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PRINTING OF ALL KINDS Neatly Bxecuted AT THE. ARGÜS OFFICE. WK ARE PREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OF PRINT ING AT THE MOST REASONABLE BATES. We hare recentiy purcliased a BTTO-GLES i ROTARY CAED PRESS, and hare added the lafst styles of Card Type, which enables us to print INVITATION CARDS, WEDDING CAKDS, V1S1TING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the neatest fitylei, nd as cheap as any other house in the State. We are also prepared to print POSTERS, HANDBILLS, BLANKS, L1LL BEADS, CIRCULARS, PAMPHLETS &Qy THE .A-IR-GhTTS BOOK BINDERY is la ehrge of FIRST CLASS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOU RN ALS, HOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, RULED TO ANY PATTEEN And Manufacturcd in best sttle at New York Prices, Feriodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Ee-Bound. All Work warranted to give entire satisfaction. E. 1Í. POND, Piopr. Office and "Bindery, coi'. Main & Hurón Sis. Agent for tlie Phcenix Insurance Company OF HAKÏFORD CT., AND TUK CONWAY INS, COMPANY, OF COSTÓN MASS. Losses Honorably adjusted and promptly paid at this Agenoy. Office Cornpr Main and Hurón Street, over the Store (jf'IÏACn & Pikksox, Ann Albor. Ann Arbor, Sept. 19, 1862. FOR SALE I TWO of the moRtdestrabk' building loti in the City of Ann Arbor, containing each one acre and a quaiter of ground, Theyare Bltuated OQ Statfi Stroet, near tbe South west corner of the University Square. Kor teraii" t.,!niiuire at tho AKCl'S Ol'TICE. Nov. 14 lig?. j uil nr m ' RF. N(J:, ulig r CKOM füBIJSSERS AND Utanufaoturers.a New WMl Complete LAW & MEDICAL 1ÍOOKS, School Books, Miscdlancous Books, Blank Books, dan STATIOKTBIfy ! Wall and Wlndow Paper, Drawiñg aña Mat]iematlrlnstrnmeots, Music, Juvcnik Librarieb, Euvelopes, Inks and Carde. GOLD And all other Jcinils of Pens and Pencis TCIndow Cornice , fáh&des andFIxturej POCKET CUTLERY! AndyaryüalqpertaiBing to the trade, imá more to wtichtbey vtrould invite tbe atteuticn of the country. Inconductinfrour business, we shall do all thnt cnn be done, su tli;it uo rc;ison;iblc man, woman or cliild sfeall find any fault. We posseaa fatoiUtiea -.vhicii wtH enable us to supply our stomers at the Lowest Possiblo Figures. We propose toateJUor BEADY PAY,atá8aiaUévance. Oxpeöi a pront on our goods, but Cash Sales vill Admit of Low FIGUSES. The tLEMimRBooKSTï;;!:."is mannéd by agood 'crew,' na tlicv will always bc Found on tbe "quarfer deck," reacly ini willmg to attend to all with iilcasure.v.lio v, il! favor tbem with a oall. Itemember the "Empire Book Store." . JAMES E. WEBSTER & Co. Ann Albor, Jíay, 1860. 7JP Great Iteduction in the Price oí SINGEll & CO8 Standard Machines Well known to be the Best for Mmufacturing l'itrpotes. No. 1, Standard Shuttle Machine, formerly sold at $90, redueed to $70. No. 2, of sanie kind of Machine, for raerly sold at $100, redueed to $75. STNGER'S LETTER A MACHINE Istliebest MacWne in Om woild lor Fainily Sewisg and Light Mannfacturing Fui-poses : (tattU Hemrur,) and beautifully ornament The Xos. 1 and 2 Machines are of gveat capacity and appiication for münufaonjring purposss. UurNo. 