For it tukes but LITTLE MONEY to raplenish. 1500 0VERC0ATS of Cloth, Beaver, and Bear,Warranted for almost ever to wear. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our own iMPoiiT.moN, Forwarded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and France, Snch as you can stand up ín, or wear, at the dance. Taiits ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN' oí everv grade, We frefl them from ONE DOLLAR up tO E10HT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fictioo, Furnishing APPARELS From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all vire say now, Therefore we make our bow. Youra truly, evor so, M. GÜITERMAN. fe Co., Fruit and Ornamental T Ti EE S, A.T LOW" PEICES. IlHESL'BSCEIRERSarenow prepared 1o reccive or. . SersferaU kinds of Fruit and Ornamental Treef, Shrubs, l'ianía, Flowers an.l Vines of every description añil vai-ictv. tlie Fall of.l8;2 and Spring of 1863. - We ;l UuK6 stock now rowing, and intend to. mako largo ImportatiOns from time totime a.s the wanM of tliu cMuntry di'inaiul. Weinvitethe people to makü themseh ea tcqiminted with our facilit íes for tloingbas.ness, befure purchasinp el.sewherp. AYe warrant all a. lictics to be trutí to name, and to be vifrorous arut lu'althy spccknena . All comnlnDÍcatlonswlUbopronipily responded to. Our oflice is in Rogéis' Agricultura 1 Store, Detroit st. , Ann Arbor, Miel] . DdBOIS, CARR & CO. Ann Arbor, June 24, IS62. 858tf All Losses promptly adjusted MERCHANTS'IÑSÜRANCE CO., OF HARTFORD, COUN. Cash Capita], $200,000.. Total Aasets, Jan. lat, 1862, $237,387 OS Liabilities, .... l.834.ü!) MAiïK 110WARD, President. E. Thos. Lokdeli,, Secy. The unnersigne.l lins been appcinted Agent for the auovn celiabll Co4ipa-uj-, nd will effect nsuranceagaijst losses by lire at ïvaiiuuableralcü. . .1. }V . IvMGHTAnn Arbi-r,Jime2, 15C3. S65f. DWELLISG POll SALE I IF YOU wish to buy a good two-story brick dwellinjr, conveuient to the business part of the l'ity, with and yards well stocked with choice Fruit ofal' kinds Applesl Pa, l'eaches.Pluro.S Kaspberries, Ornamcufcil troes, ahrubbcrj, io.,&ü., imiuire at the NOT. 14, 186?. ARGUS OFFICE. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis.


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