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Ayêr's Ague Cm. 9 jmotï potte, IiTcüÏGaF CENTRAL RAILROAb. Passenger traítis duw leaVe Oetroit and the severa 3tations in followy : G O I N (i WKSI. Leave. Mali. X. Y. Ex. .Tack.Ac. N'ight Kx Petroit. 7.20 A.M. 10 A.M. 6,15 p. M 9.30 P.M. Ypsünnti, f) 00 " 11.28 " fl.ïO " W.fiO ' Aiin Arbor, 9 20 " 11.45 " 7 05 ■' 1110 " Doxter, 9.50 " 12.10 P.M. 1LS " ll.8 ■■ ii,..lK..:, . Ulo " ]-2.;0 " 8.00 " 11.65 " Ar.Chicago, 10.30 " 10.05 A. M [ The mail train goes only to Michigan City. y 0 I N G KAST. I-cave. NightE.i. Jack.Ac. N. Y. Kx. Mail: Chicago, Q.4&V.JÍ, C.OOa.m Chelaea, ÜJS.1K. 5. TOP. u. Dextrr, f' 50 " S . 4 ;" ' Ann Arbnr, 6.05 A. 51. 7 üó " 3 45 e. M. 6.H '■ Ypsilantl, 5.25 " T-50 " 4.1.3 ■' CAO " Ar. Dutroit., (i.45 " 9.20 " 6.15 " 8.00 " The maij train fetavts from liclnuap City. Trainï del net stop at stations where figures are oniitteil in the table. O" TWEXÏY-ONE TEARS AGO „TH Ma. O. C. BalsíTOL a lstin:4-uir;hed Chemist and Druggitt of the ei y of BiitTaln, N. Y., invented and mnnutaotured a cr.raijounl ksflttn aa BRISIOL'S BALSA.M OF HOAKHOÜ.ND, wlndi is a poríet STKaat; for COUüHS, COLDS, Or any TWNaii.w. 'ir T.irXíi PIFFÍCILTItfS ari.sin fron damp, c.ild, or suddon chance of the wealh'.T. Kvrry i'crson who has ever talcon BRISTOI.'S BALSA S[ OK HGABHOUNO, pronounces it the best aftfcle cvi-r inventcd ; and so jUKtly celebi'ated has it bectmio. that thü m:irUüt Is alrea.'ly full of unitatious, coiiuterrüiis, and most dinïorous comiic-.inK. i;n!er tliennmoof Balsam of HoarhoüDd. Tfiiorefm-e, alwiys be carefnl tu cali fir Brsto".s Ba!.:nn, ann soe that liis WRITTKN pigOAtUTQ is on the outside labol of Ilu' bottle. Mahk. - This invalua blo .Müdicfne has been now BOine tvontv one yeara beforo tho public, i'ni without, anj" 'Ifort ou thii part of tlic propftotor lUtUj has bec-me wrv fxteudive, and ifc daly incr(asiti(T TIn.' löwplice at which Ihe Medic;iH! is solj (95CiKrS) enables AM. to li.'.rtaUe of its ïicaling quolilit'S. C. CROSBY. BIIFFAI.O, N.Y. Solé manufíictnrer, to whom all ortieis sliould bf':d. - Fnr sale by all re?pectable drnil'gists . lyeowSSS O" TOBACCO- Yen can buy the best gradea of FINE CHEW'ÍXG TOBACCO nl frnm 50 cenia to One Dp!lc. SMOKIXG from fourloer. to twenty cents iit M. DEVANY'3 TOBACCO A'D C!GAH STORE Sign - Rei! Jndian. South side Enron street, a ft;w aoors from Cook's Uotol M. DEVANY. Anr. Arbor, Dcc. 11, 1PG3. 8B3tf GOOD TREE IS KNOWN BY X _ ITS FRUIT. öo is a jrood PJhysfcisn bj hi tjuceessfiil Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, TIIEGREATANU CELEBRATEI) i'IIVMCIAX ÜF THE TIIHUAT, I.U.NGS A.N'I) CHIiáX, Knnwn all ovpr thp countr; as the OlebtateiJ INDIAS II E R 13 DOCTOR! Fi'üm í-(juíh America , will 6è ttt tti- roofliAi RUaSELL HOÜEj DETKOÏÏ, OntlielSth nnfl 19th inst.,on the same dale of anú etery tubsequent mvmth do ring 1&52 ftnd 18tü, A XK.VT I'AMPIILET Of the life,itudy and etf nsfve trnvels ef Dr, Lyous au b p roe 'i red by all who defti re one, free of ehsjc 9. Dr. h will visit Aan Arbor, Jacfcson. and AcEnau, tötch . as folïows : Aun Arboi-, BÍ pnïtor Clou ie. '.Oii. Jackson. Hibbard HbW. Sist A lriant.Bruckett u-e. 22.1 and L31. Menu of Esamdtatïon. - 'lhy Doctor itfseerns dïseaöcs by t kerven . fte, therefore, askrt no quetions nor re q irrg pationts to explain ymptí mí. Afflicted, come hik! lii vu your symptorns and tiie lucatiou of your discase ex[lained free ol' charge. IMPORTANT" FEMALES THE HEALTH AND I.LFEOFWOMAN ïs continu ally in poril i f s ! 1 ; is m.fl enouh to neglecrt r raaltreat nexual inegularities to which twothirds of lier sox are mort; or U-ss suhject. )R. CHEEEM ANS PIU3, preparel from the name formula which T"-e inventor. 'OKNEÍJUS' CHSÈSEfN;M. P.,o' rrk-, has for twenty years ttsétl ucceagfhl!y iniinextênqcd prïrnteprsctice - imtnèdiateiy rélmrn without pain, all disturbauces of the periódica! discharge, wht-thr artsiner frnm iclaxalinn r suppre"sion. fnèy ;tet til;e .i clirj-m in rpmovinj; the pama tbat arccinpany di.