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Soldiers In Battle

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A writer gives the following as a real picture of a battle field, and of sntne conversation between the soldiere whilp fighting. Tt Í8 interesting : Steadily the brave fcllows ascended he range of hills, two ranks deep under a iurious fire of artillery flashing Death's terrors under the most fearful form, and gaily tbey elimbed the nunerous fences in their way. Men Iropped. and broad gaps were made n their ranks, but their linea immedi ately closed, and wero compact as beore. The wounded that silently fell. ts all bosh about the screams of the vounded that we read of in books. On hey went until a blazing line of muscetry stormed pon thern from the rifle rita hitherto invisible, and induced a íalt Firnily they stood and returned he fiie. TJp went the swords of the ifld offi'ers wildly cheering them on. jine officers ran behind the men - licking up the cartridge boxea of the lead and replenishing thoee of the livng. Back and forlb they went in the ear of their compañas, askinjí men if heir ammunition held out, indicating ocaüties vvhore shots might be effect ve, and encouraging them with the lopeful words : " Steady, boys, steady; give 'em hunder? Srnith are you hurt?" " Yes, sir; my arm's broke." " Go to the rear my boy." Another man falls. " Where are you atruck, "Robert ?" " In the thiüh, sir; I can't move." " Lie stil!, and keep cool ; they'll take 'on away eoon." " Dennis, what's the matter with you Vhy the devi] don't you fire faster?" " The bali's banged the top o' me inskit togither, sir, and broko the jaggonet." ' Pitch it away here's another. Fire aster Jones ! That's right, Kobin.on! ïive it 'em ! give 'em ! Splendid, boys, plendid! Down with you ! tbere's a ew 'jattury opening!" So it goes; encouragemer.t and re)roof by turn8. in quantities varied by be ind'vidual vitality of the officer, inerspersed with constant orders to Ho own and avoid the fire of batteries. " D - n this knapsack ! I can't stand t!" says one and it is jerked off. " This coat is as hot as ," says nother, and off it goes. Terrible is the work of death ! The nemy in rifle pits -have nn advantage iree to one. They pop their heads up, ire, and down they go to load. "Oh, blaat it! Cap'n, we ain't got o chance against them fellers ; we ught to have reinforcements." This cry extends along the lines. Jolonels, in their visits to the eompancs, bear it from the line officers ; it Boon omes to the knowledge of the generáis nd, after an hour's hard fighting, an rder to fat] back is gieen, which is beyed with a steady pace, and but ittle straggling, towards the city. K3T Common sense is valuable n all ! )U6Íue86 except love-making.


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