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Fusión ip politics has bocoir.9 the order of the day. A fusión ticket is alrendy out. It3 cff.-et will be to defeat tbe oleo (ion of live uf tbe Rípublieau candi Jatos for Regenta, and doet in thcir stead fivo Demócrata, whoso namea are on the ticket, everj une of wlioin is thoroug'uly ideutified with the Di'iuocracv. It is also calculated to strike a heavy blow at Judge Lawrehco, and socare the eldction of Mr. Narrïs fur the Judge of the -lth Circuit. Wc havo for somu time been PUSpioious that such a I proposition would bo made to the Democracy by oertain di.siffeeted Republicana, to effect the ohjocts mentioned, and we t'cared tio result, but the couduut of the rebellion having been eommitted to un skilful hands, the whole plan has leaked out, and fortunatoly for the llepublicau p:irty, its shafts will fa 1 1 hannless at the feet of the ltepublican norainees. Republieaoi havo only to do their duty and everv nominco of our party will be clected. The new ticket ruustlms: For Auociate Juttieê of Supreme Court - For Circuit Ju-!je, District - For Itejent of the Slule University - At Large - Omveii C. Comstock. " " Wilmam A MooiiH. lst. Dist. - Edwahd O. Walkkr. 2d. " J. Eastman Jounson. od. !' ClIAIlLES II. RlülIMOND. 4tb. " Adam L. Hoof. 5tli. " Eluaii P. Burt. 6th. " Thomas J. Josuk. Five uncompromising Demócrata, and tlïree Republicana, as follows : Comstock. Moorrr, Richmond, Roof and Burt - Dernocrits. Walker, Johnson and Joslin - lïepuilicans. Republicana will Iherefore see that should tbis ticket bo elected the board of Regents will be Democratie, intensely so; five being a m.rjority. The party will be just as well pleased with that number upon the board of Regents, as thoagh the whole were Demócrata. With that number thoy would control the University. If this fusión movement would rjivo the ruajority of the board to the Republicana, the action of those Republicans who were instrumental in its incepíion, might with a grout stretch of charity, in view of high provocation, bo considcred Iess odious, but as tha case stands it seems that there was a design to throw tho whole thing into the hands of the Demócrata, which will be the result if this ticket shall be elected. And if the Univefiiity goes into their hands, we should like to see the oherished hopes of ihose Republicana realized, as they will bo OVRR tue LÉFT. The above ticket has been circulated throughout the catiro SLate. State News. Our cotemporary was eviduutly a littlc exeitcd when he penned tho abovo astonishing disclosuro of a Republican "rebellion," at least we should j'idge go froni the direct tnanner in whioh he eontradicts himself. He says ñrst of this "fusión ticket," that " it éffbot will Ie to dffeid fivo of tho Republican candidates for Urgen ts, and elect in their stead five Deniocrats," and then gatheriug courage as his wrath works off, he eiclaiius with inore oomplaochoey, "but tho couduct of tho rebellion hiiving been coui:nittcd to unsUilful banda, tha whole plan bas loaked out, aud fortunately for tho Republic:in party, its shafts will fall hannless at the feet of the Rspublioan nomiuoes." But, without coiamoatin oó tb rebellion " at leugtb, we woulii as!: oar neighbor a few questions: Who are the Republican rebels ? Have they drawa any Dcmocrats into their rebellion ? Was it designed to give the Demócrata a mnjority in the Board, or to preveut us from elocting the wholo eight, and savin three to the Republicaus ? What is tha " high provocation '' that would have justified these Republicau rebels in strikiug off the heads cf three of tha Ropublicau candidates instead of five, or eveu made their action " less odious ?" And, what are tho " cherished hopes" of these rebels, whieh our neighbor will rejoico to soe realized ': over the left." When these questions are fully answered, we shall know whether to patrouize this little Republican rebelüon or advise our Beraocratio brethren to stand firui, and not givo tho Republioans tho three liegen ts thoy evidently hope to secure by this sharp practica ? JL3L" In voting for Regents of the University tho citizons of Washteuaw should remember William A. Mooue, one of the Democratie candidatos. Mr. Mooke is an old resident of the county, graduated at the Uuiversity, and is identifiod with the iustitution in fueliug and interest. As a member and President of the Detroit Board of Education he is thoroughly acquaiuted with t!ie educational want of the State, and will inake a careful, intelligent, and honorable guardián of the University. Let Washteuaw giv hún good vet.


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