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ílOliÁCE WATE-ltS A G E N T 3 3 3 15 r o a el v a y , Sí i v Y o r I Publlslicv nf Mtibtc miel 51uhIi líooka AND DKALd ÍN Pianos, Melodeons, Alexnndro Orgnns ürgan Aooordeons, Martin's eelebnited indothor Guitars, Violins, Tbiioi' Viols, Violiix'.ollus, Accordeons, Flutfnas, FHites, Fifes, TriEWigles,'ClarÍ5nettt, Tuning Foifcs.Pipes ítndTíammera, Violin Bows, bestltalian Strings, liass Instruments for Bands, Piano Stools, ' and covers, and all kinds of Musical . Instruments. JS li o o t TSX. u 0 1 o. f rom all the pubhslu'rs in tiie U. S., Bertmí'l líuntin's, and Modern School, .and all kiml of Instrnction Uooks for tlie above Instruments; Cliuruh Miuie lionks; Musió elegantly buund; llusic paper, and all kind.s of Music Mi T -li.Ul'liüe, A t t hcLowest Prices. New'Pianos, At $175, $200, $225, $250, and up to $800. Seeou.l Hand Planoa from $25 up to $160; New Melodeonfl, L45 $00, $75, $100, and up to $200; Second Hand Melodeong from $yo to $80; MexandreOrgans, with (ivestops, $100, niño stops, $lSf ;md $226; thirteen stops, f250, $275 and $o00; ftfteen stops, $330 afld $375; A liberal discount to 'l"-[ ':■'■ n vu, Churöhes, Babbatb Soboote, Bemloariee and Teoonen. The Trade BUppIied at the 'usual trade disco unta Testimoniáis of tlie Hornee Water Planos and Mcloílons. Jolin Hewett, of Cartbage, ew York, who has had one of the HovaccWatdffl Pianos, writesas follín--?:- "A friond of mine wishe,s me to punchase a piano Tor lior. Bhe likes the orte you sold me n Üecumber, 1853. My piano isbecoming popular ín this plací1, and 1 thiük I can introduce one or two more; they v:ill be more popular than any other nmke." 'We have two of "Waters' Pianos in hsp in ourSemi. nary, one of which has been severely tésted for thiee ye;irs. uní we can t-estify to their (jooq qiiality and durability." - Wood & Qwaory, MounUCarroll, til. H, Waters, Esq. - Dbak Pir: Having used oneof your Piano Fortes for twoyears past. i hve f'onud il a very superior Instrument. Alonzo Ckav, Principal Braoklyn Htighis Stxmnary. "The Piano I received from yon continúes to give satisfaction. 1 regard it a one oí Hie hest instrunionts ir.the plüce." Jamks L, Clakkr, Charleston, Va. "The Melodeon has safoly arri%e(i. I fcel oblfgedto you fory our liberal discount." Kev. J. II. IIcCokmicU, ; YarquesvilUS, C. 'The piano was duly reeeivpd. Ttcamo in excellpnt condition, and is very much adinired Ijy my numerou fiimily Accept mv thanks for your promptncsa." - RoBBKT CooI'fr, fVdrrentam, BrnJjned Co. Pa. 1 "Your piano pleases us well. It la t he best une in our county.'- THOMas A. Latham, tÜtnnpbelltow , Ga. ': "We are very much obliged to you for having sent SHch afine instrumeut for $250." - Bra.k,IIkld & Co., Btijfalo Dcmocrat. "The llorace Waters Pianos-are known awarnonfr the very best We are enabled to speak of these instrumenta ywith confidence, from personal knowiedfra of their excellent, tone and durable .quajity."- Jf. Y. Évmifdist. 'We can tí pea k of the rrteritu of the Horace Waiers j)ianosfrom personal ItnowledgO, au baing th very íiues! quality."- Ckriêtifin Intttligtnetr. "The Horace Waters piano are ouilt of the best and most ihoroughly easoned material. We have no doubt thatbiiyers can do an vcll,perhaps better, at thisthan at any other ïiouse in the Union." - Advocate aid Journal. Waters' piano and melodeona challenge comparison with the ünest made any where in the country."