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Fear Of A Flood At New Orleans

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- A correspondent of the N. Y. Times writing from New Orleans, says: "Tlie river is continuing to rise, and prescnts a truly raagnificent appearunce. It is already six eet highor thau it was at this time last year. and is within. three feot of the kighest point it was ever known to attain. Considering that the season of floods is not yet upo us, and with the uews whieli has reaohod is of that tremendous fall of snow - eighteen inohea - ín the Mississippi Valley, tlie folks here are antioipanng a flood suoh as never came in the memory of any one living. If so, it will only be all thu better for our naval operatiotis at Vicksburg, and indeed all along the river, not onl}' by oonsiderably widening it, but by lifting our gunboats so hish as to enable thein to rake theshoro on eithor side, and paralyze any artillery that may bo bronght against tdem. Already oue or two orevasses have oceurred, both above aud bolow New Orleans; but if tho water should rise to any grcat extent, the wliole surrounding country will be submerged." Rknominabd. - Judge Louis S. Lovell has been rcnominated by the republicana as Circuit Judgc for the Ëighth Judicial Circuit. 5Hp" T'x-Güvernor and Senator Morgan has just purchnsed an elegant resideucc n New York for $82;OO0.


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