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3STEW BOOT fc SHOE fe; . V &a K. B. COLE, (Successor to Moore S Loorais ) has oponed a store in the FRANKLIN BUILDINGS, Mam sírect, Aun Arbor, and lms on haud a large ebsortnieut of BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBERS, mamifacturcü from the best material añil warninted to fivc satisfaction, consistin of MEN'S KIP, CALF AND THIOK BOOTS, DIIVBI.E SOLEO. MEN-S B Uí FALO OVERSHOES, of all descnptions. LADIES GAITEBS, Morocco Bootees, Balmorals, Feit Ovcrshoei, and Rubbers. Ahn, Boy's Kip, Calf & Tbick Boots, togetber with a varioty of CIIILDKEN & YOUTH'S SHOES. I am also Manufnctuiing WAREANTED BOOTS & SHOES. Men's Fine French Calf Boots Veggeü and Sewed. Givemecall bofore purchasing elsewliero. I will sell my noodti cheai for ca.sli. REPAIKING NEATLY DONE AND ON SHORT NOTIOE. N.13.C0I.E. A nu Arbor, Jan. 13tli4lSO3. 8S7tf .A JLECTÜRE TO YDÜNG MEN! Just Publishsd, in a Scaled Envelope. Pria Six Cents. A Lecture ou 1 he Wature, Treatmsnt and Radical Cure of Pperinatorrlioea or Seminal 'Weakness, Involuntary, Emfaiions, Sexual DeblHty, and Impedimenta to darrlftge generalij', Nei'vouKnf-ns,Cnnsumptkm, Epilep sy and Fita ; Mental and Phyaicftl Incapacity, resulting from Self-Abuse, &c - By CÜLVKRWELL, M. ., Anthor of Ihe Oreen Book, ffc. The world renownod autbor, intíiis admirable Lecture clearly proven trom his own experience Üiat the awful consequence o! Helt-ubuse may teeffectuiilly removed vitliout medicine, and witbcut dangerous Burgical operationí, bougies, instrumenta, rings or cordial, minting out a mode of cuie at once certaio and effectual,b which evey sufferer, no matter what liïs condi,1o n maj be, may curo himaell cheaply, privately, and radically. TihsLbctuüe will provea bocs TOXHOVOUfBs A.VD THOl'flANUy. Sent underseal, to any addre8S,ïn a plain envelope, on the rtíceiftof six cents, or lwo postage stamps,by addreSBing, CHAS. J. C. KI.INK &C0., 127 B0W9H', N'ew York, Post Office Box , 4586 WONDERFUL SUCCESS. The attention and research of tlie most distinguished Cht'mists and l'hysicians for yeurs have bceu devoted to the production oi' a remedy for th-;se most distresíiing maladiea Neuralgia and Rhkumat SM. After long study and many experimenta, a spectftc preparation has been discovered. WATSOS'8 Neuralgia Kinjí, an Inttrnal liemedy , is curiiif? thousatids of case whereall otherremediea have utteily failed. We are asured that it i no more " ANUDYNK," relieving for tho moment whiletho cause remains, but ís a perfeci SPKCIFICaod CURE for those fainful diaeased. The vast mimber of Liuiments, Fm broca liona aad Medicines, which act as stimulants of the surface only, are merely temporal y in their effeets atíd of doubtlul virtue The NEURALGIA KIXG reacbe the souree of all trouble, and effectually banishes the disea.e from thepyetein, Price - One Dollar per Bottlc. Propared by C. R. WALKER, Iy887 Buffalo,N. Y.,ana Fort Krie, C.W. I am boimd for the SHOEIgyG SHOP! J. C. SüUTHER & R. A. JOHNSON, Blacksmiths. Wïil do Horse Shoeingaml all kinds of Jobbing m their line at the shortest pasable nutice. Also Carriage aud Wajfou Work done tu order, and satisfaction given or no pay. CHELSEA, Washtcnaw Co. , Mich., Feb. 2. '63, 3m890 Toba eco ! Tobacco ! I AM SELL1NG QOOD FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO At from Fifi y cents to $1 per pound. TOBACCO, From 1 í ceñís to 20 cents per pound at retail. M. DEVANY. Aun .Arbor, Mich., De . 17, 1S02. 