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íviecial Dispatdi to the Detroit Freo Press. Murfiüesboro, Mareb 21. An expedition under eonimand of Colorid A. Ö. llall, wbich went out in tho dirccliun oí Ijberty, on Wüdnesday last, was uttatskud yesterday by 2,500 iiiounted robéis, ooruinanded by Üic guerrilla General, John A. Morgun. The espedilion seouted through the cnuntrv i:i the viciility of Gaincsville imd Liberty on Wednesdtiy and Thursdnyr meeting small reeonnoitering partius of tho cuuiny, without, however, eucceeding in biiuging on au engagement. Col. Hall finally determined to return to MuilVecsboro, and on Thuis (ay night encamped ut Auburn. Ra suintog hin inarcb early yeaterday morning, ho fok bid wuy safely as far as the viil.ige of Milton, wheio tho raar guard was suddeuly driven in by tho euemy. (]olouel Hall at nee tbrew out tlaukerd to tho ribt and loft, uud ordurcd tho ai tiüery to wholl tho rebels, who rupidly advaucc-d on the gallop. Perueiviug that thü t'ueaiy outnuuibered biia almost two lo cine, Colonel Hall islowly fel] back to thtí crest ot' a hill, wberti bis men wonld havo tho advantagü of a moot admirablu posuioo, and could provont, at tho .--aüio li.üu, tho disaster oi boing ."-urrouüiicd. ' The robels then upened a tierco ü.u of shot and thell, and also advanood ia uireoglfa on bnth tjur liink-i, and inado two direct charges on our line. Our artülery, however, foroed them baok. Oalouól Hall thoo iornied thrce separate nes of battlo so disposed as to comniund cvery approach to the hill. At this moment of the fight tho lebels mado most stubboru attemptH on our riglit and left, but wera driven back ropoatodly, with füüi ful slaughter. Our forcea took delibérate aim, and, bein-g in t-evoral places forced to a hand-to hand tight, displayed the mout invincible bravery, Our artülery did epleodjd execution. One of the eneBy's field pieces, a rifled six-pounder, was ehivered to pie. -es. Morgun, failing to accomplish anything on our Üatik, made m a'.tack on our rear, but there he also meta repulsa. Froin our oommanding position we poured such a tremendi'Us storm of shot that the guerrilla ganga were literally mowed doivn. At length, it being 2 o'clock, and tbe fight having lasted three and a half ño-urt Morg,an withdrevv his command. Ve had supposed hirn patisfíod, but in hall an hour ha re appeared on our front xvith reinf.oroements. He made a feeble attack and again withdrew, this time in the utmost confusión, leaving behind on tho field of battle scores of killed and wounded. It had been a hard day for him, and for once in his career he had met with an overvvhelming defeat. As the defeated rebels - repulsed by a forcé cumbering half their nuraber - gulloped away our boys raUed cheer alter cheer. Early uext niorning five rebel surgeons cama in with a flag of truco, to uttond the woundcd who had been leit behind. Uur scouts reported that Morgan had rotired severa) milas be}"ond Liberty, rondering pursuit hopeless. Our forces have returaed to Murfroosboro.


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