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Col. Fenton's Farewell Address To The Regiment

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IIeauqdarters Jíighth Mirn. Voi'i ) Nkwport News, Va., Jlarch 16, 1803. OfTicers and Soldiere of the Eighth Rcgimett Muliiian. Volunteers: Tho time ha come wIicd I am to bid adieu to thoso wlio with me have stood in batlle arrny - havo endurad the burnnw sun of a Southern clime and the inolemeney of Virginia winds and storms in mid-winter - and to one and all of you, on this my parting, my hcart warms with the emotions of a brother and friend. T cannot leave you without giving utteranoe to the sentiraents which prompted my first aeceptance of the trust, and tho foelings whieh arise as I bid you farewell. And now Iet me first dispose of mysclf. I entered tho service of the covernment as a duty, believiug that undcr its gentle influenoíg I was so far prospered, and that the wicked rebellion, organieed by ambitious and designing men, who considerad themselves entitled to rule, should by the strong arm of military power be put down, and that T. as a recipiënt of its bounties, was in duty bound to offer my services. It was so done, and I have the satisfaction of saying to jou without fear of successful contradietron that no more gallant band than the Michigan Eighth has ever voluntsered to servo the causo of our com.ron country. Bttt my connection with this regiment for the last n;neteen months ha? devliped to my regrot the faet, that my health is insuffieient longor to continue in the service. I must, tbereforc, decline tho honor of any longer looking after your interest with that jealous care bv whieh I have during the post term of duty been governed, and fubrait to the necssify whieh prompts mv resignation as Ooloi el of the regiment." In parting with you, I feel it a duty to lonve you the warning voiee of your friend and companion. Comrade?, you have been in mnny a well fousrht field ; you havo gained impirishalle laurels. Tt is your duty to p-eserve thein unullied The field of bittle tries mon's courage - you have boon found equal to tho emrrgency. Persevere. The spirit whieh anima ted you on entering the service was unalloyed patriotera. Keep it as the idol of yoursouls. Let not petty jealousies of rank or promotion, or any'ill judged bias against thoso who are your superiors in eomrnand, ever influenco you to disregrd your duty, or be guilty of a menn, dishinnraLl; act. Stand by the flag It is the one under whieh you were born, or reared, or obtained protection, and the blossings of a free government- the government of the p-ople. Leave politics to our friends at hone. Ignore all politioal influeuce or bias Stand by your oolors, so often borne in triumph, and be obedient to your superiors in command. You have already a record of noble, heroio, and lrs'oric deeds. - Let it not be ïullied by any act of yours. Port Roy il, Pulaski, Wümington and James Island, attost your vaíor. Ba ever roady to maintain the honor you have there gaiucd. Leavingyou, I g'hall none the less be with you in hope !ind coiifidence of your steady and patriotio zoal, and expect that the star of the Eighth, hieh now sh nes b.ightly will novar be dhnmed. I leuve you wit'i regret, sincere snd heartfelt. I leave you with every offieer in tho re jiment who has stood by is promotod, with míiiiy non-eonimissioned offioers, promotod to commissioog, with priva'fi promoted in pvoport;o i, and with the inward eODviotion estíiblihed often, 'hat i:o man in the rank and file ever reasonably asked asistar.fle whieh was not rculny granted so far as the public interest would permit. llave you to go home, and be onc with our fullow citizens, there to cure for your families and friends and v.'ith no higber hope of honor, than hertaf'er to be useful to yoa and yours. Iinpaired health prevents my biing longer with you in person, hut ín the future my liopcs and my prayers will go with you, and I invite y.)u ono and al! to look to me on my return for any asg'stanoe yon or your families may necd. Nothing but the _ules cf the service bus kept me (rom you, separated to a higher command, sinco our transfer the lst June 18G2, to Jumes Island. and, on retiring from active dutied, n:y heart tu'ns, as it alwavs has, to you. My desire nnd prayers will be for you individual'y and collectively, that the flag borne by the Eighth Michigan will, hereafter, as it has been heretofore, ba borne honorably to the State whicb sent you forth, and to the Northwest whieh we, for eiht months, alone represented on the sauds of South Carolina and Georgia. WM. M. FENTON,


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