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Remedy For Diphtheria

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Make two small bags that wiil roaoh from ear to ear, and fill tbem mth ashes and sa!t; dip them in hot water and wring thora out so thoy will not drip, and apply tbom to the throat; corer up the whole with afhtinel oloth, and chango them as oft'en as they become cool, until the throat beeomes irritatod, ncar blisterïnsr- For children, it is necossary to put flanuel cloths betwecn the ashes and the throat, to prevent blistering. When the ashes have, been on a suffieient time, take a wet-flannel oloth and rub it witli Castile soap until it is eovered with a thiek lather; dip it in hot water, and apply it to the' throat, and ehange as they cool ; at the same timo uso a garglo made of one tea-spoonful of cayenno pepper, one of Balt, one of mokisses, m a toa-cupful of hot water, and when cool, add onofourth as tnnch eidor-vinegar, and gargle every fifteen minutes until the patiënt requires sloep. A gargle made of Castile soap is good to be usod part of the time.


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