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Important Military Order

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MlLtTAKÏ DiSPAHÏAlBNT, MlCUTOAN ADJOTANT (tEXERAL's UfFICB, ( Dctuoit, Mareh 13, 1:363. ) GENKRAJi OBDSRS NO. b. The r.etri-lafuro of tliN 8:ato has pas-t'.l a lUiV auh ir'zing tho paymont nf til ty iJulInra State bounty. This hounty will bu ]iaid, unti] further orders, to evcry suMier onlisting for tin; regimonta and buüeries fron) fhis o the field,, and a!so to tlxe onlisting for tho rt'girnonts and bitteriH imw oYgiinizing in tho State. ' Tliö pigment will be made by the Quartennaeter Getieni] oi tho State to the men enli.sting for the ragimentsand ba teriea not in the field, afler their tirrival at the Dötroit Buifaoks, and aa bood ai'tei1 thoy are mustered into thu HOrvica of the United States a.s possible; acd to tho men enlisting f r the regiments and batteries now urganiziog j in thó State as boos as tliey .re so nmstered at their respective ívndezvous. In addition to the State boan&y, the govornment ullows the puyrnont of the tvventy-five dollars advitoue bouutv (an 1 the proniium of four dollars to nmii enlisting for regi menta a:id batteiïes now in tho field, and two dollars premium for thosa eulinting ragl menta and batieries novv rawing in thu St:ite); nad :il.-() the tirst moDth'a pay in advanoe. These paynienta will all be made to the inun so enlisting bs soon afler being rnuaterad intp theervích of the United States as possiblu. ïhe S ate bounty will not be paid ti drai'ted men, nor their substituten, and the governmanc bounty only will be paid to drafted men, or their substituten, wh: enlist for three yeara in the rogimcnts authorized m General Orders No. 2, of' tha 29th of. Januarv last. For the purpose of enoouraging enliatments in the State, to speedilv fill up the regiraenta novv org;inizin-, the State ha.s ganerously provided by law for the payment of this larga bounty, and it ia expectad that all reeruitirV officers will bo diligent ia their duty, and make evory eilort to acoomplisti this purpose. By order of the Cornmander-in Ohief, JNO. KOBERTSON", Adjutant General.


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