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Co. H, 20th Michigan, Return Thanks

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Camp of tuk 20th Rkg. Mich. Inf.,} Oppositk Fredkrtckriïurg, Va. February 8th, 1802. ) At a meeting of Company H, 20th Regiment Michigan lufantry, called for the purpose of expressing the thanks of the company for a box of articles sent them from School Districts Nos. 2 and 3, of the township cf Saline, eounty of Washtenaw, the following resolutions were adopted: Whkreas, Many kind friends frora School Districts Nos. 2 and 3, of the township of Saline, eounty of Washtenaw, have thoughtfullyand kindlyremerabered the soldier in sending hira many little articles cilculated to contribute to liis comfort and remind him that he is not forgotten, and that many are anxiously interested in his welfare, and would cheer him on not only with gifts that porish not, with gifts of lovo and encouranrement, from true and loyal hearts, therefore, Resolved, That none can so well appreciate such a gift, - coming' too, as it does from fatbers, inothers, sisters and brothers, - as the soldiers, who see littlo of luxury and the comforts of home; and that the gratitude whioh they feel in their hearts, failing to find expression in words, may be shown by their devotion to the cause for which they labor. Resolved, That, forgetting the hardsliips we have passed through, we will again with renewed courage and strength prepare for those to come, knowing that while we march on the well-wishes and kind sympathie of tlmse at home will follow us ; and if we fall by the way in sickness they will care for us, or if we meet death in battle or in camp we will be honorably remembered. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the donors, and that a copy be sent to the Ann Arbor papers for publioation. Serg't. Frank Kingslev.I " Thos. F. Spears. I Corp. James A Dell }■ Cotn. " David R. Monroe, " Hiram R. Mills. J fsL" A writer beautifully remarks tbat a mau's mother is tho representativo of his Maker Misfortune and mero crime set no barriers between her and her ' son. While his mother lives, a man has one friend on earth who will not dosert him when he is needy. Her affection flows from a pure fountain, and ceases only at the ocean of eternity. Mistaken Ecovomy. - No langunge can oxpress the cruolty or folly of that economy wliich, to leave a fortune for a child, starvos bis intellect and ishes his heart. Thore should be no economy ie cducation. Money shnnld never be weighed aguinst the soul of a child. It shculd bo poured out like water for (ho child's iutellectual aud moral lifo. - Dr. Clianning.