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The Press And The Dead-heads

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Kailroads stearaboata and stage eosobes, cnmplain of dead heading - that is to s;iy, of preai'hers, editora atid bretliren of the eraf;, riding so muoli without pay. Tho nowspuper press endures more of tliis dead-heading than any three of these modes of conveyanoe combinad. The pulpit, the bar, and the theutre, corporatioie, legislative assemblies, societies, religious, benevolent, agriculturaí, mercantile establi-hinents, veiïders of quaok medicines, railroad companies, stage lines, and every varinty of individuáis, including politiaal parties, draw largely upon the liberaüty of the press The press is esptioted to yield to all thoss interests; is reques'ed to give strength to all weak ins'itutions and enterprisesj ït is asked to puff soma preachers fn'to overshadowinjj pulpit orators; to puff smali politieians and uiiprincrpled deaiagogues into great raen and patriota; to magnify incompetent railroad officers into railro'iul kinga; it is expected to herald abroad the fume of quacks of all classes, bols'er )ip dull authois, inmortaliza weak Conjrressional speeches. It is required to give sight to the blind, bread to the hunury, talotits to fools, and honor to thieves and robbors ; it is asked to cover up the itifinnities of tho weak, to hide the fanlta of guilty men, and wink at tha fraudulont sohotnes of scoundrels; it is expected to flatter the vain, to extol the merits of those who docrve nothing but the scorn and contompt of all good citizens; it is required, in a word, of the newspaper press, tb t it become all thiiigs to all men ; and f it looks for pay, or sends out its bilis for snbscriptiona or advertiaing it is denounoed as nu;;in and sordid. and its conductora as wanting in liberalily. There is no interest on tho face of tliis green earth that is expected to give aa mucli to society, without pay or thanks, as the newspaper press of the country. Th; littlo soulod man, who inei ts in }-our cohiuni a fií'teen shilling advertistünetit, expecis yoi to write out at least fivo dollars' worth of editorial notice And the obscare and rjiggardly man you havo writien into a position of importauce, far bcyond hia merits, confiidera tbat hisnanxe adorna jour oolumns, and gives oirenH'tion tr jour journal. - LouiseiUe Jgttrnat. ZrlLr Svf'nii i isions nre a tremfind' nns ,ivt.r wben cnrtifd and g"ve-q, ' ru Vit ■ ' '■'-■" 'II.


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