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A Proclamation Respecting Soldiers Absent Without Leave

A Proclamation Respecting Soldiers Absent Without Leave image
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Execütivk Mansión, March 10. In pursuanco of the 26th scotion of nn act of Congress, entitlod " Au oct for en rol I rag and cnlling out the national forees," approved 011 the 3d of March, 1863, T, Abraham Lincoln, President, and Commandir in-Cliief of the army and navy of t fie United fStates, do hereby order ami command, that all soldiers, enliated or drafted into the sorvice of the United States, now absent from their iegiments without loave, shall fortbwith return to their respective regiments; and I do hereby declaro and proulaim that all soldiers now absent from their respective regiments without leave, who shall, on or bef'oro the lst of April, 1863 report themselves at ai;y rondezvous degignated by the General Orders of the Wir Dcpartment No. 58, may be restored to their respective regiments without punishment, except the forfeiture of pay and allowonces during tlu:ir absence, and all who do not return within the time speoified shall bo arrested as deserters and punühcd as the laio prr, vides ; And whereas, Evil dUposed and dis loyal persons, at bundry places have enticed and procured soldiers to desert and absent theinselves from their regiments, theroby wiakening the strongth of the annies and prolonging the war, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and cruelly exposing. the gallant and faithful soldiers remaining in the ranksto in creased hardships and dangors, I do thurefore cali upon all patriotic and faithful citizens to oppose and resist tho aforeinentioned dangerous and treasonablo crimes nnd aid in restoring to their regiments all soldiers absent without leavo, and to as-ist in the execution of the act of Cougre?a " for enrolling and oalling out tho natioual forcos and for other pur poses, '' and to support the proper authori ties in the prossoution and punishment of oifenderi against s:iid act and in suppressing the insurreotion and rebullion. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand. Done at the city of Washington this lOth day of March, A. D. 1S6, and ot the Indepnndeuce of the United States tho 87th. (Signed) ABRAHAM LINCOLN, By the President : Edw.n M. Stanton, Sec'y of War.


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