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Fortress Monroe, Fob. 22. The Richmond Weekly Snquirer of the 18ih says the Confederaey was duped by the rocent account of the break ing oí the blockade of Charleston, and Piiys the account was uutrue in overy particular, and, moreover, the Prineesa Roya!, laden with the most valuable cargo that ever entered Charles ton, was cap tu red the nightbefore, and lay only a rnile and a half' frötn ehore, du ring the conflict, and yet our vistorious iron-clads did not rescue her. - An official inquiry is to be made intn the rnisrnanagement. L-LT General Burnside, it is understood, Las been appointed Military Wovernor of and South Carolina, and will fbrthwith enter upou the discharge of the duties of his oflice. S3S" Commodore Bluke, who commanded the United States vessel Hatter:is when she was suuk by the Alabama off Galveston, was a native of New York city, but eatered the navy f rom Ohio. Kepdbuoan No-Mination. - The republicans of the Teuth Judicial Circuit havo noruiiiated James Birnoy as their caudidate for Circuit Judge. EST The Riehmond Oispatoh of the 17th has an article insistiog ihat " tho coDscriptiOD lavv " shouid be thoroughly executed throughont overy State, so that " the coils oï the anaconda will be every where broken." It asearte Ihat this "is the most critical time of the war." EFjÊ" There are now about fonrteen hundred men employed in the Washington navy-yarü proper, and about four huudred in tlie ordnanco branch, which is a separate department. C3C" The Chicago Tribune says np warde of one thousand of the rebel prisoners laken in Arkansas are now sick and undur medica! treatment. - Eight of them died in one night. 8„ The Charleston Courier says it is a puzzling question to soma friends, prone to statieties, whetlier the conscription law ha.s given as many efficiënt soldiers to the anny as it has giv en adverti.sements to printer?, and jobs to the tailors tor uniforma for enrolling officers. $3F In the debate on (be oonscript bill, Senator Nesmith said he did not uant Coiigressmen exernpted. He thought f the soldiers could put up th the assoüiation tho peoplo wonld nöt complain. Judging from the service sonw rnembers had rendered, be thought thev could steal Richmond of capture the Southern Confodoracv, if it was eft out over night.


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