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TUE OLD CORNE11 RENEWED! v i th 3Xr:E"W STOCK, NEW GOODS, &C. FARMERS' IW CASO STORE (At the oíd stand of Thompson & Maten.) I aui now opening a carefully SELECTED STOCK OF STAPLE DRY GOODS r COXS1STI.VG OF DRESS GOODS, PRINTS, BROWN fe BLEACHED 3HEETINGS, OASSIMERES, FLANNELS, &o. and ever} thing tbat ia kept in a Domestic House, also a fine assortment of BOOTS & SHOESI AND YANKEE JVOTÏONS, A full stock of GEOCEEIES constantly on Land. FA H.M ER' S PliODUCE! Botiglit and SolcU Tliankful to old fricnds and oustomers fai p;ist favors, I liope to roerit a share of tlieir patronage, by dealing justly with all. C. B. THOMPSON, (formerly with G. H. Milten & Co. Ann Arbur, Oct. 1, 1802. 872tf Oï W CO3PEH SHOP. VUolesale nl Retuil, O C. SPAPFORD Would respectfulTy annonne.e to the citizens of Aun Arbor and vicm.ty, XbfrX he U uow lEanufacturing ani.1 keeps constantly an hznd a Large Assortment of Cooper Work ! Ruch as Pork arul Cifler Itarrels, ICcgs, Fiikins, Churns, Well Buckets, &c, Whïch will besoM efaett Par cash. CTJSTOM ATade ta order 03 sH"ït notico. Repulriag dono with tt'itne.i3 asid diüjiatcli, 1 would eull particular attcntion to Mercliants in want of But ter FÏrklns ammanuracturing the Kenv T'o'lc Sn1e "Firkln, which isa better Firkin than has evtr befoie been of erc.l in thi.s markt't. I would invite all whu Firins to Cali and exanine for tlieinselves jefcre purchasing elewhro, and I will conviuce you bat yuu have ca lied t the rigkt place. 1 would also cali the attenLion of Biewers in want of BEER ÍCEOS, am now prepared to manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Ebls, in tirge pr sraall lots, aad of a Better Quality han can be had in Detroit or elaewhere. J-All work warrantcd to give entire satis action. Thanklul for pst favors and by a strtct aitention to biisiut'ss, I hope to meril a contiuue liberal supply of the public patroMage. Tjí Do uot íorget to cali at the City Cooper Shop. O. C. SPAFFORD. Detroit St. Ann Arbor, Hich. üuctioneers RTotice. BYROX (REEX, navios applied for license, now bolda himself in readiness to atteml to all calis. Havincfhadexpeiisnce, heis positive lie can give gnod natisfactifn. All cal.s proinpUy attended to. Chai ge ica-'ionable. Apply at the Fraakhn House. BÏRON GREEN. Ann Arbor, Cct. 24, 1862. 87ótf 1660. 1862. EW FALL GOODS! Now opening, a spiendid stock of Xew Goods [for the l-'uil Tradeat O. H. MÏLLBN'S asm? &m wmi Ann Arbor Septomber 15, 1862 STOtf All Losses prompt ly adjusted MERCHANTS'IÑSURANCE CO., OF HARTFORD, CONN. Cash Capital, $200,000. Total Asets,Jan. lst,18CS, $237,38" OU I.inbilitieB, .... is. 834.1 0 MARK HÜWAUn, President. E. Thos. Lobdku., Pecy. The unflersignert hns been appcintod Apent for the lOovo reliable Cnmpaiy, and will efftct insur.mre gaiast losseí by ür at reftsonable ratea.1. W. KV1GHT. JwiArtw.Joae,!. S Shoriff's Sale. BV virtup of an rxecul ion issuod out of d ■3i the ht'iil of tl. e Circuit Court tor the Couotj #f Wut-hteuaw and Staie f MkbJgan, betniiig tint U-i 27th uny ( r-'epji, 1ñ' Í), aud to m rlirecttd ar del i v crea , flguinst tlie goodfl and chai t els, and for wb% t heren f ia umi tttu menta of Jabíes Arnold, delende ant therein namod, I dtdi n the lïth ihiv of Septembtrj l-5i, levy upon