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TI) ero should be ized in eacli Töwnship of this eounty - at an carly day - a Demoeratio Asm. ciation. Sucli an association is necessury to secure a-full voto at t!iu coming election, and with a. fu II voto tbe Demócrata muy carry the State, and if they fail they will have the satistaction of trying. Besidcs a large minority wil] have a tendency to moderate the overbeariñg disposition of the ruling party. - Wo eball be glad to give place in onr eo'umn, to culis, proceedingp of association8, etc, Let our fWed'da be atii'ring. t The House, on Wednesdny, passed the-Senate bill tor enro'ling and calling iato sei'vice the militia - the "eonscript bill" - by a vote of 115 to 45. It was amendod somewhat, bilt it is understood the Senato will concur in the ainendmunts. One of the amend rnents - und an important one - re('.ires the Provost Marshnls to turn over to the civ'l authorities t'or trial all persons arrested for alleged treanonable Still aoixo, op. - The N. Y. "Money Msirket" dispatch of Wednesday evening, says, ''Gold openod quiet at 71 1-2 and clcsed firin at 72 1-4 a 72 1-2 prennum." The rise f rom last week's quotatioi)9 was caused by thp actson of Cougress providing a new issue of $300,000,000 "legal tenders "


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