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Capture Of The Queen Of The West

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New York, Feb. 25 The fülioffing ia from rebol sources: "Port Hudson, Fob. 17 - üapt. Corinor, from Red River, briaga nformation of the capture of the Federal steamer Queen üf the West, at Gordon Landing, near Fort Taylor, on Red Iliver. The Queen of the West captured the Confedérate transport boat Era No. 5, foreed her pilot, John Burke, to take the wheel, ordered him to our batteries Burke was frightened, but finally took the wheel j under Yankee guard. Upon nearing the batteries ho told the Yankees they were 15 n)iles from them, imraediately putting close in, when she reeeived a shot whieh broke her steam pipo, disabling the boat, the Yankees beiug wholly unprepared for a fight, and suspecting no danger. - Burke jumppd overboard and drifted ashore The boat drifted to the opposite shore, wheu hor crew escaped. with the exception of 18, who feil into our banda. The crew subsequently got aboard of the Yankee boat Desoto, and, with 200 stolen negroes, eff:cted their escape, The Queen of the West is now in possession of the Confedérales, and will be towed to a place of safety for repairs. " It is reported that the Yankee gunboat Indianola has goue up lied liiver to reoapture her. " Later intelligenoe states that the Confedérate steamer Webb elosely pursund and captured the Era. The Era is disabled in one wheel. " The Queen of the West is but slight!y injured, and will soon be in fightihg trim under Confedérate colors 'J We have positive iuforuiation that the transport Dcsoto was burned by the Yankees to prevent hor falling iuto the hands of the Confederates."


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