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RIS DON & HEi DERSOM BUCKHTB CRAIN DRILL, nnil Grass Seed Sower, Mnnufactured at SpringSoíd, Ohio. rpiIE VEKY LATEST I VPROVEMENT and better than X all otliore; aflaptèc? to aowinj Wheat, Rye, Oats, Bario; and Graas Seed. lst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Wül 8ow all kinds of Orain and Orass Seed. 3d. Ncver lunches the Orain ith. Never Ireaks the Grain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast lehindthe Drill. QtJt,. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. J7as long and wide steel jpointsSth. ll has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA. It has doublé and single rank drills. lOih. It has a sel ' adjusliug sliut off klide. It is neatly and substantiallj made. Thcre ahftrcllya Drill oLferdln the msrkct but can bonst of more or leas "FIÏST PREMIUMS? Thcy nre aboutas indiscriminntoly bostowed as thc tillo of " Professor," whieh w .lumetimen pplied to tbe "fiddlrr" or " lootblaek." Tbey cease to convey the idea f merü. ïlie Buckeve Diill bns been on Exhibitlon at quite a number of otate and Co-jnly Fur.s, and eeeking faror at the banis of nj Committee, bas received ito fuli sliure of Premiutoa, " TESTIMONIALS : 'We gyQ t'if following Dames of a few Farmers in th's vicinity wjo liave bought and used the Buckeye Drill j Gü'irrey Millcr, Sclo. Jacub i'o Ibera ua " Jacftb Trempr, " Thoraan Wbite, Northfield. John Brokaw, Chriutían Kapp, ( KiIwh rü liíJV'U'n, "Wfl)3ter. .[■i :t.( ■- 'í n-ínlwtíl!, Aon Arbor. Daniel O'Hani, ' " Jüm(Í.Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, " L. ]y!raoQ'8, P,i]íkp. George Cropsey, Gren Oak, Liv. Co. Wl1 arealao Agent for the Ohio Heaper Si Mc-wer, acknowlertged te be the very best in use. Wo are just in receipt of 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we wili sell Clieap. Also alargc-assnrtment o G-rass Scythes. And the ljirgest anl bost selected stock of BENT STUFF FOR CARRIAGK?ever before offered in thls market. We aiao keep a large aud full NAILS, DLA%, PUTTY, PAINT, and 3MNSEEB OIL. A complete assortment of STOVES, TINWAEE, - AND F;aVE TROUfilISalways on hand nnd put up at the fihortest notiofl r.ISDON k [IENDERFiON Ann Arbor, June 2th.l8fi2. Pí"9!f Ktimtm;,ñimif!iirj;rim!Tin:i!!:'!;v-...T;inlii!inniiir''iiiiiiSr.iiii! ZJ. EI.ISS Would take this metlmd of Informing his oM friends and patrons and all otlicrs wUo may favor him with tht'ir patronage, tl:at he has greatly enlarged Iiíh Stock and Assortment ! and having adnpted the CASH SYSTEM BOTÍI IN BÜYING &SELLIN6 ia prepared to sell Goods t IHfSanoila TtTo Frioes, Hi sto.:k consista in part ot the loliowing: c-j AMERICAN ANL) OTIIER M W"atches! SíSisS: SETHTHOMAS ULOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CfíAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CÜTLEUY ! Parors, Phear, ?cisnr.i and Bfanhcn, ROGKR3 PLATED WARE, the bot u market, Goid Peas, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAI'ER and EXVFLOl'FS, Musical Instruments, Srings Sf Bnoks for Instruments, of Gold, Stlver, Sleel. and Platud wcíh PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior artiole Persons hnvin?; flifflcillt watebes to St Tvith glasses can be acoomodated, us my stock U laru and complete, P. S. Particular attentíon totlie 0Ffc3E:3FJflLIX::8.X3XrC3of a,U kinds of fine Wutches, such as Miiking and Setting new Jewcls, Pinlrms, Smp, and Cjlinden, Aleo CLOCKS, S5 TE'V5irEIJTí,-neatly ropaired and utir-anted, at bis oíd standeaat sideof Main Stix-fl. C, BLISS. Arm tibor, Kot. 25J186S 820ti J&FAIRBANKS' Ipi Standard ■"?4 ' -Aíso, Warekou&i Trucks LtÜcr Faiiöuiilfs, Grecnïenf & Co., V2 Late Street, Chicago. Sold Ín Dafr:. by PAIiR UDdi SHÉSftVt. DR. RADYVAY'S PILLS. EWLV DiSCOVERED PR1NCIPLES IN PUffGATlON : r. n.vrWAT'3 ntM auktite bestt pcrgattyj ii t!ic Wurl 1, sud tho otily Veetablo subsiKuW ' a oinol o? Mit liry ■ Tflr discnvercd. oinpoftd of AVgefab'e Ssxlracts nfQumi, Vavitll, Htrbs, Koot-i mul Floweis. 'ü:iy '■ rge - Cicun-c - l'urify- Heal - ánnthp - Calm - i ■ i.güicB - luvigu ate - nnd Kegulaio tbo s-ystom. Sr SVIitiEJT TTVfCKS OF N'i LASniATlON OF THE BOWELS. BIL10US C.1OLIC. BILIOUS FKVEtt. ERYS1PELAS, CO.VGESTIVE FEVER, bilALL POX, MKASLES, SCARLET FEVER, SXX SO nïGHI F2IiLI Will pu -ge ibe disea e trom tho syswm in SIX HOUKS. f sefzeti witb Hiltor n f ihií a mve-naTied diaeaes, lot L or .-uüt of lr. Kadway'd PILLS bo takeu ut ouoo. Th s scnjlf, dose Will carry tlie p itient out of danzar. ih ir c-.'üU uo I use, in smaller ilosos, will work a ure. COATED WITH GUM, Tbcy are p'easa t to tako. They operato pleosantly, naiiii-tlly, auii 'hnroxLfjithj Every dose ihut is Uken im narts utren $tk to the enfe3iled systcm. Belng perfect purgativa they do not ieavo Üio Zwwieis costive}or tb palifUt wiaA;. ONE OS TWO OF DK. RADWAY'S PILLS V;I1 secura a good appcito and healthy digestión, TO TTIOSE WHO TAKE PlLIiS, U. RADWAY'3 PILL will bc foundan improromentoa ! ):ur:tive r cathartic pill-s in use. O;ie or two piüi ;i 1 bo íüiui'l sr.íTio;ent t) k;i!p iho bowels regular and ü c;b-es whsro a bri8koperatÍotti3desired,SÜt toKIQHT vill iu x hours thorouffhiy purge. ONE TO S!X BOXES WILL CURE COSTIVF.NESS, DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPATION, MKASLES. CONGESTIÓN, MELANCHOLY, HEART DISEAPES, HYSTERICS, DISEASES OF KIDNET AUENORRIICEA, AXD BI.ADDER, FAINTINO, DISEASES OF LIVER, DIZZÏNES3, r.lLIOUSNESS, RUSH OF BLOOD TO TYPIILS KEVER, THE HEAD, SIUP FEVER, OBSTRUCTIONS, 5IALIGNANT FEVER, RETENTIONOF UEINS L0S3 OF APPET1TE, DROPSY, INDIGESTIÓN, ACUTE ERYSIPBLA, IKFLAMMATION, HEADACHE, PALP1TATI0XS, BAD BREATH, SCARLET