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The Home Mother

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We must draw a line - ayo, a broad line - between ber and tbe frivolous butterfly of fasliion. The butterfly flirts from hall to opera and party, decked m rich robos and ful lowcd bv a train as hollow and heartWs as berself - she who forgetful of tbe boly tiisk assigi.ed to her charge, and leaves tbem to the care of riïreliiigs, wbile sbe pursues her giddy round of amusements Not so tbe home mother, blepsings be on her liead ! Tbe lieart warms to gee ber on her daily routine of pleasant du'iep. IIow patiently sbe fits day after day, ebaping and sewing smne artiele of use er adornment for her 'ittle flock. And how proud and pleasant is ea'eh little reeipient of ber kindnesA. IIow tlio little face diwples with plcasurc, ind the bright eyes grow still brigliter as mamma deeks them with her own hands in tbe new dress sbe bas maae IIow much more warm and comfortable tlipy fee!, if' mamma wraps tbem up bcfore they go to school. No ono but, ber can warm the mits and overshnes, and tie the comforter roiind their neeks Tbere is a pecu'iar olnrm about all she does - tbat precious inotber ! They could not sleep, nay for that matter, fhe could not unless sho visited tbeir cbamber, and with her soft bands, fn'ranged them comfnrtably before she s'ept. Her beart tbrilla witb gratitude to her Crcator, as she looks on tbose blooming faces - and when their prayers are donu sbe prints a good night kiss on each little rosy moutli It may be too a tear will start for one little nestling laid i i its chili, narrow bed, for wbnm miternal care in no longer needed, for it sleeps though the sleet and siow descend, nnd tbe wild wind howla u round its hcad. Tbat bibe needs no longer ber tender care A migbtier arm enfolds it. It is at rest She feols and shows tbat it is right, and berdg meekly to the hand tbat gped the shaft, and tunis with a warmer love, if it be possible, to those little ones who are left to lier IIow tenderly she' guards tbem from every dangcr, and with strong, untiring love, she watches by their bedsides wbeu tboy are ill. ]5lessings bo on tbe gentle. loving, home mother. Angels must look with love upon her acts Her children shall rise up and cali her blessed, and tbe memory of her kindness shall eufold ber like the purest garment. TlIB FldlIT NJtAR FltAN'KLIN, TeNN. The NaHhville Dispaioh óf the lOih, furnislien the followina; report of the killed, wouuded and missing, at Frankin. Tenn.: Killed, 88 Womided, 230 Missing, 995 Total, 1,818 Of these the ËÏRhty fifih Indiana lost 2G0; the Thirtv tliird Indiana, 440; the N'neteenth Michigan, 445 ; and the Tvvcnty-eoond Wiconsin, 149 Ni Fcdt-iül offic;er was killed ; Colonel Baird was wounded. The Cnnfedernte inH in killed and ivnunded is g&id by tho Dispnlch to be abuiit 500. tit& An Rmuslng incident franspired a few evenintrs since, at Miireliester. New Hiuni-hire, in the Huntirgton Strpet Baptist ehnreh on the occasion of the miigic l;intern exliibition. The nceno ' of the ohildren nf Israel crosning thé Rfd Fea was exhibited, ard the &rn:ill children were aked if they eould teil what it represented One little fellow immediate'y sti nar onï, ''Bwnside crotsing the EappakannorJi :"


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