and se ie alt the right, title nd intetI uf Ihü íftid Jamos Arnold, u ynd to tlie followiti dencribed kind ;u.d j rcmluea f o vit] Situnted in th Township of Ypsilanii, Cotinty of Wiihhtenaw, a4 St;ile of Midi igÊm, eomneiLEing at a stake on the wt% ti:nik of tbe Huron River # at the nouth-tast corner ef Fiench claim ix hundretl and ciglity, and thence ru%. niufi wenterly A long the south Uno 01 mtid claim to tb centre of the lntrliwny o.omrnonly calle! tbe Jfciir Uoaiï, tlu-ne noi ther-'y a Jolig the center of aid ro4 toa pointtwelve tiet south and ttowe rods vest oí % certan White oak tree nbout twelve i nenes tbrough, near a sand hole ;t henee eastcrly parallel vfUh the louth. lint' ;! sald claim 10 a stako on ilio wedt bank of ii, nver ; thence southt rly along the wef-t bank of 4 livcr to ihe place of beginniutr, ining ont humlr and (-Klit acres more ór lesfl, and bminded on th noulh by lauda o t;oi rgfl Mnoinians. i,n the wri-tby mid rond, oii the nortti by hm U of John Wt Vaocleve, and on (he cast by said nver, in the county ui Waj-htena w % State of Michijiüii, all of wbicli pn mises 1 sliall tipoi for Sale at public anetin, as the law directe, at the front door of tbe Coürl Bourp, in tbe City of Ai:n Arbor, tbat beiag the plucefos bolding the Circuit ourt f tbe Oonnty 01 WahtendW, on Satunny the lêth dy if April ekve-n o'clock in the forennon of lAid dJ. TiU)MA8 f. ].KONAK1, Latefhtriff. J'at'd, MarcS 4. lf-ê:j. 694td " Ciuineury Noti e. QTATKOF MKIIKJAN' Sult pending in the Circuí ■ Court th,e County if KTviriltffl) w. Ín chancerj, Before Hon K. Law renet'. Circuit Judge, at chambwrt. CUBi J. Owk.Vj Coiuplainaut,') vs. L Mawviti.rA. OWKS, Defendant.J It n&tlg&ctorily appe&ftvg to tlie uiilei-signei by affid-. vit t'iat (tefend&ot in thia canse rt-si'lei out ot thii Rfcate, on mution of L. I). Norris, solfeitor tor the coipplaina:.t: It is oretered (liai Uiebatd (Ufendant ckuh his appoaraucc n febifl Cause lo h-1 entcred withinthr mouttiH !roi Ihe date of thifl nrtlcr. And it in furthrc ordere.d that, wit h in twenty days, the complaiofco causi'tliis irder to be pobliched in SIichiuan akcii, a iH'wj.api-r publi.-ihe'i in aid county, aud that such pubticittton be continuad, at pkvI oncf in each, for iz week in sucet'sion, orthat she cauwea copy ot Ibis or-. der to be peis,,n;illy servi-d on Fai-1 cuftmlant, at left& twvÉty days before the time prescrJbea for hi apparance K. I.AWlii' NCK. Circuit Judge. L. D. Noreii, Sn!:citor for Comtlalnant. J.'ated. Keb. 23. 183. 893wS JJyrtgagè Saie. p EFAULT baving bon nia-le in the cndition of a crlJ taiu Endentare of inortgage. executed bv Jmnra McCartby nJ Uargart-t VcCai tliy hi wüe of "the City of Ann Arbor. County ui Wasbtenaw and Mate of Michigan, to NttUoa Colt; oí the saaia plaoe. bearaug dat tbt' first dayof May, in the year of uur Lord one thou-t mnd eight huodredand fifty-siz, and recurded in th Ofticeof tl:a Register uf Ijeeds in and. for said Courity of Washtonaw, on thefifth day oí Uay.A. D. 1S56, ia 1 iber No. 22 ot Mortfrnges 011 page 5öü, which miX ■ndèntüre öT Mor' gage wai duly awlgned 1j the ai4 Xelrion Cole to l'dward f'ittstield, in. fliJ County, by his assigurpent undtrbis habd and seal, bearinv date the 8 xt( nth day f LecunWr, A. D. 18ttt, and recor c'.cd in tbe office of said KegtM r of let-ds on th twentvsix'.h day of 1 ecembt r, A. I). 