FEVEU, INFLAMMATION OF DILIOÜS FEVER, THE INTESTINE6, JAUXDICE, APOPLEXY, CONGESTIVE FCVER, ENLARGEMENT Of SLEHPLESSNESS, THE SPEEN, GENERAL DEBIL.ITY, SCURVY, DIMNESS OF S1GIIT, WH00PING COOOH, FITS, WORMS, LOWNESS OF SriRITS, BAD DREAM3, QUINSEY, PLEURISY, A= al) a!l ComplnStits of Woraen, snch aa HyüU-iin, F.eiicji raicea or WHiïcs, Wenken l,g JDI-clnr;i ■--, Cliloro li, IrregularlUea, Siijjpi-Rio?i of (hc Mcriseg, Iiifluitimatloit of tne lïiimli or 1Í iaildcr, Ullücult JHcntrnatfiii,an t a t other Disca-ies or Co.nplaints produced bf eico=?ive 1i cliargo-i or supnre'sioil ofttie Meses. L4ios who desiro to avoid tlie suflerioRS nnd Incon''■;:;. nco3 of llio-;c ii'eg'ilaritif1, or ortfiimc obstrucinn. shDild not onvt to ro_'ulato their systerai lf m l-inl o! o oo two ol RAD'A.A Va I'Il.LS.ono.eor lwii-. :t w ':■!:,. ui 1 t!m bo fr;ö from tho many and ureat iu. ODveiM ta'í li which lafiios aro peuerally subject. WiUULi FAUl'S. jDOCTOR BAbWAY invito the attentlon of the intelligent reader to the fac's here presonted, stiowicR th Minerioriiy of hia PILiSru purgative.?, ovur uil other pilla or purgative mediciues la use. THÊIR GREAT COMBTXATIONS. They are Aprient, Tonic, Lix .tive. A!t?rative, Stimalaiit, Counter Irritant, Sudonflc. AS EVACUANTE, They aro more certJi and thorouh than tlio Droütla Pilla of Aloe-, or Crotón an 1 Hárlem Öil, or I.laterium ; aml more soothing and healing than Seüuu,or Ktiubarb, or Tauiariud-i, or Castor 0.1. AS AL.TERATÏTES, They cxcrciso a mro powe.fu! in fl -u nee over tbo liver an t its tecretions than calóme I, mercury, blnepill.huuco tbeir imporUmce in tuse-; of Livcr GniïiplaiiiU and Spleon DiiBcu'tie-i, Jttuidice, Uysi'o.;i i, Bilions AiUcks, Headaclie.&c. In the treatment of Fever?, e:thr Uiliou, Yl'IIow. TypImiiJ, ana (aller rtuci g Fcver-, they ar superior to quinine. Tiieir UiflappCe extendí over th euli-o ysto'ii, controlling, strenUiening, anti braciiu up the relaxed and vrattAg ene--gic, tn.t ren'ilati'g all tho secrotions to the natural perforniiUiee o!" thcir dutie , cleansiug and purffying tlie blopd.and purgniji fro.n tha sytom rII üi3ea.icd djpoits and impuro huoura. THE CAUSE OF PIIKS. A largo üosq oftho Drdfltio Pilla will, by irritatinjï th roucons iruaibraue, produce a violent exiuisi'n of the contenta in the bwols, but in so duing other secretioiui are suspended. In suc;i case, tho Biools wiü be foun-l tobeliglit-ooioroiland w ttery , ml aCteoded wahcrampi", griplngpains, naujfa1 sickiie.-.s. l'.y t js iucreasud unnatucai&utf n o! the b ols, llm secretions of tlio kidneys and paiuirt'as arpdliini3Ued,fijHowel by tlTectiom of "tlie kidneys, bladder, oretnra, piles, tenemu, gen;ral pro-,trutiou, costtvene., and indigestiuu. Why Salway's Pilis Curo Small Pox. Iu Mnall Pox, Siüriet Fever, Kiysipela-;, Vellow.Typhoi i aud other reduving Feucrs, püküatio.v is kijhly essen'ial. Iïut to admiuiter a duse i Drusdc Püis tho imtation they wbulá p'-oduce and tho reUxation and deplotioti tliat woiild G tlow wou ld, hú Itkely to prove fatal. If physjpiaos, ia those cise, wouid gvo KAi.'WaY'S PILtS, they wuild nv y-ï nire th'jir )atlent.