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gfóiflM glimtorg COÜNTY 15IBLE SOCIETY. ÜKPO-ITORY of !Vb!es ami Testaratots at th i-o ciety pnces ï.t V. C Voorhuu'. T. D. TOOKEK. PREMIUM I'IIOTOi;H.riIKR. Kxcl.ange Blod , Jnn Afbui , MichigAB. J 0 WATTS& BHO. DRAt.ER-' in C1oks Watcbes J 'irflry an 1 Si'.ver (TiraM i -'■'. N ■ r lii .-k. knn rimr C BLISS. DEALEll in Clorks, IVatclus. Jewelry and Silver Ware Ko. 2.!, Hé:v Bock, Ann Art ir o. iíTmillen. DEÍLF.R in Dry poods, Grocerjes, Crockery, ka. fcc. Street, Aun Aib c. BACH & FIERSÜN. DEALER-? in Dry (imd-t. Urocerieü Il.u-dware, Boots & Siróes, te,, Mi n ".. Ann Arbor. ü COL 14 ER. MANL'FACTURERand dealer in Boots and Slioes, oue door north of the Punt O.Iice. N. li. COLE DEALER in Boots & Shops, Kubburü, &c. Frankiiu Block, Maiu Street, Ann rbor RISDON & H E N D E II ó O N . DEALERS in Hitdwatt Si -ves, house Asrotahiag gootis, TinWue. xc , fee , New Black, Mam at. ' ÖTcTsPAFFORD. MAN'UFACTUKKK of all kinrfa of ('oooper Work, City Cooper SIiop. C'ustt.'in wurk done un hhort notice. Detroit Stfewt, Ann Ailor. a. jTsutherland, AGKNT for the New York Life Insurance Cumpnny, Office on Hurón street. Also has un bantl ft stock of the motft approve Í w#ing ra icliines. L85;t' GEOKGE FISCHER. MEAT MARKET- Hnron Sireet- fieneral dealer in Frcah and Sak Meats, Bef, Muttun, l'oik, llallis, Poultry, lard, Tallo w, Sc, Sc. SU HO FF & MLLLER. DEALERS m MUcellaneiius, Sclmul and Blonk Books. títatioaery, Pper , cc. , ilaiust , tr.mUi.n Block HI1ÏAM J. BEAKES ATTORNEY aud Counsillor at La, uil S.-licitc.r in Clnincery. Office n City H ill Biock over Wel.-t. r. iiook Srore. WM. LEWIÏT, Hl7 D. "pHVSICTAN an-1 Surgeon. Office at hia re-iilence, X north stde of Uarou strest. nd second house west of Difisimi sireet. M. GUITElliJAN & CO. WHOLESALE and Retail Djalers and Manufacturera of Clothing Impúbera of Cluths, Cas iraeros, Doeskio, &c.T N . 5. P.ioeoix Bloek, i,iin st. WM. VVAGNER. DEALER in Realy Wde Clotiiiijg, Clutíta, Ctuaimeres, and Vstiog, il it-, Cps, Tcunks, Carjúí. Uag-í, kc. Thoenix Bloek, .Main rtreet. SLAVVSON & GEER. OROCEHS. ProTMion and Corainiokin I,;:cIitiI. ind Dealers iu W.aer l.inii-, L'Mld Pla-ier, and r of Paris, one do ea-t of IÍ tel. i E. FHEEMAN. BARBER and Ktwhioaabre Hiir Dresser, Main Street, Aqii Arbor. Mich. Htir trunta and Gurld kept i'-onfitantly on hand, M SCOTT. MBROTYPK an- Pimt.graph ArtUf , in the room.s X over Campion':) Clotlnug ature, Pliceuix Bloub. Perfect sati.sia.,,tu)n gtvea. w. weeks. SL'RA'EYOR arni Civil Ëogineer, conti'us to give lmni''- iitiontion to üli onU-rs. ü:lic at his resi deuce t tüe corueruf C'atUeriue iml lliajer .--ts. 8C9; 1 C. B P OUT ER. SURaEON"IESnsT. OacnOirner of Main bu I Hurón atreotïi, over íiicU & l'.tr.M'u'd tturu. 11 calis promiJtly attendfd to Aprl85J J II. WEBSTER & CO. DEALEFiS in Law and Medical Bosta School Bnok, Blank Books. Uiscellanftmia Buokf, pt-us. 'nk. nd cvry rarietv ofSuti inaty, II t, City Hsll lilock. G. B. THOMPSON. DEALERJn Diy Oooda an .1 Griceries. limit and Bhoe, &c Ptoituoe bouftht an 1 soH, at tbo uk] siand of Thompioa ft Milieu, Corner Main and Washiugtoü sta "MACK & SUIIMID. DEALERS in Foreis" wu! Doneat c Dry Oood, Groceries. H its aui Cap-i, Boots :m I tíliucs, Crockery, &c, Corner of Main & I.iber!v at. O. A. KËLLËy, pHOTOGRAPHEK- Corner Fuunh k Huron sireots. constantly on h.ind, aii'l ai lnr ratos than can be found elí-rwhere. 3 j 891 ANDREW I5ELL. DEALER n Grocerieï, i'rovisions. Flour, Produces, &c, fcc, corner M.iin and Washington s ree -, Ann Arbor. Tlie highe! m.irket prlcee paid lor countr j produce. 8j.6 r. o. ö. f. ITASHn'NAW Lndg, No 9, of the Independent Or' der ol O ld Fellows raeet at their I.odgo lïoom, every Fi iday Ëvening, atTi o'cloek. S. BOXDHOX. H. O. . B. Rosn. Secy RTNGSLEY & MORÖAN. A TTO'.INKYS. CousaJlow Boliflitor, anl Notarios fit Pa%KOj h-tv.' Bon ka tenn Ptafcw showin titlea of all Un I in ihe Countv, a 1 attead to eoaveyanc ng a od coHèct!n(( iemands, an l to payïna taxea and school in torest in nny part of the state. O3ice east cJ the park. D. DuFOREST. WHOLESALE nd retail Aealei Ui tamber, Utb. S'nnscles, Sash, Door, Blind. Water Lime, Graad Kfter Plaatrr, Piaster Paris, ond N.iils ofallsizea A f uil and perfect assortm ':,( of the above, an'l a!' ollicr ' ktnit of bniMing mitoi i o'n'lioci' al II, e r.west pi)ibl rates, on Detroit st.. B few rodfcomthe Hiiltoad Depot, Aisü operating exicadvci; In tlis Piten Cemeii ' ■


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