8S3tf Blackwood's Magazine AND THE Britisb Reviews. I'RICES OH E AI AS EVER, TO THOS WHO PA Y I'RO.IPTLY IN ADVANCE. Notwithstandiníí the cost of Reprinting these Perioá1ícíiIs has more than doubk'ii u ennsequence of the enormoiiB rise in the prieö of t'aperandof i general advance in all other and notwithstand:ng other publish'-rs are reducitifí íhe size or incrcasing the price of their publications, wc shall continue, for the year 1863, to furnish ours completo, as heretoibre, at tho olJ ratea, viz. : - 1 THE LOXDOX QÜARTERLÍ (Conssr-rative) THEEDINBURQH REVIKW (Whig) THE NOKTII nRITISJI RKVIEW (Frce CImrcti). THE WESTMINSTER REVIEW (Liberal) BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURCH MAGAZIXE (Torj). TEïtMS. Por aun, Foranyoneof the four Reviews, - - $8 00 For inytwo of tliefuur RfVieWH, - - - 5 01) Kor aiijthiee of the our Rerlews ■ - - 7 00 For all four of the Reviews, - - . . . 00 For Black wootf'a Ifngaitne, ... . - 8Ö0 Fot Blackwood and 0110 Review t - - - 5 00 For Black. wooaaud twq Reviews. - - . 7 no For líIm-líWítodant] thrwPevtews, . . . 9 ftO For iílaciíwtKjdandtln. fourReviewi, - 10 00 These wlll be our prices to all who pay prior to the lat of April. To those who dofer paying till aftor that time, the pricoa wiil be [ncreaied to aueh extent as the increased cost of Reprint may demand - therefcre, SEND IN YOUIl ORDKR3 AND SVJE YOUR HOXEY. LEON'ARD PCOTT & CO., Publisliern. No. 38 Walker Street, New York. Ice, Ice, Ice! TSIIALL cfunmence delivciing Ico on or about tlif ttrst of Muy i.ext amï wonhl be glad to furuish all persons wishintf Ie JiinUf ni'e ivor to give autiáfaction to all who may favor me with their orders. Families turnishtd 2ü ïba per. day up to July lst at $1,00 por m on th. Aller ,Iui Ist, SI. 50 per im.nth. Kxtra (juautities 90 cents per 100 tbs. Ilútela, Butchtrs ;un! Saloons supplietl:t.s hereUiffire. l'jijuien roquired at tlie expiration of cach month. Persons nut paylng tbelr bilis wühin a reasonábte time after prcKontatiun, the supply of Ice will by Ktopped. CLIMENI 11 'IIIOJIION. Ann Arbor, Slurch 19, 1863. 6w8,)ö DissoLution JVotice. THE OO-PARTNEESEIF hevctofeirc existing underthe firra of Loomis & Tripp ia this diy disolved by mutual cüuseut. WM. L LOOMI3, QiJA.TiílPP. Ana Arbor, Feb. 2, 1333. 891Ü3 THE REJBEÏIÏ.Ï0JM . ON HIGH l'RICES FOR CLOTIIIXG. HAS COMMENCED AT THE OLO & RELIABLtJ CLOTHI NC EIVIPORIUM ! No. 3 PHCENIX BLOCK, MAIN St. r AM now opening a Iarpe and vnriod assortmcntof ñlTingand.Smnmer (Joods, and n view of the rebelllon "n hfghprfcoa generalij, will offer tbem toni y Frtenda , and eu.stuinr.s ut the wy lowest Qgurofl lor C'nsli. - Those in want of a superior article oí Clothi, - roeves, or Beady-Made Olothing, -will cali onWm. WACNER, who hai just returned from the East, wlth a largo assortment of SPRING & SUMMER GOODS wblch liavobcon purchased at thelate LOW ÜPÏIICES! and canotier them at a lower figure than Over boforo, Amoug my An.iortment may bö found BROADCLOTHS, UASSIMEEES, DOESKTNS, VESTINGS of ali Ip(!f!pííonst fogctlirr with a superior assortment of llcuily-Mad Clothlng, TPTRt.TXKS, CARPET BAfiS, Sír?l UMBRELLAS, and ÍMmJGenílefflen's Furuishiiig GrOODSÍ, wlth numeiouB other articloi uaually found Ín imílar establishment. As an EMPOMUM OF FASHION, the subsmber flattcrsliimseir, tliat bis long experience an;L general s neceas, will nable him to give the greatesst satisfíiction toali whomay trust bim intheway ot ty Mauufacturing Garments to order. WM. WAGïiEn. AnnArbor, Api 1 9th 1S62. 