-t. In these diáeuea a mild, soothing, healiug and (fentlj Btimulatinic laxiiiv1 ia rcquirod, wliich is iccurel by AOWAV'3 l'ILLS. Why ïniperi3Ct VilU Gripe. The ca iso of Iplng, ntiweft, sicknes-, triu'snius anl deb lity, ili.a is i idiveU i- a úmso-f rtr.müc ptllí, m oyIng tg thcir imporfect operaüon lf wth hufacee, Ot diceascd humors, leftcirtHilftlflig i" the sy.siem. wero pxpclle i by tiloso pills, ihoro wnUl be but litt)op.-ün or griping. It i - tbr asönfie (tfiho hilo and Other humr wi.ich the inaperfed pilla f;ul t i-wrocoiitof the ytr:n tb it ore iflionn tho pala. Üy oxunnn tho toni eva - uated rtfiui' severo gripiüg t;iey will bc f;uuu thln and wt u-r y . THB T-2HJ2 PILL3 TO TAKI3 T!ie o:i y safe pi!!-1 to tike ar' Dr. Raihvay'.-i, becau1 the are tba only pil -t Muit t-eo.uri! pnration without depleüon, aud vxyA .Uát'ucd huiuors froui tlio (.-itcDi. CiSE O? SYo?ZP3ÏA CTJED. For iïi;my yars I havo been afflicted wiih our national corrtfüahif, c tl o 1 f)V3pepsi i - my suílb-rintís havo b'-en a cousUut uueession o; iKirro.s. I h.ive Bpont Üiou-rind-i uf dollirs ith t'ie hope ot realizmg a litilo Comfort And Ir inqnitllty. All modiobtlon fatted to relir-vo me, utitil I commeucod ti act up 'ti tho judiaioim adviee ymi g;i.yQ m ,m [10 cth of April, 185S. Aud uuvr, flor i siuii yojjr l'ills, I foei like a iifew m in. God b!osf yoti, and ïnuy'tliis letter i uiuco otliur HitUriig victiuis tu tui accuróoJ. malady, lo try tlie námu miï.an. Yparu foi-vcutiv, V TAIIPENTER. Caiïpkvtkrvtu.p:, N'. .T. , April "Ct'M85D. Messrs. hadway & Co., N. F, ity. Letter from Dr. Saimón Skinner. NSW Voiiii, JiüUiiry, 1S00. Dr. Co. : I b vu. duruig lüe pat four yoarn, u-;rd your romodios, and havo, reop iiiR'n'lüd thera to othtrá fr Bninua, IPKifMi 'N, ÜvTKf U, c. J coni'ler the Roaiiy Relief aml kefEnlatlng l'i;!s iincqualed Tho HpulatuiK VÜiu ure mild iu tluár tpfrutiotjLi aud thrjcuuülily ofleutlT. The Hrt dose nhouid bc larjïL' cr.o ih t' purtr, snr íbnr or live, and i a-li rujunyuive 'lita! bu iliininishcd mm pi 1, unti' reduced d oiie, an-t then rcpoateJ ovcry d.y for a woele or ton days. A pennaueiil iu.o Will jureiy follow. Vouis, &c, DR S. SKIN'XER. lr. KalTnys Plllt nrt soil ïy J)ni;plt nnd Sior--Ktepcrs In yenemJU Kaa Box con tai) s IM) Iiii3. Prlce '3 ets. per Box. For Sale by STEBBINS & WILSON íoney to Leml. ICAN FURNIÍH MOXEY on ír-abonablp term and long ttmu ongoodFttiiü &et;urity . E. W. MORCAN. Ar.r. Arbur, Jnly S3, l:-fi2. 8C6tf í áyefs Catliartic Puls.


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