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The Union Feeling In The South

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From the Boston Post. It is u fact that there is, nt this hour, a body of men in tlie States in whieb insui Tcction sweeps all before it, who stili retain a love of tho Union, the flagond the constiiution. It is not, it ia trne, For a negro equality theory that never was, and until man chango, never wil] be realized ; but for the state of thlngu that made this country a free, great, happy and prosperous people. - Bucb in Confedérate "land, are henrt sick of the war. We were told yesterdtiy that letters now coming from Southern cities, and to families, are as pleösant and satisfactory as a year ago they were bitter and unrelenting, showing a great change. A most intelligent Federal oííicer, who has leen at the West, and mingled mueh irith rebel prisoners, informs us that the rebel army is beartily sick of the war. A commori mode of etpressioj with the rank and file now is : " Hang a hundred poljtieal leadeis South, and ai many North, and it would help to make paace " and it is a fant that there i iittle bitterness at the West among the oldiers of the two firmies. Stili, tha feeling fjr peace at the South is isolated, or is not a power. A physician, last week, was here from a Southern city, now invested, who fiaid there waa a Union society in it, whiuh held stated meetings, and who said that the Union feeling was growing.


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