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Rev, H. W. Beecher

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The Tí. v. Mr. Jieeeher's chnrch ji JJrooklyn has been lbo swne öF ano! tier auotion sola for t1ie ehoiee ot pows, and this sc-uson thé private box - do, I mean the preferublepews - havebrought over thiity-three per cent, higher prioes than they did last year. The rental of the pews and chaira willexeeed $25.00O last year it Was 18,000. I do uot think that this provéè Mr Beecher's preaching to be popular; hut t does prove it to be attraetive. Theie is a Vigor, an oddity, a b'usquerie a close approach to auddcity that borders on blásphemy m Mr. U's style of pi-eaohitig, that ís eroinently sensational, and this is the eocret f)i his success. Hu is not learued. He is not eloquent. He is sometimes coarse, and he is always ultra. But he is dashin, bizarrie, and singularly self-complacent, and these quali ties gift his arldresses with a freshnea,s that the crowd appreoiates, and thous'and go to heaf him vvlio laugh at the man and deride his opiniohs. The church 8 alway packed like a popular theafre Pews, aisles, doorways window gilfe, all are crammed to exC688 ; and cwriaares, cars, stages, &c, pause near the place about the ti:ne of closirrg the exereise?, just as naturally and regularly as they do boside the Aeademy of Music, VVallack's, Niblo'g or winter Garden. Mr. Beecher is the " star" preacher of the season, and he draws in his way just as Forreat and Booth do in iheir way. I ara not prepared to say, too, that he does not üöord an entertainment just aa well worth the money. - Philadelphta Sunday Ifispatck.


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