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De United States Hotel

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BÏ OSE OB Di: EOAÜDAIIS. I'a kook rooms for de Beason, I's cutling quitoa swell - I's siopyin' at a taiíera - de ITnitetl States Hotel. Ole U.-iclo Snr.vs do landlord- we can eat and drink aur h'il - And de wisdom of itn -asure is, daro's nuilin fot de liill! Oh, Hi O Dlnkum Barkey, u white trusli can'l afford To tak voorns at de tav.ern Whar d ! cullu l getry board'. Ij 'posaam it was lubly - bu wo'vc better grub den dat ; Dj hoe-cake it vvas 'nifleent, de raccoon sweet and fat - But 'possiun, coon and hoe cakj- I bid you all ftirewell ! You wculd.i't suit de 'ciety at Uncle Sam.'s Hote. Oh, Hi O Dinknm Darkey, Óh don't you hear de bell ! I'.'s ringin' for de boardahs At Uucle Sam's Hotel. And don't you know de boardahsi de accomplisbed Dinah Grow - De schrushinatiu' Porapey, and de gallant Mislah 8nov - And all ob d3 "bom eiiuals " no matter whére dey dweil, Are gom' to bè boardahs at Uncle Sam's Hotel. Oli. Hi 0 Dinkum Darkey, Oh, berry sure 1 am. De 'best of all de taverna Is kept by Uncle Saiu. Do schrusliinatin' Pompey, when.he sits down to dine, Just hear him cali de waitah, to fetch along de win;1 ! And see de little white boys a helpin' Mister Sno'. And bripgln5 cïr.elcsn fixins to de lubly Dmali Grow! Oh, Hi 0 D-inluim Darl-cey ! I's cuttiu' quite a swell, I's took rooms at a tavern - Ü3 United States Hotel. Ifa a niighty big ole tarera, dat United States Hotel, It has sixty thousand boardahs, and it 'oommodütes 'om well ; It has room far all of Dixie, and I 'speet tliey'll all be here, Wid dar wivea and pioldninnies, 'fore de endin' ob de year. Oh.Hi O Dinkum Darkey, We have no bilis to pay, Dey charge 'em to de white trasB, I hear de landlord say. Oh, take de mattoek, white men ! de sbiibblc and de apade - W boardahs hab no work to do ; we all hab de liade ! Büt 'fore you pay de board iiills you'll lug and sw?:it, And Wish you wnsn't white trash a thousand times l'll bet ! Oh, Hi O Dinknm Darkey, Oh, don't you hear de bell I IV's ringin' for de boardahs, At Unele Sam.'s Hotel I ÜBf i ■- 'i ■ I I I - - -- ■ - ■ ■■--■ - - ■


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