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- The Rev. Dr, Spring went to New Haven, Connecticnt, and callud on Dr. Tuylor. Ho hal rodo fr'ojn Newburj'port, MasgachuseU.e, to tfiát place, n his oíd "one !iore sliay." ' " 1 Imve cuino for MciseS Stuart," .nul Dr. Spring;" "we want liiin t: be; como i Profeteaor in o',;r ncw Seniinary at Aiuloviir." " Vou can't liave liim," was the rèp'ïy - " lic can't be ppiirecT." " I know liiut," was tho response; " ihat's the rwsoti I ban come tor liim. We havo a ïilcnty ei hlêtl wlio can be spareJ; but thesu mt;i won't uwko good i'rol'ei-scr.s at Andover."' An Act to Legalize the Action of Tcwn ships and Counties in Raising Bounties for VolunteersBéctión 1. The People of tlie State of Michigan enact, Tlmt whenever nny ownship, cóunty or city ín thi State, ias voted money or raised a tax, or iias hired moncv or isued bonds for Lbepurpose of paying bonnties for volanteer in tbe military servico o! the Unifed States, Bóóh action shall be deetned legal and valid, and the or tax so voted, rnifed or hired, slmll be deetned to bave beun bgally votïd, raised or hired, nnd shull be n projier and lawful charge upon the coiiBty, townsbip or city so voting, raiting or biring tbe same, and shall lio paid in the c:imo manner aa othet charges lor ordinnry expenses are pu;d; and the obligations made, or to be made, to secure the pnyment, or evidenco the indebtedness cf tho money so raised or hired, shall be deetned valid and binding upon said township, city orcounty; and tho tax rolls" for the colloction of tho tax po as aforesuid raied or voted, hhall bo deemëd and horeby declared to be legal and valid, go iar as said tax is conoerned. Sec. 2. The qnaufied eieetors in enen organized townsbip or ward of any in corporated city of the State, muy determino by a voto by ballot, at th# annua! township meeting in tho year etghteen hundred and sixty tliree, or at any eubseqnent k-al meeting in the ycar etghteen hnndred nnd sixty-ttaree, 'ten day'a Dotíce-being giren of the vote for said tax to bo votod upon, by posting sueh notico in at least ttireo public piabas in eueh townsliip, and in ëach ward of snid cities, wKich noiiee is hereby required to bo given by the Tawnship Merk of toWHships, and Beoorder or City C]erk of cïlieo, tbat ium! paid, advaticed or pledged by :ïny individual, or by thu inhabitants of such townniiip or city, and the interest on money borro-wed for rv.cIi parpóse1, as a bonnty ar bounúes to volunteers, enlistüd into tbe military serviow f the Unitnd States, since July lst. A. D. 18G2, and previous to the passage of th.n avA, and any sum that thequalified electora thereoí inay determine hall bes raised to bo p;iid :is aJ bountv or bounties to voliinteera and paid as atóresaiil, may be allowod and pnid as claims agai nut said townehip or city; and it shall bo iha duty of the towni-liip C'oik of said towDsbijp, and the Jity Cleru t snid Cltios, to aseerxaiu rior to any sirch nameting, as near as c nay bfi, t!; o kuiiis to be so nuthprir.ed ' o bé rai&ed, nnd submit tho samo at .he opening of the polls, to tho olectors, ' ind koop tho same, during tbe meeting, ' pen fór inspeetion. Sec. o. Tlioso voüng ior the ' inoo aml pavmont ot' suoh claima ae rnntiOned in tho preceding secti.M!, sluiil have wriïtotl or printcd upon their Icillois, "for roiunding the bonnty," and thiss') votrng apainst snch hall [lave written or pfintod upon their ballots, " ngainst n fundiog ibe bqun ty ;" imd tlie ballots shall be received, tlispöoed of and canvaesed, a:nd the losult declared by tho Jia;rd of Inepectora of oleotion, in the saino msn ner ns by law provided ior receiving and canvussing the Vitcs and declaring the rcKiilt at tho annuul city of townsbip ekictions. 8uc. 4. It shall be tho duty of the Tówrwhip i ï. uiil in any township, and the Common Gouncil in any city, in vvhich it shull have in-on doterniihed, as speoifiejl in the two preccr! ng seotions, n favor of nflovnng nnd payiDg the ihiiins mentioned thorein, to audit and rIIuw all claims which rany be presentcd for the purpose, for money actually paid such claimant or the person hu may represent, or which mny bo as : bounty to volunteers for enlisting in the military rvice of the United States, !