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Proclamation Of Gen. Beauregard

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HeADQUAKTEES AEMY OP TUE POTOMAC, February 10. j The Riehmond Evquirer otyesterday has the iollowiug telegram : Charleston, Feb. 18. Tho iellowing proclamation from General Beau regard wijl appear in the papera of Lo-nior ow : Headquarters, Department South ) olina, Georgia and Flokida, Feb. 18. J It has becüine my soleinn duty to inform tho authorities and cilizens of Charleston and Savannah thar. ihe movements oí tliR enemy'8 fluet indícate n early land and naval titiack on ono or both citie, and to urge that persons unable to take an active part in tb stfügglö shall letiie. It is boped, however, that the temporary separution jí sorne of yon írom your homes will be made without alarm or urrdue luiste, thus shovving that tho only feeling which animates you in tbis huur of supreino trial is the right of boing able to particípate lo tho defensa of your home, altars and the graves of your kindred. CarolinitiDB and Georgians! the hour ia at hand to provo your country's uause. Let all iible-bodiod men, fróm the seaboard to the mountains, rush to artns. Be aot too exaoting in tha choice oí ueapons. Pikes and scythes will do fur exterminaiing yur enemien, spades and shovels lor proteeting your firesides. To arras, iellow-eitizens ! Coiné to share ilh us our danger, our brilüaot sucoes, our glorióos (,!eath. ö. ï. BEAUREGARD, Gen. Commanding. Official : 3. it. Ottey, A. A. G


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