- Home Journal "II"race Waters' Piano Fortfs are of fulT, ricli and c-v-n toae,aiid iioworiu:- -Y. '. Mutitai RtnUw. "Our frienda wiil find at töx. Waters' store Ihe very best vsortinent of Music ind of PianOjP to be found io the United States, and we urcte our soutoern and western frenda to gtve liim a cali wheneer tliey go to New York." - Qrakam's Magazine. Warchouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab ba t h S ch óol Bel 1. lOO,00Oi89ced Iti ten Months. The unprecedented Hals of thïs-book ha induced the ymbli.sherto add nome 30 new tunesamlhyrans to its present sizp, without extra cliarpe, except on the cheap editibn Among th rnanj beautidil tunes and hymns added may be found: - "1 nught to love my mother;""'"() 111 be a ma1 child. indeed I will." Theaeand eight oth"erw from 5eBell,weT unp ;t ttie unday School Anniver. sary ot the M. E. ("lunch at the Acadeniv ot' Musio, wiïh gieat applause The Beö cortains neiiriy 200 tanes and hvmaw.and is one of the best collectmns ever iysued. I'ïice liíc; $10 per hundred, posta ge 4c Klegantly bouud, embosHéd gilt, 25c, $20 per 100 It has been introduced into many of the Public Sc' els. The e i pubh'shedin p.mall numbers entitled Anniversáfy and Snnday School SiöSlo Bookn, Koa. 1,2, 8,& 4, in onlerto accommodate the million; price $2 & S3 pèr hundred No. 5 will issued - coramencement of another book. Also, Revival Music Booke, No, T fc , price $1 & 2 per 100, pontage lc. More tha.i 300,000 copies of the above biks have been issued the past eighteeu moqtlis, and the demand israpidly mereasing Publièhüd bv IIOIÏACK WATKRS, Agent, 333 Bmadway,N. V. Musio, Publised by Horaco Watei's ïfo. 33Í3 Uroadway, New York Vocal, "Kind Wordscan neverdie;'1 "The Angels told me so;" "Wilds of the AVrst;" "ThouphtH of God;" '■(iva me back my Mountain Home;" "Duy Dremj;" "Dandv Cock Robin;" "I'm wi'h thee stillïiPetnames;M "Thert'sno darilng iike mine;" "Saiab . me Iee;"" Ever of thee:'1 "I'ra leaviug thee i; Sorrowi" "lïirdof lieauty;" "Home of our birth;" "fïiave ,f Iïosabel,'' and ' Witkö, lady, wake,,' price 25c each. 1 Inhtkumkntat.. - ' 'Palace Garden, or Pinging Bird Polka,' 40c; ''Swinging Schottische;" "Mirabel Scbottisch ;' ' 'Thomas Baker'fl Schotti.sche ;' ' ' 'Piccolomini Polka, S5 cents each. The above pieces have beautiful Vignettee "Weimer Polka;" "Arabian Wai cry March," the very last; "Vassoviannn Dpnfells Mazurku; "Reat: in? Polka;" "Crinoline Waltz," ani "Lancéis' Qua rlrïlle," 25c each. "The Empire of Keich's Qualrílle;" a new dance, and "The Ilibernian Quadrille," 35ceach. Many of these pieces are plnyed by Baker' celebrated oroheflt ra with great ilaileJ free. A largelot of Foreigu Music at half price. pianos, Üfclodcons and Or$Ha The Ilorace Waters Pianos and Melodeons, for depth, purity of tone and durability, are unsurpassed. Price very low aöcond Hand Pianos and Melodeous froirt $25 to $150. Sfusic aild Musical Instructions of all kinds, atthe lowest pricea. HORACR WATERS, Agent, No. 333 Broadway, N. Y. TsamroNiAU; - "The Iloraee Waters Pianos are known as among the very best.' - F.vanifcJist. "We c;tn speak of their meritd fro personal knowledge." - Ckristictn Inteltigcncer. "Nothingat the Fair displayed greater oxceUence -" - Chiirckman. ' Waters' Pianos and Meloüeons challengecomparison MÍtli tlie ftnet made anywherein the country. ': - Home Jmrti4l. 719tf SCHOFF & MILLEll A RE STILL ON HAND at their old Stand , ' No. 2, Franklin. Block, with tb.emostm.plete aasortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMERIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNICES, CÜRTAINS, HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oifered in this Market ! and they would auggest tothose in pursuit cf anythingin SANTA CLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purchasing from this alock,ns ech purchaser getf nnadtiitional present of Jewelry, &c, Ranging invalue iroin 50 ets. to $50. Thcytruxt that thpirlons experience insplcetine gooda for this market, and strlctattention to the ivants of Cutomers, may eutitle tbem to a liberal share Oj Patrosagd! Aun Arbor.Dm. 5. 18C0 777tf ■XTJ3 ■WAJJSi'r Demand Treasury Notes For which we pay SiXmCrü IPTiTííWEG. M. GUITERMAN A Co., 4 Arbi 3, IStl'A G RE Al . 6KE ATER GKEATEST BAJíGAJNS EVER OFFEREÜ 9 O tí j ' sí=wL Id thUCity, uow being offered at the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCB, & JoTJPfcjlry StoxOrTIIIF. Snbscrihor wrmld sny to thccitizonpof Ann Ar 1 hor. i" jiartirtiUir, and the reft of Wnhlrníiu Cnuntv ineencrn], tfaal bebMIMt ÍMPOHI'ED DI REC-TLY fi-nrn KUROFK. Tremendous Stock nf Watchpfs! All of which he bindBhimsrlftOiell CHKAPKR tlian can lip bnusrht we8 ot Pínw York O'ty. Open Face Cyünder Wntohes I rom $6 to $J 0 do do Lever d fio H to 21 IluiitingCnan lo do do 14 to X di do CyHniicr do do 9 to 2f Gold Wnteheefroin 20 to 15( 1 have alao tne CELÉBRATE!) AMEWCAN WAT CHES, wbirh I wlll en ttr #33. Every Vvatch warranted t perfoim well, or tbu mon,-y refundid. Clocks, JewcJry, Piated War, Fancy Gooda Gold Pens, Musical! nat ru menta an'l rit rings Cutlery, &c, and d faft a varUfty of evrry'hintí uaually kept 'o y Jew elfirs can bn hnughtforf be next oinety dayB nt vur O W N TRICES! Persons buv'n ai,ythinc: nt thÍ9 well known eêtab liíhme tit can rcly upon gfitting good nxnut'y ns rep rcspntfd, orthrmtinpy refunded. PaJlenrly nd se oure the best bargaius ever oH'ered in "ity One word in repard to Repairing : We rtp preparad to malip any repairs onfinfi or com in on Wat chef), i'vn tf mkina c iet the entirp watcb if npcessnry. RfpHirine: pf riocke nd .Ipwplry ae ittiifii. A]po the muuufacturW oí RING6", HROOrïlS or nuyidintr dealret), from California Gold on short nn tire. EngraTlfc in ullits branchcsexRented withneat nene and dispatch. J C. WATT? Adu Arbor, Jan. 28thlP59. 7i4w Important National Works, Publisheil by D. A1TLKTON Jfe CO,, 346 AND 348 BliOADWAY NEW YORK The followinji works are seutto Subsoriboys m any par of th'j country, (upon reoeipt o!' rtuil jiriw,) by mai or expresa, prepaid: THE NKVAB1FRIA CYCIOPDIA; A ! 'o [ui lar Dlotkumry nt (í[ .icitI K nu ei] -e. Fütef h Qhh, Kii'I.ev :md Chahi.ks a. Dasa, aided by a numerou" select corps of writer in all brapchea of Sciences, Ar and IJterature. Tbis wovk ís heirj publishedin abo a lf largc octavo raluowSyeae centaktlag 75Otwo-column ptiges Vuu. i., ii. , in., iv. v., vi., vu., vin., & ix are mnv reariy, eatïh eMitainig neir 2.50í)oriírinal art olea. An adtiitianal volume will be fkuÚlsbed once in about thrce Diontlis. Price, iu Cloth, _S3; Shecp, $3.50; Half lïussia, $4.50 