-irce the tirst day of Jnly, A. D. 1 Sti :2, and previous to the passn'ga of tbia aet, (vhieh aUowaneastial] be mado in the sanio nianner as Othor ordinary claims ure aliowi-d, apon sMtistactory propf'tbat süch claim is just and proper ; but noihitiij; hcrcin containad :-l; .:li BUthorize the ro-payinunt to any per son or persona of any moneya paid lis a bami y, or as an induounient to olhors tv enlust, unlüFs sucii payrnonï sna'i have li'v.'ii f'rom a general sutsscription or Idliii in il o towjaehip or ward, and piid over to ;i township or city ■ or ïwna utiuT persoo or pertfons in formully autbyrized, aa aïnrettaki, ta recoive and pay the stVBiè, and with ■.indiïistündinii auiong the persons subscribing or loaning tha sumo, that ihe t.inount slmuld bo rufunded wbenever tin; township or wui'd should to imjthorized sci to do; and oo paymint ol' bou.iiy sfíiíll be made, nmler U;o au thorily of t'iis act, to aay aonuhfasionëii uffijter in such serviue. 8oc. 5. Such claims when au Ufld a'ii'ivvcd, ; s Bpeoifted in the pre coding 8oti.on, símil bo a l.r.vfu] cbar'; acainet sucsh tewnship r eity, ,lhü sansu as otiier claims HÜdltt'd liy U.ü Tüivnship Böurd or Co::non C.üincil, and sliall bo paid in ilio stinte mannar and on üke orders, as ovdinai'y expenses ara Lii.l ; and taxt's to pay t!;; shnll bo rai.ed or vcrteql ia tha fi;inc ir.anner as Cunda aro ivt)w raisad ur voted to puy tho ordmary expenses of the townsliip r ei'y; and the saine èhall be trented and regar è'd, in ail 'respecte, not heiHíin otliarwisu rnvidci!, as cilwr ola Ui a uil wed ugoifiet t iic township in" city ;uo ragurded and treated. Sec. 6 rJ'liat v.lioneV'.'i' any B niril of Supervisors of any loAns'iip, or (Jirntnciii C()Uiicil of :u)V city, or any coininittoe n-i;-;il:rly appoiütod at u inl)lic! meeting of tho citizens of any county, township or city, hijjg sojicitedsubsoriptions li'nni tlio people for the pijrposo of phyjng Bountius Ur Völunt'oè tho service ol the United States, nnd has p'edgod the faith of such Board or Counci!, or the municipal corporation representad by sueh board, to refund the aniountof such aubsoriptions totho individuals mnking tbe s:ime,whon such coünty, township or city sbould thereaftet hu lavvfully authorized thereto, or where said Boards have piedged, by resolution, that any bounties ehonld be paid whenever they be authorized by law to raiao and pay tho same, it chalí be law ful íor Ü,e Board oí Suj-ur visera of eiich comity, tho Township Board of such township, or the Common Council of suvh city, at any regular meeting held at any time hereafter, to próvido for the repayment of such snbscriptions, by the issue of the bonds of si:eh eouritj , lownship or city, or by raiing a sufficient urn for that piirpose, by tax on the taxable property of sLch county, toi iship or city, in the yonr eighteea Jiiindrcd and sixty-three, U bo levied and coliected in ihe samo ■ inanner as county, township and city laxes or by rnising a portion in said yeur öighleen bundrod and sixty-three, and the remainder in suboequent vearp, as such Board or Conncil may mmè, t'rovtd.Kd. thnt in cuso where anv ci'ü'.e ', regulariy appointed, at a public njeeting of ihe citizena of any county, towDëhip or city, has solioited SubtfcriptioBfl frjm the peoplo, for the purpoes of payiag bounties for volunteers in the seiv'.co of tho United 8tates, tiie Board of Supervisors, the Township Board, or Common Council, shall not próvido for the ro-pnyrnent of siiüh Bubscriptiom until tho qualified uk'ctors of siiicl county, township or eity, shall so determine by vote, accuriJing to the provisión of section 2, of this act. ' Soo. 7. ïhe tiine for collecting the taxes for tha year A. D. 1862, mentioned in the first section of this act, ia hereby extended to the last Monday fif March next ; and, in such case, the Treasufer of the township or Collector of the cify, sbail pay over ïill moneya collected during the Iffetime of his warrant, as now providcd by law, and shall renttw his official brnd to the satijfaction of tho Oounty Troasurer of such county.


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