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The Projected Invasion Of Kentucky

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F rom the Louisville Journal. Tbo news from Nashvillo of the heavy reinforcements roeeived by the rebels, and of the contemplated re-invasion of State by a large forcé coincides with the rumora whíoh have alrwtdy reached iio, and to wrfaioh we Calied tho attention of t ho military aut lioriiu-s a day or two since. The rebels must get into Kontucky to obtain Buppliea lor their men and borses, and unlèsa llio most prompt, preparation aro made to meet them, Kentucky will be disgrnced by au armed foe upon her soii, :ni(i Rosoorans wül be compelled to full back tovvard the Ohio River to protest his base. Let President Lin coln cali upo:) Governor Eobinson for th;; twiinty tr.ousand troops authorized to be raised in our State, and the proclamation of tho Govumor will meet a response which will tost the undving loyalty of Kentucky, and thé dete'rminulion of her sous to beat baok these darifig and uosorupulous maraudera. Thero is not a day to ba lost. We kno'v that gigantic proparations are on foot, that c.ivalry by the thousand are n TennesHeo, immeiiiately atpng our Southern border, and that re enlbreementa of infaatry ara almost daily roaehifig points frtwn which acces to om1 Stilte is the most ready, and as poon as the roads are passab'e thev wil] be hurled upon our defenselessi eastern counlies. We agaia uppeal to the authoriiies at Washington to be aetive in making all neeessary preparntiorï tbr defense. Teil us what to do and Kentuoky will co-operate most heartily. We have now un arrayo our followcitizena, who are out of the State in the Federal service; their homes and families will soon bo at the rnercy of tho rebels, unless the foreknowledge of the approaohin and imminent danser iniuoes the greatast alacrity in effort to ivert it. SS" The fellow who sliot at " ' 3oüi," haa been coinpelled to ' take ;i I ight" at Uie penitentiary.


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