1S62, iii Liter No. 30 of Mortf:ai:cs on page 153. by which default tli% power of sale containcd n ai.l niortgage becaroe p#rative and tbe aiiioiini ciaiiued lo be due on said indi'ntuieof Moitga-ge, at tbe dateof tïlie oolice, te.rg 6e hiuulreil and lity eifibi dnllafe im thuty friplil cent and no aait r proceeding ha ving been insiitult-d at lwf ,r in chancery, to recover the debt nnw rcinainining é ue and seci red by Baíd mortgageor any part thereof:Notice i therefort henby given, that on taturday. th fourih day of April, A, i), 1H63, at ten of the clock iu the forenoon of 1 tut day, at the south door of the Court House, in the City oí Ann Arbor, in naid Cuunty ofi Washtenaw and Stateof Micliigan, (said Court Houiebein; the place for holding the Circuit Court for said Counly) I shall .■] 1 t eau: o to )e sold at public auetion in l'oicclo.-uie of paid Piortgage to the highent kidder, tlie premi nee describe'1 therein, or so much thereof aö shall be necensary to fotisfy tbe aniouut d:e on nirt. indenture of Mortgage, with interef-t and all the rasonable costu, disburst-mputt and expences of al] preeediBa relativeto the foreclosure of the same inclu. ding reasnnable charges for attorneys' serTices. as pr vided in Paid indenture of mortgage; tliat io to tay , allj certain tracto or pareéis of land sittiaied in the said city of Ai. n Arbor, known, bounded i.nd dcsciibed as follows, viz: Beins lcts numbered oi.e (l),two (2 three, (3), and foor (4). in block number two (2) .ou'fc, in range numbf r ten (10) east , in the said city of Ana Arbr, Coiiiity of Waslitcn;tv,anil State of 'Michigan,. Dated Deeembei 3fct, lt,63f EDWARD RYAN, A. Tkicb, igoee 'f Mortagvi Attnrney for Assin.oe-. 8&5td Estáte oí Laura Ida Todd, Minor. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Touuty of Wai.hteiuwM At a session of the Prohite Court fr theE9atjr f Watihtenaw, holden at tbe Probate O0Ke is tn Cily of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the bixth dy f March in the yoar ne thoudand eight bandrvd nJ iïty -three. Pre-entriM man Xinde, Judge of Probate. In the matter oí the Kstate of Iiun Ida ïodd, minor. On re&dingand ftliDg the petition. rtuly verifitd, Í Thomas M Cooley, Guardian oí aeJd írinor, prayinf that he raay be Jicenseii to icll certain real estatt Of said minor tor tbe support of said minor. Tliereupon it is Orde red, That Monday, the siitk day of April nezt, it ttn o'clock in tbe forenoo, b as.siiíned t r the h-aring ol said peiition, and that th neïct o,f kin of said minor, and all otber personi iatcre-it'd in said estáte are requin d to appenr at a smlonof sa.d ijourt, then to be holden at the l'robate Uflice, ín the City of Ann Arbor. in sai. County. and show pause, if an} tbere In-, ifyhy the prajer of th petilioner sbould nut be gT&uiea , Andit is further ürdered, iliat said petitioner gfae notico to tfie persons interested in said estnte, T the pendoncy of said petitiou, and the hearing therof hj eauniñg a copy of this ortler 10 be pubb.-hed in tha Michigan Argn, u uawspaper printed aud circulatie iu said County of Va.