848tf THE ROOTS AND THE LE AVES WILL be for the Healii.g of the Nations. SibU. :Erojr. tt. O". iiYONa, TIIE GHEAT AND CELEBRATED 1'HYSICIAN of thp TllRÜAT.LUNGS, IIEART, LIVKR AND ÏHE BLOOD, Known all oycr the country as the CEI.KBRATED IITI3IA.Kr HERB DOOTOR I Of 2S2 Superior Street, Cleveland, ühio. Will vifiit the following places, viz API'OINTMENTSFOR 1862, 1863 and 1864. rof i%. J L.vons can bo consulted at the following )laces every nionth, viz; Detroit, RubrcI noas!. ech nxrath, 18tli and 19th. Ann Arbor, Monitor Hou? ach month, 2Oth. Jackson,Híbbard House, eacn pionth, 21. Adrián, Uracket House, each rnimtll Í"i and3d. Toledo, Ohio, Collins House, eaoh month, S-ith, S5th, and 26th. Hillsdale, llicli. , Hillsdale House, each month, 27tli Coldwater, Alich., tíoutnern Michigan, each month, 28tb. Elkhart, Klkhart House, each nionth, 29th. South Bend.Ind., St. Jo. Hotel, each month, 30. Laporte, lnd., Tee Garden House, each month 31st. Wooster, Ohio, Crandiill Exclianffe, each montk, 7th and 8th. Mansfltld, Ohio, Wiler House, each month, 9th and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, each month llth and ISth. -N'ewark, Ohio, Holton House, each month, 13th and Hth, 1'uinesville, Ohio, CowleK House, each month, 4tli CLKVK1.AN1), OHIO, RE8IDEN0E JNU OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. East of tlie public square, opposite the Postoffice. Office dajs each raonth, Ist. 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 15th.- Oifice hours from 9 A. M. to 12 M, and from 2 P. M. to 4 i. M, OnSunday frum 9 to 10 A. M.,and 1 to UI'. JI. jj-M.-ixiraR strictly adhered to I eive such balín as have no strife, Witii nature or the la "8 of üfo, With blood my bands I aerer stain, Norpoixon men to cañe tlicirpain. He is a physüian indeed, who Curtí. The Indian lluro Doctor, R. J. hVOXá, cures the ful UviDg compiaints in the most obstinate siBget of their existence, viz; Diseases of the Throat, Lungs, Tïeart, I.iver, Stomach.Dropsy in the Chest, Rheumatisra, Neuralgia, Fita, or FaHiiif SicknA88,and all othor nerTouaderaogemeni .s. Also all diseases of the blood , sucli at. Sorofula, Erysipelas, Cancers, Fever (Sores, Leprosy, and all other complicated chronic crmplaint3. All forms of femaïe dilh'culties attendd to with the happiest resulta. It is hopea that no one will deüpair of & cure until they have given the ludían Herb üoctor'u Medicines a fair and fiiithful trial. S=-)ur'ng the travel in Kurope, West Indien, tíuuth America, and thp United State?, he has been the iosuument in God's hand, to retitore to hcalth and vigor thousands who were given up añil jronounceU incurable by ihe most eminent oíd scliool phyfiicians; nay, more, thouandh who were on the verge of the grave, are now living moi.uinnnts to the Indtao Herb's Doctor'u skill and succesKful treatment,andare daily exclaiming; "B'esHed belln-day whtn flrst we Bftw and partook of the Indian lleib Dootor'a medicine." í-iitisfactory refrencesof cares will be gladly and cheerfully given wheoevor required, . The Doctor pledije hin word and honor, that he tí"!1! is no wise, directl ? or indirect ly, induce or cause any Invalid to take his medicine without the Btrongeat probability of a cure. HSjF Mode of cxamlnation, which ia cnlirely different from the faculty, Dr. I.yon professea to discern distases by the eye. He therefore askn noquestions, BOT docflhe requird patientsto explaio sytnptoniSj Cali one and all, md have the symptoins and location of your diflease öïplaimed fret of cliarge. ITlie poorshal) be liberalïy considered. jKF'Vo&toiXlce address, box 263. R. J. LYOXS.M. D. Cleveland, Ohio, Nor. 25. 16G2. lyS80 Ï8(53rsiPJRÏNörÏ8ë3i o We are now opening J?L Large and Beautiful assortment of STAPLE AND FANGY Dry Goods ! LAMES' DRËSS OOODS in great vaiiety, RIBBONS, XJroa "jCx-Í2jci.ixxíiisis!, cfiso. Also a largo stock of OoodsforMens' Wear, Cassimeres, Gloths, &c. and a fnll assortnient of Ladies and bhildren'a HATS, CAPS, GROCEBIEg, CHOCKERY, All of which wc will sell at tho LOWEST TOSSIBLE C3 -A. S H PRICE! MACK & SCHMID, Arin Arbor, M.arch.19, '63. SOatf


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