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Sword Presentation To Gen. Mcclellan

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Gen, McOlellan has been prenented by the citizens of Bostón with a superb sword, eosting $900 - gift of ciuzens frorn doliar subscriptions. Hon. Geo Lunt was de egated to transmit the testimonial. Iu doing so he said the occasion was Dot intended to be formal, and that, tharefore, he should proceed at once to read a letter wbich had been prepared. In accepting the splendid gift, Gen. MeClullan, with much feeling, spoke as follows : " I accept this, Mr. Cbairman and gentlemen, with something bevond the ordinary feelinga of pride andpleasure natural to snch a case; it adds one more to the many obligations to which 1 have become indebtod to you since I carne among you, and it is an additional pruof ot that regard and fïiendship which I believe is ntertained toward me here. Accept my eincere thanks, and believe it 6hall never be used except in the cause of justice and of right," Mr. Fiske, of the firm of Jordán, Maren & Co., then presented hira tvith a casket of sheil, inlaid wi h mother of pearl and finished with gold, containing a list of the subsc.ribers to the sword. The sword ia probably the finest ever before made in the country. 'i he handle represente a maak of laurel eaveg, girt round with three rows of ine pearls. The guard is in theshape f a shell, ri -hly chased ar.d raised. rrora the guard a branch of laurel tarts, which is set with pearls and unites it to the top. The latter is surnouuted by a larg diamond of first water, weighing three carats, and val ed at $400. The scabbard is very nassive, and has throe richly-chased ipa. The upper one representa two ecording angels with the scroll of ame. The centre haa cherubs with wreath of flowers, Americun shield, mnitions of war, &c, &c. The lower ip representa the Goddess of Liberty. All theso mountings are in high relief, richly chased, and are very artistic. JL3 The present winter is terribly evere in Russia. A letter from St. 'etersburg says : " Id the mpmory of man there has not een such a winter as this at St. Peters)urg - twerty degrees of cold the river nd the sea locked in ice for a long time last, and not a flake of snow ! Owing o the glassy frost, horses and pedestrians aD not keep a footing upon either the oad or the pavements. The air is exremely dry ; we breathe it with difficulty. Norvous people are particularly affeoted by it ; aecordingly, no one stirs out except on business ; and of carriages and promenaders, there are liierally none, even at tho Nevskia perspective, betwecn two and four in tho afternooo, where there is ordinarially a great crowd." SyST Prentice, after quoting John Locke, that a blind man took his idea of scarlet from the sound of a trumpet, says that a hoop skirt, hanging out of a shop door, alwayg reminds him of the peel of belle ! Grand. - The following is one of the grandest sentences in our language : "The tall mountains are the sublime apostles of Nature, whose surplicos are snows, and whose sermonsare avalanches." JC3T A melaneholy man preys upon himself, ag distressed monkeys are said to eat their own tnils.


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