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JLhere was a fine turn out at the meeting of the Democratie Association Thursday eveningof last week, and considerable enthtisiasni prevalled. Gov. Felcii tnade an ablo' and eloquent speech, utturing good o!d democratie eentiments whieh wero received with great applause. Mr, Widexmann, from a committee uppoiuted for tbat purpose, made an excellent report in favor of establwfcing a Democratie Reading Room, which was adopted as the sense of Asseciation, and the Exeoutive Committee instructed to take measures to carry it out. The Assoeiation adjnurned to meet on cali of the Execmive Oommittee. ErJL Those wiehing to forward stip pües to ihetr friends in the Mkshigan Regiments at or near Washington, Fredericksburg, and Newport News are referred to the advertisement of Jno. and Win, O'Hara in another column. The Messrs. O"Haha have recently returned f rom a trip to the nrmy, having successfully and satisfactorily delivertd ten ton.s to the vurious regiment?, and intend closing their labors in behalf of Ihe 8)!dier w iti. one trip more. They have received passes !rom the proper sourcep, and nothing unforeseen ocourring vvill tret throuyh and make the distribution without diffi cuhy. Our exehangew are reqtu-sted to oopy their advèrtisement or otherwise place its cnntents before their readers. d"" At rdiii:try ïownship electtpns the Board of Inspector must open the polls at nine o'elock in the forenoon or as snon therouftt-r as m;y be, and mav close them at afljr ti na thuy raay da termine and proclaira between the hours of three ur.d ix o'eliek in the fternoon. An tleotion fir ïudges and Regents is to bo conduoted the saine as ft general election, u-hich will m ike it neoe8sary to open the poll.s at eif{ht in the forenoon or as goon Lhereafter as may be and cloo thera precisely at five in the sfternonn. L2L (íeoroe FiiAN'cis Trai.v loctured, or rather talked, ia Hangsterfer's Hall, on Monday evoning last, and ar;un on Wednosday evening. The matter consisted in sketches of his observations and experiences in all qaarters of the world, especially that of Englaud, and th marnier was that of Train. He i ■b eecontric genius and lus hits were re csived with continuad roanas of applause. - Sorae of our Repnblian friends who cannot boar to hear the "colored gentleman" irreverentljr spoken of, got more than their quartor's worth, but most of the audience rcceived tlicpolitical portion of his conversations with cood humor. í@- The Mareh nuuiber of Blacktcoorl's Edinhurgh May zine, has the folWing papers: Progress ia China, Caxtoníanj, Hcn;-i Laeord;iire, Laiij Morgn's Meraoirs, A Sketch from Babylon, Our New York Doctor, Politics at Home nd Abroad. Por tenas of Blackicood and the Quarterlies see adyertisement of h. Scott & Co., in another column.


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