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Hot To Make Maple Sugar

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The ful.'owing liinely tirticle is from the pen of' one whn rnhnu'actarea ni: pld n s tr ; 1 1 lúii'clv n New Harnpsbire, uid is addressed to the Journal of Agricultu e. in tí i at State : Wu luivo been i) tha prnetieu of making (tnnutdy, in ijr pugur establishment, Inim 2,500 t 3,500 pounds of rriüplu pvQjriir; imd when we eould obtain froui two Ui four cents per pound more tlinii tl;e cosí ol ihe best loaf ai.d grunulatod sugtir, 'e have somutiircs t-o'd ourstlvea su éhort as to buy Í' r luiine ti.-o u barre! ur two of the best fraf a!:! ranulatud sugars, - Much dependa however, upon tlio iimnner in wliiuh mipl silgar i-, mude. Wo linke BMgiir ii) ihis wny : Our buekels and holdera nre all tlmroughly nculded and riüsed previous to setiing. Our övaporoting paris, of wich wo uFis eight, arascrapad, washed, tid mude pcrfectly (-lean l)eí'i)!-e use. Wé (hen ottdüuvor to gutber aod evaporatu the sap, aa npeedüy as pnssiblo iti' er it hay ieft the trees, to a conaistency a liule thionur ihaii raolufsea. It is ihtMi Rtriuiid andsot tside nntil wo are ready to suc;ar it off. Wiien we comtnunce thü process, to Isyrup enough to make ioitv ponnds of sugar we ndd one pint of milk and one r two eggs wel) bouten and mixed toguthur. l'luco tiio syrup over tho firo and uhon the Beum ritjes skim it off inte a TOEisel for future uso. Aftcr tho skimming is tbrougb, removí! the syrup froin the fire and Btrain it tbrough tlanlit)l, to remove til little ctirds, wbich, if 8iiÉ-rod to rematn, would not only injiire the quality, btit, by snUling to the bottom-wculd endanger burning. Now wo wash our evaporating pan, return the syrup, and plucu it over u brisk fire, and evapórate as quick'y B po.-aib!e .o the proper consistenoo. If it is to be caked, it must be harder than for tub eugar, or to stir off dry. Keep saleratus and all other drugs out of your sugar, if you desire a puro maple taste and a wholeaome urticle. When the season is through, gather your utensils, and scald and scrub every one perfeotly clean, if you wisb tn continue rdakins? good sugar in the future. In tliis order the evaporating pans are excopted, whioh shoald be put away in a dry place with the glazed ooatiug on thein, which h the best protöütion irom rust wiiiw i ii umi i ii i ii n ■ hiimih i'iiimmrnn-.wmpwp Site fpctóp 3pffl&


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