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How Lee's Army Keep Warm

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I Ivo foilowing, froiu a correspondent of a rebol paper, shows how Leo's army improvise tu.its: Tbere are but few lente, but this army is begirming t o regard tcnts as a iiuisanee. Much soldiertng bas made tbem vory sharp, aad given tliem a full knowfodge . of t!io lavv of sclf-preservation, and they Becm to havo the sama ostmots as the beavor, fur their operations vcry mucli resemblo tha habita of that animal. Brigades move about near tliick woods to get supplius of fue] and for bjnefit to liealtli. Whon tho troops stop to eamp you sec them scattor about and become vory busy, and in tho courss of an hour or two the whole brigade has disappeared You can liear voices and noises, and goo monng thiugs, and you aluiost think it a visión or a hauated place; but after some painful suspense yon aro enabled to understand this sudden and strange "transinogritication " The drum beat suniiuons tha men to duty or inspection, and, all at once, froto holes, elay ï-oots, and hollow trees all around, you can aee hundreds of heads protruding, and tlieu tha shoulders, and önallv the whole body, and tben the eutire brigade appears before you, as it wrs a few hours ugo. Tho soldiers have dug out holes, eaves and ecllnrs, over irhleh a roof of close brush, covered with a tliick coatinj; of dirt, to turn rain and weather, while tliu teneiuont bolow ij warmed by s Mug and wel] öllod firc-place cut in the olid earth oa the sido ; and such are the i ' winter qnarters of Ijce's army.


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