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If You Mean No, Say So

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Wlien a man has made up bis mind to do or not do, a thing, he sbould Lavo tlie pluck to say so plainly ind decisively. It is a mistaken kindut-ss - if meaut as kindness - to nieet a request whioh you have determined not to grant, with, 'l'll gee about it," or, 'Til think the matter over," or, "I cannot give you a positivo answer now ; cíe 1 1 in a finv days and I'll let you know.'1 It msy be said, perhaps, thiit the object of tiloso ambiguou3 expressions ia to "let tho applicant d iwn eusy;" but tbeir tendeney ia to give hi ra useleís trouble and anxiety, and possibly to rjivvont bis sorkiix w!i:it he re(juires in a moro propitipus (juartir until after the golden opportunity has passed. Moreover, it is quegtionable wlit-ther the I motives for suoh equivoeatio.i are as ' aiithropio as somu peoplosnpp se Geoerally speaking, tho ind'viduul who thus avoids a direct refusal, does 8Q to avert himself p;in. i!e:i without deo:siou of chiracter have an indesciibable aversioo I to say No. Tbpy can thinlc No - sometimos when it would bo mere creditable to their eourtesy to say Yts - but tbey dis like to utter the bold word tliat representa tbeir tbougbts. They prefor to mis lead mid deceivo. It is true tliat these bland and considérate peopïeare often spoken of as :Very gentlemauly." But is it gentleoaaulj to keep a man in suspense for days, and pei-haps weoka, meroly booiu3p you do not cboose to put liim out of it by a straight forward doclaration? He only is a gentleman who treats bis fellow men in a straight-forward way Ntíver sjem by arabiguouswordstosanction hopea you do not iuttiiid togratify. No, out with it.


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