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A Brave Engineer

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George D was running the night eirews, and was soma thirty minutes bemind" time My freight train was waiting on the switch fop him to pass. He carne on at about thirty-five miles an hour, as near a ï ean judge, and; I was watching hira all the time. He was within about thre time the length of the switch was blowing the whistle - wheu I saw and he saw the switchman run raadly out of his shauty, grab the switch and turn it so that it would run him directly in the rear of my train. I jumped, instinctively, to start my engine - I heard hira whistle for brakes, and those that stood near said he reversed his engine but my train was too heavy for me to mrve quickly, and he was too near to do muoh good bv reversing, so I soon feit a heavy co-acussion, and knew that he had struck hard, for, at the end of 45 oars, it knocked me down,, and tho ar broke my ensine loose froiu the train He mighfc have jumped from his engine with uon pnrative safety, after he saw the switch changed. for the ground was aandy there and free from obstructions, and he could casily hnve jumped olear of the track and esenped with sliht bruises. But, no ! Behind hiin, trusting to him, and resting in comparativa seourity, were hundreiJs to whoui lifo was as dear as to him: his post was at thehead; to tho great law of elf preservation, that most people put first in their coda of practico, his firm duty required him to forswear allegiance, and to act on the principio "others first, myself afterwards !" So, with a bravcry of heart such as is seldoni foiind in otlier ranks of men, he stuck to liis iron steed, transformed him intro the white steed of death, and spent the hst energies of his life, the strength of hrs last pulso, ütriving to mit'gate tho suflfpring which would follow the colusión His doíth wíis instantaneous; he liad no time f ir regrets at loaving lif,-. ind the friends he loved po d'carly. When ■we found him, one hand grasped the thrnttle, his engine was reversed, and with the othor hand, he still he'd on to the handle of the smid box lever. The ■whole middle and lower portion of his body was cnished, but his hcad and arma were untouched, and his face still wore a resolute expression, such as must have lit up the countenance of Arnold Winkelreid, when crying, " Make way for liberty ! " he threw himself upon a sheaf of Austrian spears, and broke the column of his enemies. - Ejccliange. L3L" Some curious cfenius estimatea that amillion nne dollar Treasury notes would woigh over a ton, and míike a pila as high is tho Washington monument. This will give an idea of the labor of preparing our Treasury notes. ES" WliJ is a lean dog lke a man in meditatioii ? - Boouuse he's .1 thin cur.


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