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-The publican State Convention, held n Dotroit on Thursday of last wcelc, made tlie fo'.lowing nomiuations : For Judge - Jamks V. Campuell. I'or líejents - Ilonry G. Kuight, Thos. D Gííbert, Edward G. Walker, J. East man Johnson, Goorgc Willard, James A. Sweezy, AIvli Sweitzer, and Thomas J. Joslin. Mr. Johnson isa member of the present Board : the others are cew raen. L3ÈT Gen. Siiiulds lias bcen assigned to the comniand of the Department of the Pacific- -contradicted. - Gen. McClkllan has requested to be assioried to active service. - Gen. Fkemont is put down by the reporters for a cominnnd in Texas. - Gen. Clay is said to be dcsirous of going back to Ivussiii. Has probably drawn bis pay ever ainco Lis appoiutnicnt, but Las not seen a tingle day's service. &lr A bilí has paesed the Houso and is pending in (he Senate ainending the charter of this city. When It becomes a law we supposo that the Common Council will have power to order sMe walk" repaired. Good. j[-y A resolution has passed buth branches üf the Lcgislature instructing tlie Seuators fronl tliis Státe, niTd request krg tho Ref i'eseufatives to vote for a repeal or vcdfljUtkui of ttiü present prohibitory duties cm paper. ín the Seríate there were but two nay votes - Senator Jay we aro sorry to si;e was ono of the two so voting- and in the Houo but tliree. Vu were never a pro.teetjve tarift' advocate, and eertainly eau not endorse a prohibitiva tariíf, and no paper will be imporled uiider the MfiSftit t aiil', at least until exchauges rula Icnver. As the tariff act now stands rags are iniported free of duty and paper is excluded. We t hink the burdens should bo cqualizjd, and not so decided au advanI tage giveu to the manufaeturer. We tlierefore hopethat Coagreía will reduce the duty on paper - and on every other artielo - so as to bring the Iioine lüanufacturer EOiuewhat in eompetition wiih tho fureign U]anufacturer,and in thd.t way both the treasury and tlie public will re-ip benefits now entirely eujoyed by a monopoly. A Str.v.v. - The New York House of lieprescntatives by a vote of to 4 haa pssed a concurrent resolution complimentary to Gen. McCusllan and inviting hun to viait Albany as the guest of the State. JB3C John Coxnurs, Douglas Democrat, h-is been eloeted United States Heuator from California, wheieat thu radicáis are iiidignaut. H3ST ïfee di'ui't hui taken place in Jiickson, Livingston, Oakland, Monroe, ni:d tx rimnber nfolher counti.';-; and it ia said l.ha fortúnate men dóu't honor the drait very eheeiiully. L@- In the latest iwu's there is nothing vvry " Tliit.'j,." is working" on the iMtesMsrppl., anotlier boat luis run tliu Vicksburg Moefcade md che canal is bt'ing vvkleued by iho wa!er, and a nevv one out, - All is quiet on the Kappahanock, and reporters threaten a storm al Charleston. Up Again. - Gold i'eactied GIJ cents preitiium in N. Y. on Wednesdiiy, closing steady. Eü The Lausing correspondent af the Frec Press says tbat an epidemie lias broken out in the Reform School, supposed to be tho spotted fever, and that quito a number have died. %yL" Tho aenate has passed a bilí ameudatory to the militia law of the State. It makes a broad sweep of the exemption clause, and leaves all good eitizena to '' stand the draft." It also does away with the $100 clause, and requires an accpptablo substitiite for the drafted man. If the House passos the bill, as it ought to. professional men and office ho'ders will onjoy the üigli privilege of being drafted the samo as coicniori pcople.


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