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An Incident In The Cars

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In a car 011 a railroad w liich runs into New York, a few montbs ago a scenc occurred wliicli will not goon be forgottcn by the witnesses of it. A persou drcsacd as a gentleman, spealung to a fi iend acrops tlic car, said : " Woll, I hope tlie war may last six inonths longer. If it does, I shall have made cnough to retire from business. In tlio last six inonths IVe mude a hundred thousand dollars - six inonlhs more and I shall have enough." A lady sat hehind the speaker, and necessarily heard his remark ; but whcn he was done she tapped him on the shonlder, and said to him : ' Sir, I had two sons -one of them was killed at the batlle of Fredericksburg, the othur was killed at the battleof Murt'reesboro." She was silent a moment, and so were all aroutid who heard her. Then overeĆ³me by her indignation, she suddenly slapped the speculatur, first on one cheek, then on tbe other, and bcfore the fellow oould say a word, the papseogeri sitting near, who had witnessed the wholu affair, seizcd him and pushed him hurriedly out of the car, as one not fit to ride with deceut peopld. - TVi Y Evening Post.


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