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The Mysteries Of New York

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[COMMÜNICATED ] Wars, national resources, political contests, roligious conventions, amusements, the Central Park, its swans, góndolas, &c , liave been discussed - this letter is of the " Mysteries of' New York." In the car, steamboat, saloon, parlor, at dinner, in the Street, everywhere do I hear some story with relation, to or an nquiry as to the meaning of those mythical words, posted, printed and advertised whereer I go : S. T.- 1860.- X. accompanied with a crescent and ashephord's b ok. A secession sympathizer said it was : " Satan Triumphod in 18G0 in granting the X'jeclation of abolitionists ; " while a Republban said it was : " Stump-Tail Demócrata of 1860, gone to Texas;" another, " To the State-Taxes of 1880 add ten (X) dollars ;" another, that they were the watchwords of some secret society, like, " Sons of Tecumchia are 1860 Strong," or " S3ward Tiïcksters of 1860 üsed Up," &c, &c. Well, your correspjndent was ill - had been ill for a long time - in fact, lus late suppers had given hira a horrid dyspepsia. He read the advertiseinents. anl of course bouuht a boltle of Plantation Bitters; tha Bitters curcd hira, and on the bottle appeared those same cabalistic letters . S. T - 1830.- X. 1 travéled straight for 202 Broadway, introduced myself to the celebrated Br. Drake, and was shown tho elephant- tusks, S. T. and all - and a great institution it is. A six story building in Dey-Street, from cjllar t garret, is occupied as a laboratory for producing this single medicine. Someforty persons are employed ; several vats, holding six thousand gallons each are fllled with roots, herbs and material, and Uien soaked in water, and the expression preserved in pure St. Croix Rum. I here saw the bags, boxes and bales of Calisaya Bark, Wintergreen, and other materia! - and the original St. Croix Rum puncheons bearing the Custom house brand. It seems that medicine could here be turned out to supply a world of invalids - yet these gentlemen are unable to flll their orders for Plantation bitters alone I was shown many certificatesof extraordinary cures effected by these Bitters. Tha statistics of the medicino business as presented to the last Congress in Üis report of Mr. D. S. Barnes are enormous and startling, amounting to some six million dollars annually The proprietors of these Bitters will pay Uncle Snm near flfty tliousand dollars for stamps this year ! With such individual resources governmentloans ought to stand at par, and Jefferson Davis might as well pack up and start for Jerusalem. ♦ J. II. We are happy to reproduce the above letter, and add thit any ordinary case of Dyspepsia Liver Complaint, Nervous Aflection Sour Stomach, Loss of Appetite, Nervous Heailache, Diarrhaja, Slnking Weakness, Mental Daspondency, &c. can be cured by the Plantation Bitters. That all persons may judge of its effieacy, we publish a list of some of tha articles nsed in its preparation : Calisaya Bark - Celebrated for over two hundred years in the treatment of Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia, Weakness, &c. It was introduced into Europe by the Countess, wife of the Viceroy of Peru, in 1G-10, and was afterwards sold by the Jesuitsor ihe enormnui trice of itn dot wcight iu silrer, under the name of Jesuit'a Powders, and finally made publx by Louis XVI, King of Franre. Iliimboldt makes especial refarence to its ftbrifuge qualities during iiis South American travels. Cascakilia Babk- For diarrhasn, colic, and diseases of the stomach and bowels. Dakdelion - For inflammation of the loins and dropsical affections. Camomile Fiowees - For enfeebled digesSob. Lavexdeh Flowers - Aromatic, stimu'ant and tonic - highly invigorating in nervous debilily. Wi.ntergrkes - For scrofula, rheumatism &c. Anise - An aromatic carminative, creating flesh, mtiscle and milk ; much used by mothers j rju'sing. Also, clove buds, orange, carra way, coriander, snakeroot, &c,, all preserved in parfectly ?ure ST. CROIX RUM. The powerful, invigorating and tonic proerties of St. Croix Rum have been long acknowledged by the physicians of the world. For consumption it is the only stimulant that should be used. S. T.- 1860- X. Another wondeiful ingrediënt, of Spanisli origin, imparting beauty to the complexion and brilliancy to the rnind, is yet unknown to the commerce of the world, and we withhold ts name for the present. Dr. W. A. Childs, surgeon of the Tenth Vermont Regiment, writes ; " I wish every soldier had a bottle of Plantation Bitters. They are the most effjetive, perfect, and ïarmless tonic I ever used." The following is from the famoiis hotel [ roprietors, at Washington : WAsniNGTON, D. C, Nov. 4, 1862. Messrs. P. II. Dbake & Co. - Please send us twelve dozen Plantation Bitters. They are much liked by the guests of our house. Respectfully ynurs. SYKES, CHADWICK & CO. Proprietors Willard's Hotel. Rooiiesïee, Dec. Q8, 1861 Messrs P. II. Dkakk & Co. - Gentlemen: I have been a great sufferer from dyspepsia for three or four years. I have tried many if not all the remedies recommended for its cure, Instead of relief I became worse, had to abandon my profession, and sufibred freatly from evorything I ate. My mind was much affected, depressed andgloomy. About three months ago I tried the Plantation Bitters, and to my great joy I am nearly a well man. I liave reconimended them in severa! cases, and as far as I know ahvays with signal benefit. I am, very respèctfnlly yours REV. J."S. OATIIORN. Snch is the language reaching ns daily. No article ever had an equal sale. Unrler no circumstaneetwill ihe pure standard of the malerials Vted be departed fnm. These Bitters are süld. by all p,rlpcipal druggists, grocers, hotels and restaurants. Be sure each bottle bears the fac simile of the proprietor's signature, on a steel píate l-ibrl, P. II. DRAKE & CO. 202 Bhoadwat, York.


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