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Affairs At Hilton Head

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The N. Y. Her all eorrespoDdent writing irom Hüion Head, u rider dato oí March 11, iys: It is with extreme regret that your correspondent does not chronicle", hy tho stearner abottt to leave for the Nnrth, the capture of either Charleston or Savanoah. With still more regret will be received the tiding.s that lhecrigantie preparations lor tho reduotion of one or both of these cities seetn auddenl), to have been bcought to astandatiU. Wheo Gen Hun ter returned we w-ere to be in Charleston in a fortnight. Tho iron-cludd carne, and tho work of reduciug Fort Sumpter was to be speedily uooornpliehed. Fuster an-ived and thon we were to get away in a week at tho The prophets bave all been at fault. Time has sped but the expedition tegs. Poster has got away, and so has hw staff. but tho urmy has not. Sumpter invites attack, but no menacü bas yet been made.- 8avannah is yet nncaptured, and thiDgs look as ii the people of that city might for some time to come BDJoy the security whiuh a year and a ha'rl oí fortifying has insurod them, with none to molest them or muke ihem afraid. Tbere is no knowing uhen a movement will be made, and there is ceitainlv no uso in Kuossing. The man who appoints no time lor the bezinning of fortheoming operations vyül not endunger his repiHation as a prophet; but he who vites the least and knows tho least is oa the fiufest sido.


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