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Law Commencement

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The fotirth annua! eommencement of the law Department occurred on Wednesilay afternoori, the exercises coramencing at 2 o'olook. Af'.er prayer and rnusic, tho TIon. C. A. Stacv, of TteeuranBb, delivered the nnnual address. He said the auciieasful lawyeimust be a successful stndeut and a hard iaborer. He must learn that whatuver is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Hnwever humble his elient or trivial his caso let him ppnre neither exortion nor. time to perfonn his duty welk Let him Dever be swayed from a right course by popular clamor as Cicero was onco inti.Tiidated by a show of soldiery, tkus causing his cliënt, Milo, to go Loto site. Timidity has condemned rnany an innocent man. Jtlro spetchifiins; will not make a lawyer, ho must have a thorough knowledge of the law, above all let him have moral and religioua excel lence, which will ever prompt him Jto deferid the right. After the addrosa, the degree of R. L w:is coníerred un forly eight young gentlemen. A few appropriato r marks by Dr. Taipa, and tnusre by tho Detroit City Band, olosed tho exercities. We appand tho na:nes of tho grad uatcs. Chilion T3. Allen, Frederioktown, O. George W. Arnbrose, Ann Arbor, Marcus L. Andei'MO, Coldwnter, Wesley C. B:irr, B'oomfield O. Edwin E. Beiiediot, Olivet. Wiliiam T. Bennutt, Ann Arbor, W. II. Blennerh8tt Port Hurón. Philip V. M. Boteíord Osceoh. ■Yilliam J. Boven, Quincy. Alexander P. Oatnpb]I, Horneo. Eiiward R. üatngbell. Romeo. Jeffer.son Chandle'r, Thorndike Me. Wiliiam D.'ii;lsh, Portstncuth. Edwin 8 DoLnny, Sopeante, O. James M. Edmunds, Jr., ÍSiiliné. David D. Evans, Tréntoa, 0. James II. Paircbild, Farmington. John 11. Fuller, York. Wilüam Gillette, Batavia, N. Y. Judd Iíavden, Burlington, Walter I. Hayes, Marshall A. D. Haynes, Alesandria, N. II. Luvi A. llumphrey.i, Clinton, II!. Jamos Kingsley, Ann Arbor. Cholwell Knox, Ni les, Philip II. Kum'er, Tronton, O. Wiight Leroy, New London, 0. Henry II. Markléy, Ankneytown, 0. Patrick MoKernan, Northfiold. John Ií. Miller, Ann Arbor. Setb C. Moffatt, Ann Arbor. Frauklin E. Morgan, Albion. John B. Plato, Geneva, 111. Iloyt Post, Detroit. Mark luce, Hamburg. Edward F. Eiley, Leonardtiburg, O. Honrv R. Jíobbi,]?, I)orth RuBinville. Washington Saunderu, Troy, O. Julius B. Searl.j, Hastings, Minn. Wiliiam H. Sherman, Jonosville. Bradford II. Skinner, Exeter, III. Abram II. Smiih, Niles, Sibley G. Taylor, Ann Arbor. Oscar T. Tuthill, Green OaK. Thomas O. Ward, Ann Arbor. Julián Williams, Watoríord. Dunois Wood, tíaline. Ca.spur E. Yost, Ypsilanti.


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