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Judicial Convention Of The Fourth District

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Tlie delegntes appointed to attend the Demoeratio Judicial Convention of' the Fourth Judicial Distriut of the State, met at Bronaon's Hall, in the city of ■Jackson, at 1 ö'clock P. M., on tlie 12tfa ■d;iy of February. On inotion, John Crittenden, of Jackson, was eleoted President, pro tem, and George N Iluutingtoñ, of Ingham, appointed Scorctary, pro tem lipon niotinn, John N. Gott, P.ivitl Johnson, and H. B. Hawley were appóïnted by tho ebair a committce upon permanent officers of the convontion and ou crcdontials. Tbc convention then took a recess of half un liour, after wliich it was calk'd to ordor by the Chfiirm;i u. The coiüiïiitteo on pormatient offioers and erpdentiiils, tlirough thcir ühairman, ! Mr. (jott, .made the following report, which was adopted : President - John Criden den. Secretar;; - George M. Huntington. nULEOATES. , Wasldenaw Counti - Benjamin Follott, Chiüineey Joslin, John Brewar, John N. G-ottMorjran J. Spencer. C. H. Tisd;ile, J. D Corey, Thomas F. Leonard, L. P. Forbes, Elias Haire, E. F. Uhl, Barnabas Case. Jackson Covnly - John Crittenden, Edward Smead, George W. Kennedy, Pavid Joluson, P. G. Sheffcy, J F, Fei-puson, Jf. Hairo, L M. l'owell. J. L. Butterfiold. Inqliam Count-Gcorga W. Peck, P. J Price, H. B. Hawiey, George M. Huntington, J. T. Brown,A. N Hart. Tlio eonvertion then proceeded to the nomination of a candidate for Circuit Judge, which resulted in the unanimous ü'Müination of Lyman D. Norris, of Washienaw. Upon motion. Fidns Livermore, John N. Gott and Georgo Mi Huntington wero appointod a committeo for tlie purpose of calling any future convention in the district. Upon motion, the rroceedings of the convent ion were ordered to bo pub'ishcd in The Detroit Free Presa, and the democratie pupers of the dist riet. The convention then adjoumed.


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