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Humors Of The War

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The following are the lust liumorous i telliz of the thue.s, all of which are o.igiual : " Hurrah for Jeff. Dn-is!" shoufed a gentleman who Was standing in front of the St ('loud. "Not niuol), ir," retnarked a member of the Provost Gaard, grublnng hitn by the phoulder "Bat I llave done no barm, my dear man." "Ye-i y on have ; you cheerml for Juif Da is." "Olí. jes; but I raeant the fellow who shot Ni lsmi- I dido'l - " J'rnvost Ii'ft hurried'y ''I wonder," said an old lady !n my présanos "wlien this war wil' oeaaa." 'Wluti offioers ret tlio same p;iy as private,'" replied a corporal near. hich was tinkiiid. A few d-iys ago I diseovered an old darkey, on the corner of Broad and Vine streets, singing, "We've no lcss days to siug lns praise Dan wlien we fii st bogun." "Wboce praise do you mean ?" I inquired; "the Lord's or Mr; Lineoln'H?" "We've no less days to sing Massa Lincoln's praise iJan hen we fust - T1 J3ut before lie c uld finish his melody, a partly dvoared decayed apple deseen ded fi om the hand of a dilap.dated pri vae so.diir detailed on detached duty above, sijiare upou the devoted cranium of tbt dismal Bougster, aud he departid risgusted Col Gillem, ono of the finest of geutleinen and stnetest of offieers, was Olie day reprinianditig one of lus soldiers, who was elijrlitly intoxieated at the time. After the ( olcinel had coucluded, the soldier renrirked, "Yt-z wuddmt have occasion to ta]k to me so ef I had a pistol " The t'olouel, mueh astonished, asked, "Well, sir,. whst wouid you do if you had a pisol ?" "Why, I'd Klioot - meself, sir." hich rathcr pleased the Colonel.


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