ïiculi orlmmoderate rae-8trutiotï, and. are the only safe and ivli.iblï ramfi.iy.for ï'lusli--;, Sick Heft d ach e, Pain in the Loins, ftOk and Sirles, Paípuatioii n f tbs Reari Xcrvoun Tremors, Hystei-ics. gpashis, Brdken Slo-p :md o tb er unploasani and d:i nrrons efïcelfi of an unnatural onrlitioa of the nual fancttonn . In the worst casea of Floot Albas rit Whitea, they "líect a speedy cure rro WIVES átid MATKiOIirS. D3.CHEESESIAVS PILIS are nfferedfti the otily safe niéani ol' reneitiDgtti rriip.teá inen.sti-ua.tion, but. TA.ÜIE3 ÍIUST BKA R IS MT?ïD i ovc 'ovdhiov af the femnlc hjs'cm in tehicji the Pïltec.aimotbetakiinwi'hottt produong n PSCÜLÏAU II %8ü t T. Thecn'tdithn rcferrtd to is r T? EGNA NCY- thé rt + uU, MISCA RTUAG'E. Svck U the irrenUtibU tuiden ry of the irtñdicint toreêtort the. sernal fufítiojt$ to a normal cëitditiön,, tmt even the reproductivo power nf naturt Gunftat tesist it. Kx.piirf direetionê stati-ng wUfnt and taken they shotild nnthe, utett, wilh oacfi Boxj - ihe l'ricc Oue Dallar each Üoz, rantaining 50 PUI. A vatiiable Pft uphlet, to be hnd froe of tl'A Agpiits. PiïU tent bij mail prompt ly, by enclosiug pnce to any AiTent. SoM by Drggiifl general y. R. B.' HUTCalNfíñ, Proprietor. 20 Ccdar-St., tfsto York. For Pale hy MAYXARD STEDBIXS k WII.SON , ad 0RENVIL1.K & FÜLXER. A CARD TO THB LADÍES. DR. UUPONCÖ' GOLDEN HLLSFOR FivMALES. tnfallibie in correct Ing, rogulatlng and PcmtiTlng all ob BtructtHOS) from whatever caane. and aiwaya succe.s,sful as a provoutie The combiijation q' Lngrodiönts in Dr. SvfKaco'i Golden I'ills fur Pernales aro pcrfe-tly hftrmltsfl, They hare been used in the private practico ot Dr. Duponco over ZO ycars, and thouands of ladics can tentff tn tbeir great and nevcr faïling succesa in alniast every case n cerrocting irre:ularitieíí, rcUevlug PKÍifaj hii1 distrosRfhg menstruation, paiiiculaily at the cbange of life. From fivp to ten {: lis wiïl cure that coninion vet 'Ireadful complaint, the Whites Ncarly every fcinale in tiie land Roflera fn m this complaint. Tlio above Pili lias pevmanently cu red tliOtDUmdfl, and they will cure j ou if you use them. They can not hann you; on the ctnlrary, t!iey rcinove all (rtwtrocffRiw, re store nature to its proper channcl, and r..t the I hole gytera. I.adieK vhxne health jrïll not petf&it an ' ncreaie of family, wíl] iin 1 these pilla .1 Oiccessful prtveni.ive Lailies pcculiaily situatd. or tbofle supposing themsehef f o, should not ufe th&te 1'üIh dqrïng tlio firat tïirffi montba, r thoy are eei-tftin to pro iluce luiscar ringt , "af'tcr which ftdtnonitioli'1 the pro. prtetur asffimei no responsibilHy, althoftgh their laildness vil prevent ;ui injnry to benltti. Thé ingredients oomposing-th ftbov i'ills are inade bnown to cvery AgfDt, and tliey "11 telïyou they ave safe and will perf'.rm all claimt1 cl lor thoin. I'ricc tl por box SoU in ANN ARBOR, by FTERBIKX' "W1LS0K. IfroggWi AV. A. HÜNP, l)r.iL'ü'!t. B living at a distancc by riemlin.; tlreia $1,0) throügrl the Aim Arbor Poto0íce, ca'n Inve the Ï'illa ent (r-onruleniisllyj b y mail, to any part of Uiu cduutry Croe oí poslagé. N. Fi. - Rewarñ of a baec countprfeh af the Pilis. Yon can hny the ftrticle at aoypricefi-om 15 ju "ÏO centü 1 box (daas at that). LADJflsyaur li - ün aud hentltn are of tuo mucli yajiio to he trifled with, be des beitg nnposed upon with a worthUsfl nvt cle. threfor, jiny uit e ufferiojyou ilu'so I'iliRfor le.sfl tljnn il -l box. avoïd tbchi isyou vonld poon. TJn v are bogiiü, Jïune are genuino milem thp namp nf S. D. ïI"',VK Ip i.n e?ery box wbicli lias recí-Díly U-vn í account of the Pil] fcwwg WHrtorftked. Sld Ww, hv KINNE&3MITH, Ysilo4l. BWd & DKEBEJi ■ and hy one drugpisi, ín every vUlagffl and cDv iu tbe Uniffd Mates, andby KARRAND,SilEKI.LT& CO.. Geneial tale sents, Detroit. L. D H31,VF, 8oIefWrteQr


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