-.htenaw, three euccefcsive wt-k previous to iïïiid dJ ol hearing. (Atruecopy.) TUOMAÉ NIHR, Jud='e of Profcatt. Chancery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN- Foarth Judicial Circuit. n, Chancery. Suit pendiQg in the Circuit Court for tbe county of Washte-iaw, in Cuancerv, in the city of Aun Mb r(onthe J4th day of March, A."li.l8n3. In the case wbeie n M irtha Siein is complainan. and. William Stcin is defeiniant. It appearing by the affi davit of Miirtha item that (he dcfeftdaiit, WiUiam Stein, is not i ros .leut or IftieSMteof Michigan, but when last heardfrom as a resident of the State of Missouri : Ot moiion oi' Ttt ■ 1 1 -.; ï 1 1 1 1 and Frater soiicitors for is ordered tliat the said William -toin csun hi appe ranee to be entercd and notfee therenftn be nerved on omplainant's so.'ieitors withmtwo monihri from th Bate of thia order, and in case of bis appea:anc tha he cause bis imswor to the complainants bül to be filed and a. cojiy tliereof tu be swrvetl on the cmpl inact' m-liciioi-s wüliin twenty navs after a service of a copj of sa:d bill ; ant in default tliereof ihe said biU of cuffipluinf ma be &fcen as coofessed -ijjainst hira. Ani it is furtliLT or eie.l tliat wilhin twenty day fi'oui tb.- date liereof tbe saiI comjilainant cause a copyo; thin ordur to be publshed i t5je Michigan Argu , De w pa per priniod A puQlinhed in the city of Ano Ar bor in'tiie county of Withtenaw and State of Michigink at least on en 'n encb ve-k for ?-i succesive week, or tliat the c nip 1 inant ( au -e a copy h e reo f to be personal y fcerved on the said rielen de t Williani Stein at leai twenty days be-.'üre tho linie pre cribcd for bis appearauco i.VM. IUNF0KTH, rttcoit Cnr-t sioner for Wa-h. 0o.,Mich TwicüK' l $ Fi: -Z' h, olicitors for Complainant. lHiel Uaréh ltih,1833. A true c r-v : T;:ACY W. ROOT, Register. 6wB96 11 file Factary! Beutlcr & Traver, [Successor8 to A. J Sutherl;iiulr] Manufaeturers of and Dealer in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pomhei Game Bags, and Everyotlier article in that Line. All kinds of REPAIRIWG kne at the shortest notice, aud in the bi-st manner. a f uil assortnient alwaya ke]t uu hand aud made order- fl, .Shopon Uuron street. Ann Aibortict. 8, 1?62. 873tf Oval Picture Frames A L S IX i S, STYLES and PRICES just reoeired cd l iorsale cheapa-t KGHOFF & MILLEE'S. 1860.D?e.25, ÏW Fruit and Ornamental THEES, AT LOW PBICES. 1HE 8ÜB8CRÏBER8 re nflw prepared to rppeiye ort ,l,-r tur all kinds of Fruit nd Orn:imiTit:il Trcn( brul l'litntü. PtBHeni ml Vrmt of wnry descriptioj ndvaviity. foi ■ Ka 11 of 18'nnd Sptipt of 1863. Ve have a buge stock now growinff, nn1 intend tq üike larsc importations from time totimeas tlie wani f the country deuvui'l. XVeinvitetïu' ppll"1o Wbk heniKi-lv'cR acquaintvd witlioiir facilitics 'ur doingbuatevS befare puwhasïng eliewhere. We warrant all va, ietièa to l.e trueto n-une, and to bc vigorous an ealthy-sp.'cimens. All cominiiiiicatinnswill licpr.-nipt. y responded lo. Our office ia n Rogéis' Agricu!tuil tote, Detroit t.. Ann Aibor.Mich. DoBOTS, CAIIR & CO. uu Arbor, June 34. 1S52. 858tf FOR SALE. l. ACnii? "f ex'-elhnt timbered I40J- ti P . !,' o( Si' n w. of sc.ï.tuwiü5n Kaijíes w.,cn onOountv. It ia in n good Beigliborhood, about foul li en from DeWHt and ti-n from Lansing. For term „quireatoraddr,.. ARCUS OFFirK, .an nm,ïtm. """


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