eacb. The NVw Amérlcttn Cyctoffesáia !s popular without be ing superlifMiil, leftrned without beáog petlantic, compre heasiv bat eufflciently detailed, free frona personal pique and party prejudtce, fresh and yet accurate. It isa complete statement of all tliat is known upon every im portan! topic uüliin Ihe aoepe oí" human intelligence. - Kvcry important ftrtície init has been specially wntten for ïta pageby men whoareauthorities npou thetopic nn wliieh tliey ppeftk. TIn y are requfreil to bnnef the sno.iect up to the present moment; tnstatejust how it stands nnv. All the statistical nformation is from the latettt reportfl; thègeogi-aphical accounts keop pace with the latent cxjtinratious; histórica! mltttera nclude thp fres'iest .ust views; the biograihica! notices ods ak nol oniy of thedead but iLsoof the Uviog. It is a hbrary of tSfilf A.iïtïOGKarE.VT OF TIIEDEBATES OF Cl?NGElESS Beipg a Political BIfitory nf-the United Stiltes, from tlifi organization of the first Federal Coöi?resin 178" to 1858. Btötdatid cnmpik-'l by llon. Tiio IIakt Bkxtox, from ttie Ullicial KcCfda of Congres. Tho work will be complïted In 18 royal octavíí volumes of 750 pages ench, 11 (ff wliioii air DOW ready. An artditiorml voluinti nill be publN!,f! 0006 iil ihrt-e months. Cloth, S3; Law Öheep, Half Mor-, #t; Jlal) Calf. i.5O (sicli. A WAT Ob' i'HOCUIÏTN'G THE CYCLOPEDIA OR PEBATl- Korm a rltib of four, antï remit the price of fourbooks, añil tive copies will be seut at the t'eniittt-r'H expenso for carringe; or for ten subscribersf eleven copies will b1 sent at our expense for carriage. To Atyri ta. No other worlc will so liberntty reward the exertion of vents. An A(;knt wa.vtüp in pus Countt Terms madfkDown on applioatíoo to the Put4aern. Ana AiíM)r, M;vrchv 1S5.9. 6902a ai t -%M Bev TSOB.' Wbiuht, agent at Kinne & Smiths Book Store, Ypsilanti. l ara Bound or M. GUITERMAN CO'S ! o Dispute tlio fact if jou can, It takes the TA I IÁ ) ïi after all to give appcaianee to the oviter man. If you wish to appear well Yüu must accoidingly Ures3 WelJ. fin to M. Gu'terman & Co's., Thero you will find things exactly SO. SONDHEIM always roady to tako yonr ineafui'e, GUITERMAN will sell you Gqods with greut pleasnic,At figures L0WER than you will find in i he State, 'J'ake lieed - call eaiily, else vou are too LATE. The iNDüCEMENTS are now greater than ever, Our Clerks you will find obliging aod clever. We will show you ood CLOTHING of our own oetting up, Filling our Stoie from Bottoji to top. STUDENTS especially will find it to THEIB ADVANTAGB, For it takes but L1TTLE MONEY to repleoish. 1500 OVERCDATSof Oloth, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for alinost ever to wear. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our On IMPORTAT1ON, Forwarded through our New York relations. From England, Celgium, Germany and France, Such as you can stand up in. or wear, at ths dance. Pañis ! Pauta ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fanoy CASSIMERES and POESKIN oí every grade, We sell thee) iroïn ONE DOLLAR up tO EIOHT. VETS, &;C. of every deserjption, You will tinu it so without fiction, FurDishing apparels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we sav now, Therefore we make our bow. ï Yours truly, ever so, ' M. OÜITEEMA.N. A Co.,


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