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- I love to sce a tidy farmer, odu who keeps tbiugs picked up about the yards and buildings - in short haa "a plaee for every thing and every thing in its place.'1 His fenees are always straight, his furrows the samo. - Rovvs of coni, potatoes, beans, apple trees - in faot everj' thing planted in rows, straight. No thistles and brambles growing along the road side, tho corner of the fencofi) in pastures, around the garden and elsewhere, buc all are eut in seaaon. His garden is nioe - ful! of vegetables, nielons, fruit and flowers abound, and olear frorn weeds and ehickens. He plams-smne trees for profit and some for beauty ; proteets the old trees, tind plauts some to fili their places. Ilis cattle and sheep, (iike their inaster) have enough to eat aud a warm placo to sleep - sell readily becauso always fat, and bring good priees, too. He is ultraja ready to assist his neighbor who is in trouble. In short, has a litlle public spirit about bim, and does uot live solely for the A'mighty Dollar. - Cor. Rural New Yorker Nkw Stvlh oí Hk ad Okkss fob Ladies - The Americun Gas Li%ht Journal describes i new head dress vvlnch ia titlkud i)f as one of tho thing.s to cotn : " A nw foatüre in iho appiication of gas to domastic purpuse ia sai'd to be on tho point of' introduction here. Firo flies -of gld uifl brillianta already Bparkle upon the graeefill white featfaers and iresh green leaves that adorn the browa f some of our youthful queens. Clusters of diitiinutive g:is lighta aro now to spring from the elabórate tressös of beu'itiful matrona; the jets will issue from burnurt) rneasuring a tweniieth of an incii por bour, within transparent abadas oxclusively ont, not larger tlian i oliorry. The tubing is to be of solid gold, coaneoted wilh a reservoir of the sanio val nublo metal, whioh is to lie conéealed in thu inu.shes of luxuriant hair buhiu.d Iba hoad. The presa ure will bo applied to the golden tank, whioh is supportud by un elabórate back ijomb, the top of whioh furrns a row of litllo gas-lights. Before entoring tho ball room, tho husband will ' turn on the gas,' light up his bhifehiníí bride, and usher hor into her spharo of oonqne-t, revolving üke her prototype the moon among tho losser lights around. Whon tho upparatus is pompleted we wil] preseut it more fully to our readers '


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