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New York. M'i-" h 17. Mexxan a-dvi'cos state that Baron ds Wairner, the Prussian Minia ter. hd been compellerl to loíive the countrv ouinsr tn tho bad relations exstiiiy but.vveen him and the Ju-irez governinent. PrevioiH to liis dtíparturtí he requt;sted Mr. Corwin to accept the ohurge ol the Pïussïun subifct as well as those ot Franco anri 8p:iin lef. to h- protcctinn by the w hdr w] of Qount de S;ilirnv, in Dtícemher. 1S61. Our Mini.ster dec'ined the re-pon-ibility on the ground that it vvnuld endanger his own reía tions witli tha Moxicütn gnrernment. M De W jjfior broujfht dwn with him to Ver:i Cruz about foptj persons hu deoired to monpe from.the o;ipitnl, aMioncr whoíti were Mevrs. Iínron nnd and For' e , D)-i AntoM i, and Canlor, the family oí G '. Taluott, etc. Ijp" A.t tho icgro tlieatre in Cinciannú, tho printcJ programma h::s tho followiag libcriil annoünceraent : " Tako notico - A pnrtion of thu upper tier has boen rtscrved for respectable white folkl at balf price."


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