3 Machines are especially adapted to "11 kind of light and luavj Lrithc-r VorU, n Carriage Triraming, Boot and Staoe Haking, Haniesa Makiug,eto., 6tc. ïhey aieof extra aize, and niüi an arm long eaougb to tuke undiT it and atitch the largest raedasbes. fhere is scarcely any p=rt ula Trimmers' StitoUing that cannot ,be better done with them tlw by hand ; 6o, too the ■aying of time and labor is Te-j great. Thetableóf these machines ia 24 uichea ong, and the shuttle ivül hokl Bix timesüie usual quan'tityfuf thrcad. ïho largo machine worka as faatas Binall dtics. We would ask for our Jitci' A líachines, the spe tial attent ion of Vost Makers and Dress Makers, and sil those wao want UacbineA for üg kt man ufacturing purpoxes. ïhey embody the pridciplea of the standard machines, makini Hkethem. tbeinterlockedsii are déatined to 0o as celebra terl for Fajiii.v Sewing ard light manuractuiing porposee as [oar BtaïBard machinen vrefur maiiafacturing puvpose in generar. We have alwajison hand,; .mi k TWIST LUiKJi AN C0H0S TIIK:.U, UN SPOO1S, lilis! MAIÜINE OH.ÍU bottles,etc.,etc. We manu facture our own XeedleR, anil wonld warn au persons using ourmaemnes nottubuy any otners. e know that the.iv are necdies s„ U! of the most ivft nor quolity at higher pfieea than we charj! ï for the best. The needies sold bv tis ave manufacturad Bspecially fbr onr ma, bine. A bad necdlemay rendcr tht best machine almostnselcs. Our customerK mav rost asBured thataliGur l-.rancli Offices are t'urnislied with tlie ll genuine nctijla " In case of small purebase, the monej m:iy ha sent in postat'f.itamps, or bjnk nutea. Correspoodents will please write their naints distinotly. It is all inp'Ttiint Uut we sboulA, in eaen ease, know the Post Oflice, County, and State. jgÉg Ail persons reciuiring information aliout Sewiog Machines, thei'.'size, pnces, wortiag oapacitios, tuid tlie best methodsof purchasing, oanobtaln it by ssiidiugto us, or any of our Brancb. Offices for a copy of I. M. Singer & Co.'s Gazette, Which Is&beautiful Pktorial Taper cfitirely devoted to the subiect- It will besentgratfe. f-l- We have made the abuvo RF.DUCTION IN TRICE' with the two-fold view of beaeflting the public and ourselve3. ïhe publichavebecn swiuüleilbï spnrkrai machines made iu imitation of ours. Tbe metal in thera, from the ïron eastiag to the Bm&llest peice, íb ol poor quality. Theil makecs hare not the mean to do thair worit weil. They arehid away in secïetpla es,wherei1 wouhl bc impossible to have at their command the proper mechanical appliances. It is only by doing a greaí business, and havin ;i tensive mam stablishtoents that ood machines oan I ■ io4eratprici's, Ihel s BAULY MA1 always liable to get out of oider, ■ to cost considerable trouble them in repaire ïhe qualities tol ■■' :.ClM'" tainty of correct action at aü ratea oi spi of construction, great durability, andrapidity of operation, withtheloaít labor. Machines to cnmbii essential qualities, iraust be made of the best metal a,ad flnisb-fd topcrfiction. We havo theway means.on a grand ;;cale, to do this. The pnrehasers of machines, whosédaily bread n may concern, will liud that tfcose bavlngthe abovequalities not only work wel] at rápidas well na slow rates cl ingoriler üicv machines, as made by ns, will earn more money with lcss labor than any others whethcr in il of oursor not. lui'uct, tl.oy are 1 unyother machinesas agift. I. U. SÍNGKH & CO., 458 Jiroailway Nü' Vork. Detroit OfTiclí, 58 Woodward Avenue, (MevrOl Block.) Slltf M. H. GOODRICH, Agent, Ann Arbor. NEW F ALL GOODS ! BAGH fc RIERSON Have just opened a Choico Stock of WOOL, COTTON& SI LIC C3rE O X for Ladies' and Gentlemens Wear, also a stock of Best Family Grcceries, wbich will be acid CITEAP FOR CASH. Gold, reccivcd at 1G per cent. prem. Silvcr, ' "14 " " " Canada, " "14 " " " Old demand Trcasury notes, at 10 per cent. prem. BACH fe PJEUSON. Aun Arbor, gppt.22,UG2.


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